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Stuck In My Head: Lauryn Hill – I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind [MTV Unplugged]

Posted by and1grad on July 31, 2008


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Whatever doesnt kill ya…

Posted by and1grad on July 31, 2008

I’m not into the X games but I actually happened to be watching when this went down. As you can see, it…was….CRAZY. I bring it up b/c this guy is back in it again and going for it. Most people would probably be way too afraid to attempt any of that again. Right back on the horse. I can respect that.

Good luck Jake!!

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Brick layer

Posted by and1grad on July 31, 2008

You see this picture? Its an ugly brick. I just finished putting a ton of these on the basketball court. It was RI-diculous. Couldnt buy one tonight. I was playing with a group from work, the city, and some folks from the police department. They should’ve arrested me for assault & battery on the court. My team won 1 game…out of 6. And the 5 we lost…werent close. Oh and to top it off, I completely forgot there was like a 5 year old girl in the gym with us and I had been cussing like a sailor. Real class act. Thats what I am. I’m more ashamed of that than my poor showing at the gym.

But enough about me…how are my ghost readers doing? Ok back to me. I just caught the end of Deep Impact 2. WOW! What an ending! Cant speak to the rest of movie but the ending is on point. I even liked the corny “No one beats me in the kitchen” line. Actually, looking at Steven Seagal, dont you kinda expect anything he says to be on the corny side? Yes…yes, you do.

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

Posted by and1grad on July 31, 2008

Yes, folks. And1 gets a raise. I will now be making enough to fund at least 3 illegitimate children. Go me! Very exciting…yet, I’m a little conflicted. I guess I just dont feel as good about it as I should…with so many people essentially suffering in terms of losing jobs and foreclosing on their houses. Granted, dumb mistakes (i.e. buying a house I knew I couldnt afford) could have granted me the same fate but it still doesnt feel completely right. Altho, I do deserve it…as many of my co-workers piggyback on my work anyway. *shrug* C’est la vie.

That said, its good to feel really finanacially stable as I close in on the new adventures that await me in version 3.0. Thats what I’m calling the 30s. Just another reboot. And speaking of rebooting, there seems to be a rival to version 3.0 and its getting rave reviews. Apparently, I’m gonna need to step my game up b/c the sapien’s trying to get a piece of mine. I’m not having it. So there may be some things I do or get before I upgrade versions.

#1) I’m thinking of getting a lil bling. So I can be ‘shining’ like my man Riley. Y’all better get some shades.

#2) Since I’m getting a raise, and several police are getting laid off where I live, maybe I’ll get a piece.
D. Eagle
Oh shit…that thing should turn into a Transformer or something!

Wait a minute…lets pause and reflect. Is version 3.0 really gonna turn into some thug rapper? Hmm…maybe.

Yoyo…yoyoyoyo…yo…Moving on…

#3) Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray booty
Look at that booty! MY GOODNESS!! And cute AND she can cook!?!? I might need to watch whatever show it is that she does so I can witness this in person…sort of.

Well, pics of Rachael Ray have numbed my brain plus this is getting kinda long so…Sapien, you’re on notice!
Colbert, On notice

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The NBA…Where ridiculous contracts happens

Posted by and1grad on July 29, 2008

In recent NBA news…
Kwame Brown will be playing with the Pistons next year. Really Detroit? Kwame Brown? Thats how you’re getting back to the Finals? That guy’s a grease fire.

Emeka Okafor just signed a contract for…get this…72 mill for 6 years. MJ, what are you doing? NOBODY would’ve paid him more than half that. What is it with the NBA and paying mediocre players with huge contracts? Its almost as bad as the NFL paying rookies ridiculous amounts for what they did in college and MIGHT do in the pros.

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Lyrically I’m SUPPOSED to represent…

Posted by and1grad on July 29, 2008

I think every once in a while I’m gonna put up some lyrics that have been dancing in my head recently…

It’s 8 a.m. I roll out my silk sheets
Get fly crash the limo back seats
Lookin’ in the faces
Of some ladies that I never met
On the interview tip, no sweat
They ask me questions
I throw the words back
They say they write facts
I know that’s bull crap
They’re kickin’ drama
But then drama’s my middle name
That’s the price ya pay for big fame
The cellular phone rings
Dont wanna pick it up
But it’s my J-O-B, I gotta kick it up
Another damn reporter on the line with a word quiz
I gotta show cause I’m livin’ in showbiz
Out the limo, to the plane
In the pourin’ rain
I hate flyin’ but there’s no time for slow trains
Another show to do
I gotta catch my crew
They left last night in the bus around two
The plane’s a small one
No fun at all
Bounce around the air like a tennis ball
When it touches down
I wanna kiss the ground
But it’s time to wreck a new town
Get to the arena, meet up with the crew
They tell me all the speakers blew
The cordless don’t work
Sound man’s a jerk
Somebody’s gonna get hurt
I’m crazy mad
But my fans want autographs
I turn my angry frowns
Into fake laughs
I can’t be rude cuz they won’t understand
I ain’t human no more, I’m a superman

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Posted by and1grad on July 28, 2008

I need a professional chef…or a woman (hot) that can cook. Eating out all the time is getting ridiculous. It used to at least be fun & interesting. It is now neither. I wish I didnt hate cooking so much. I hate cooking and really dislike grocery shopping. Thats all bad. I think I’m screwed.

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A case of the Mondays

Posted by and1grad on July 28, 2008

I woke up this morning anxious to hit the gym. I even woke up an hour early and forced myself to pretend to sleep for another hour until my alarm clock went off. Got up put all the stuff I need together for gym and work and went outside. Just about froze to death on the freeway but whatever. Got to the gym and my energy level hit zero. I dont even know what happened. Felt like Austin Powers when his mojo got stolen.
Purple Rain
So I force myself through my workout. TRYING not to half-ass it but I’m on fumes. I even put on my theme song (Prince’s “Baby I’m a Star”) and even that didnt get me going. So I knew I was in trouble. It was “In case of emergency, break glass” time. Enter Linkin Park.
Linkin Park
Immediate juice. Think Popeye when that can of spinach comes rolling around or when Hulk Hogan starts “hulking up”…brother. It was on. Long story short, finished up my workout strong and I’m still a lil juiced right now. I might even do some push ups after I post this. Probably not tho. I digress. Linkin Park saved the day. Thank God…cuz it was looking like I was gonna have “a case of the Mondays.”

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Stay Tuned

Posted by and1grad on July 26, 2008

You’re probably sleeping on a show called Psych. Stop. This is great tv. In fact, I wish I had a white friend just like this. We’d be a fantastic duo! Solving crimes and whatnot. Sheeyet…thats the life right there.

You might also be sleeping on a show called Burn Notice. I was until this summer. This show is hot…if you’re into spy, A-team type stuff. Personally, I love it. Permanent DVR status.

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X Files 2

Posted by and1grad on July 26, 2008

X-files 2
So I went and saw X Files 2 last night. It was alright. About what I was expected. Except for the relationship b/w Scully & Mulder but I liked their interactions, as always. I’d say it’s worth seeing but not necessarily in theaters. In fact, I’m reminded of why I’m kind of over movie theaters in general. The only thing I really appreciated about the theater is that the sound system is so on point. Mine does alright tho.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, it turns out that was not Ja Rule but Xzibit. The X to the Z…given the movie it is, ok. Besides, he did a solid job.

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