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Posted by and1grad on August 25, 2008

So now that Obama has selected his running mate…whats next? I dont remember hearing a lot of dialogue, in general, about what happens to the racial dynamic of this country after this Presidential race. It almost seems like people are afraid to explore the dynamic of how the African American community will respond to what happens if Obama wins and especially, if he loses. Here are my theories:

Scenario #1: Obama wins. A sense of pride and expectation arises in the black community. Maybe even a sense of urgency to just do better. A new standard set. A renewed emphasis on education and community development occurs. We see our achievements not only increase but become more recognized by society at large…without it needing to be “Black History Month.”

Scenario #2: Obama wins. He is expected to single-handedly carry the banner for African American hope. He is set up to fail and to do so publicly. African Americans react with disdain and become crabs helping keep him from succeeding in Office. Unfair characterizations of being an “Uncle Tom” or of having “sold out” riddle his campaign. A historical bookmark is lost in the annals of time as another ineffectual President takes his place among the anonymous.

Scenario #3: Obama loses. But hope for the future among African Americans remains. No longer feeling ignored, communities begin to respond with positive reinforcement of the ideals spread by Obama and other black leaders. Obama’s campaign is viewed as a stepping stone to bigger and better and greater expectations.

Scenario #4: Obama loses. The African American community responds with anger and/or a sense of hopelessness. We fall back on the excuses provided by institutional racism and take up the mantle of conspiracy theorists and naysayers. Regression inspired by perceived repression. Depression masked by outward aggression. Racial tensions rise and the black community falls.

I honestly think we’ll see some semblance of one or more of these scenarios. I really hope its #1 or #3. The opportunity that Obama’s campaign brings is SO MUCH BIGGER than a “Black President” and that almost seems lost in the mix. Such excitement at the possibility of a Black President…are we forgetting to ask “Whats Next?” I guess I’m just curious as to what our future holds, political and especially non-political.


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Attractiveness Scale

Posted by and1grad on August 23, 2008

This is a scale I recently stumbled across. Looks pretty accurate. What do you folks think?

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10 Things To Look For At The Olympic Closing Ceremony [courtesy of]

Posted by and1grad on August 22, 2008

  • 200,000 pizzas sent to “Chinese Taipei”
  • Ceremonial lighting of the Tibetan monk
  • Entire crowd replaced by more photogenic stand-ins
  • New technology allows the “completely live” fireworks display to run backward
  • Everyone looks under their seat to find a gift bag containing a DVD copy of Watchmen, one of those cans of Coke in a different language, and a female child
  • Numerous mistakes by Chinese dancers (but no points deducted by judges)
  • Bela Karolyi given Andy Rooney’s old spot on 60 Minutes
  • One more silver medal awarded to Shawn Johnson, just to rub it in
  • Olympic hostesses return to their docking stations and power down
  • Everyone leaves satisfied but then somehow want another Olympics about fifteen minutes later

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In Remembrance of…

Posted by and1grad on August 21, 2008

I wasnt gonna blog about this b/c I dont really know what to say or how to say it but I feel compelled to say SOMETHING. We are losing our notable black people at an astonishing rate right now. People that I feel, in some way or another, have had a positive impact on society as a whole, if not just the African American population. I say rest in peace to the following:

Bernie Mac
Isaac Hayes
Gene Upshaw
U.S. Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones*
Julius J. Carry III (Sho’Nuff)
LeRoi Moore

…and anyone else I may be missing. I always think of this song when someone passes. So, in tribute…

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The Olympics

Posted by and1grad on August 21, 2008

China flag

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to cover in the last few days. The Beijing Olympics. The spectacle of all spectacles. Well, I’m here to tell you that this whole thing is a sham. The Olympic spirit has been lost, or maybe just converted, to a essentially meaningless series of events and challenges that people will forget as soon as they end…with the exception of Phelps’ achievements.

I try to think back on what the Olympics was/is supposed to mean. A celebration of good will among nations and games in the spirit of competition. Can anyone say that is what is going on here? Personally, I cant watch the Olympics without thinking about the atrocities that China inflicts or contributes to around the world. Maybe I’m out of line for saying so but this is a country that seems to have NO regard for people, their own or others. They participate in so many crimes against humanity that you would almost think they actively pursue it. And what does the IOC do? Reward them? How sad is that?
Great Wall of China
What kind of issues is this Olympics ignoring in order to have the games in China? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesnt China play a role in the atrocities going on Darfur? Burma? Minority issues (Tibet, etc)? Where are all those conservatives who trumpet religious freedoms? Doesnt China have a TERRIBLE pollution problem? Forced evictions (This even happened again RIGHT BEFORE the games!)? And thats just the stuff that pops into my head. Anyway, I just think they ruined a chance to make a statement about human rights and its a shame. I guess the Great Wall is still doing its job.

Concerning the games themselves, am I the only one who finds it a little suspicious that all of a sudden China is handing everyone their ass in these events? Not that they havent done well before but the amount of difference MUST invoke suspicion of some sort. Home cooking, maybe?
Panda Express

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The Wedding Circuit

Posted by and1grad on August 19, 2008

People, I’ve hit whats been commonly (I think) referred to as “The Wedding Circuit.” This is that stage in your life when you’re watching all your friends pair off in fantastical weddings and various events. Weddings are great. I’m all for marriage…for the most part. I think its a great celebration of a couple’s commitment to each other. Thats it…no more, no less.

But I need to tell you something. All these weddings are destroying my wallet. I mean, by the end of this wedding season, I’ll have had 6 in the past 2 years, and 2 of those I couldnt make b/c they either fell on the same day or consecutive days. This year, I’m damn near bankrupt due to weddings. Is it bad that I want to tell the rest of my non-married friends that if they decide to get married next year, I’ll kill em?

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted by and1grad on August 18, 2008

I would be remiss if I didnt send out a special birthday shout out to the matriarch.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Your son

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The “Unfinished Business” Weekend

Posted by and1grad on August 18, 2008

“Now party people
Its time for the exquisite
No knock knock, who’s that, who’s there
Or Who is it…”

ANOTHER bachelor’s weekend. Another list of events, stories that need to but shouldnt be told, and some of what might be reasonably called “unmitigated debauchery.” Some friends and I left the state to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a good friend and at the same time punish him for making that particular decision. Bear with me, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna tell this story but rest assured, names have been withheld to protect the (YOU fill in the blank).
Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker. This is the only game I had ANY fun playing in the casino. I probably sat and played this for about 2.5 hours. Crazy fun…and you dont lose your ass right away. I think I only spent like $60 in that time span. I like how the dealers seem to rotate every 30 mins or so. It makes it funny when some people see a certain dealer heading their way and they immediately go to another table. We wound up doing that to this one dealer even tho she was really cool and funny…she was KILLING us. I’ve never seen someone get such good hands consecutively. She would have a flush on her bottom hand and a pair of Queens on the top. It was ridiculous. If I had been playing to actually win, as opposed to just bs’ing and having fun, I might’ve been tempted to cuss at her. It was that bad. At one point, she even told us that we’d be better off at another table and not b/c we couldnt afford to lose anymore…but she was just that hot. I mean…she was kicking our heads in. You know its bad when the dealer is telling you to take a walk. We made up some of the money, and maybe some self esteem, with other dealers tho.

The Arcade. This is usually the highlight of my trips to casinos…which is why I dont go often. But I have to say…this time…off the hook. The amount of laughs we got in the arcade this weekend were simply, embarassingly high. First of all, we played some of those games were you can win a prize like a lil furry toy that looks like its worth about 5 cents. One of em was that horse race game where you’re supposed to roll a ball so that it falls into these red, blue, or yellow holes. Red advances your horse the furthest, then blue, then yellow. Well, the first match…I CRUSHED everyone. I mean, I might as well have been Usain Bolt. But the second match, I barely got out the gate. Whatever. I gave my toy to some kid there. But I kept the next toy, which was a fuzzy dice we won at this target practice game. The one where you have a pistol and you shoot the cork to knock over a soda can. Since I had nowhere to put this dice, I hung it from the button in front of my shorts and under my belt. I cant even tell you how many laughs this wound up causing…and that wasnt even the best part…
Teddy Bear
Teddy Rexpants. This is what I’ve named the toy that my friend won at that same target practice game. However, Teddy does tricks. Well, one trick…but he does it absurdly well. Teddy can be made to look like he’s whacking off. I know some of you are shaking your head/rolling your eyes but listen. It looks so convincing that its possibly among the funniest things I’ve seen in my entire life. Lets paint a picture. Imagine your favorite teddy bear…leg cocked to the side, head bobbing up and down as he aggressively mangles his junkyard. Its fucking hysterical. I dont even know how we came about figuring out that Teddy can do this trick. But got damn I’m glad we did.

Debauchery. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been corrupted. Before this weekend, if you would’ve said “Lets go to a strip club” to me, I would’ve went but not been expecting to have a great time. I was pretty much over it. Most strip clubs reek of desperation and women with bad judgment. But the one we went to last Friday night….MY GOODNESS. Damn near every flavor of woman you could want to see was represented and represented WELL. I dont want to incriminate MYSELF but lets just say I damn near promised a girl a brand new, used, Honda Accord.

This is getting long but there’s like a dozen crazy events that happened. All of them unexpected. All of them hilarious. I’m calling this the “Unfinished Business” Weekend. Here’s why:

When the “Its Time to Party” hour hit, I was expecting there to be “Total Kaos” given the characters in our group, but what wound up happening is that a couple of “Jane II”s told a friend of mine to “Please Listen to My Demo” but she really wanted “The Big Payback” so he told her to “Get the Bozack.” Personally, I might’ve been like “So Whatcha Sayin” b/c some of those girls were “Strictly Snappin Necks” and “Knick Knack Patty Wack” didnt sound like such a bad idea as long as I knew “Who’s Booty.” Thats how you know “You Had Too Much To Drink” tho so me and the crew hopped back in the limo b/c by the end of the night, “It Wasnt Me, It Was The Fame.”

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Rock the Bells

Posted by and1grad on August 13, 2008

You know how sometimes it seems like you’re one of the only people in the world to NOT do something yet…well that was me and concerts. Never been to one. Why? The shows I wanted to go see…tended to end in fights and shootings. I’m allergic to that mess. So I passed. Missed a lot of great shows and a lot of great stories BUT…that day has passed. Your boy has finally…I mean, FINALLY been to a concert…and it was THE BUSINESS. Let me tell you a story.

A very good friend of mine is getting married at the end of the month. Actually, calling him a “friend” feels like I’m doing him an injustice b/c this is part of my core group that I consider “fam.” But I digress. For his bachelor weekend, we decided to treat him to an EsQ-type weekend. One of the events was…tickets to the Rock the Bells concert. Let me hip you to some of names on this event’s card. Actually, no. Let’s play a little game called “Do you recognize my pic?”
RakimKid Capri

De La SoulMeth & Red

NasMos Def


These are some of the heavy hitters in old school hip hop. In fact, if you love hip hop and what its SUPPOSED to be, this was the place to be. THIS is the real hip hop. Not that bullshit they play on the radio nowadays. I dont know the words that would describe this concert well enough to do it justice. So I’ll stop.

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The Re-Up

Posted by and1grad on August 13, 2008

I feel like I’ve been leaving my non-existent audience hanging. Well, work has picked up so I’m finding myself insanely busy during work hours and pretty much asleep any other time. Its been brutal. But no more whining. So here we go…

Continuing from last week, your boy got himself some new “bling.” No, not a tongue ring, not a fancy medallion, not a grill. A simple earring. One of those lil joints they give you with a new piercing. Just one ear. Left. Sorry, I dont do both. No Deal. So I was expecting the parentals to go apeshit. To my extreme surprise, I got almost nothing. Not even out of the matriarch. She said she’d have a problem with both tho. So I guess we’ll call that divine intervention.
Married With Children
However, I was UNABLE to avoid ANOTHER lecture. The Al Bundy lecture. The matriarch cant wait til I’m Married With Children and is driving me crazy about it. I say this to you with a straight face…if she could pimp me out, she would. I’m considering signing her up for one of those Feed the Children organizations so maybe she can take care of that lil motherfucker for a lil bit and leave me the hell alone.

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