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Flashback Friday: 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted — 2Pac ft. Snoop Dogg

Posted by and1grad on January 30, 2009

The long-awaited collabo b/w Snoop & 2pac.  I remember when this song came out and the rap world fell on its FACE. Btw, there’s anti-BIG skit in the first 1:40mins of this so you might wanna skip that if you’re hardcore BIG fan.


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30 Rock: 1st Quarter Report

Posted by and1grad on January 27, 2009

As of this Friday, I’ll have eased my way into 3 months of Version 3.0 so I feel its time for a report on the haps and mishaps of the model.

First things first. I’m getting both darker AND hairier. This is some bullshit. I dont need ANY MORE PIGMENT! I’m good! I’m easing my way out of a cool “Snickers” brown and into “Batman” territory and I dont like it!! OH and the kicker…its just my face. The rest…still brown. Awesome. What am I, a lycan? Am I transforming into one of those Egyptian Gods? Well..the way my knees have been acting, I wont need a cool power staff…just a cane. 30…with a gotdamn cane. I digress. I mention hairier but make no mistake, I am by no means a hairy beast. I just notice my coat is slightly fuller than it used to be and my head and facial grow faster now. Again, I dont like it. Facial hair is a pain in the proverbial ass.

Back to my knee. Joints are the wackness. I’m hearing lil pops in joints when I work out or stretch and all that. My GOOD knee has started giving on me even. MY GOOD KNEE!! The fact that I even HAVE a “good” knee is annoying. If my good knee no longer qualifies as good…well…I’m fuct. No way around it. You know what, fuck joints. Give me a couple good hinges and some monkey grease and I’ll make this shit happen my damn self. Before I get to the point where my morning stretch sounds like popcorn is almost ready.

Lets get to some good things. My credit is lights out. And its hilarious b/c when stores/people check my credit for whatever reason, they come back all smiles and cheese and want to offer me something to drink now. They’re all calling me all the time and shit now. “Let me know if you have any further interest with us, and1!” Its handshakes and looking me in the eye now…rather than assuming its the person behind me’s turn for service while I stand there in their face. Its beautiful. I was even able to go see President Barack Obama get sworn in. That was a moment to be cherished and I was THERE. Dig that.

Oh, I’m FINALLY too old for the club. Which is GREAT b/c I’ve NEVER liked the club scene and now I have a fantastic reason not to go. Hell, I’m still annoyed that “lounge” is just code for a club with a sofa or 2 in it. Anyway, another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m becoming a LOT more tolerant to other viewpoints, which is the opposite of what I thought was/would be happening. Figured I’d become one of those “my way or the highway” types but its practically the exact opposite. I’m still the “easy like Sunday Morning,” go with the flow type. I find that I’m in less of a hurry, in general. Or maybe I’m just slower. *wink*

So…these are things that I’ve been noticing as I’ve transitioned into and began Version 3.0. All things considered…so far, so good.

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Boston Globe Article

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2009

This is worth checking out. A lot of really great pics.

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President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address (1.20.09)

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2009

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Rant Time

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2009

Rant time. This shit pisses me off EVERY year but THIS year takes the GOT DANG cake. *Kanye synthesizer voice* SYSTEM OVERLOAD!!! What is it, you ask? Its the lineup of the NBA All Star game. I know this is a dumb thing to get riled up over but like I said…EVERY YEAR. AAAARRRGGGHHHH…I CANT TAKE IT. Listen up.

First, the NERVE of the NBA to keep shoving Yao Ming down our throats like the guy is entertaining to watch. He’s not. I get that your INTENT is to cultivate the Chinese viewers due to potential and realized revenue but really? You cant make it so that their collective votes are somehow proportional to those of the US? Seeing him START the All Star game every year is just RI-GODDAMN-DICULOUS.

And second. Ooooh…this one. I need to take a MINUTE for this one I SWEAR. This one has me shaking like Lewis Black over here. THE AUDACITY…the unmitigated GALL to put Tim Duncan at THE THREE spot. THE THREE!?!?!? REALLY? ARE YOU…ugh. I saw that and I swear to you I damn near took a swing at my tv. What. The. DAMN? That is not only some straight up BULLshit in itself but the simple fact is you’re robbing a player of going to the All Star game and robbing the one that SHOULD BE starting at that position of doing so. Thats bush league, Mr. Stern. In fact, thats worse…its pollution. You’re polluting the game with your absurd “politics” and my beef with you extends beyond that. Allow me to expand.

I’m CONVINCED that David Stern knew about and does nothing about refs cheating and other absurdities that come with how they call a basketball game. He is WAY too smart to even PRETEND to be that oblivious to it all. ALSO…I’m convinced that Boston had NO SHOT of getting the #1 or #2 pick to get either Oden or Durant due to Stern’s hand. I have NO DOUBT that he didnt like watching the Celtics tank and made sure they wouldnt so obviously gain from it. I dont even consider that a conspiracy theory as much as a point of fact. In my opinion, the man’s hands are dirty and, quite possibly, hairy.

I digress. This is some bullshit and I dont yet know what NBA player is getting the simultaneous 7′ and 7’6″ shaft but the NBA owes you brothers an apology. And lubricant. Lots of lubricant. And a heat pack. And I’m done.

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“It was all a dream…”

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2009

“…I used to read Word Up magazine…”

This is actually just a dumb dream that I HAD to write out before I fell asleep again and forgot it.

I was leaving some kinda busted grocery store, like a ghetto Food 4 Less or something, and headed home. For some reason, my way home was via a metro stop that looked a lot like Fort Totten on the red line in DC. Probably since I spent so much time there this past couple of days. Anyway, I’m headed up the stairs and intend to walk by this old lady taking her time up them and this ol’ biddy tries to trip me on my way up em. And then sneers at me. This lady looks like a broke down, transient version of Barbara Bush, but Ukrainian or something, ok? So after she sneers at me, I shake my head and try to keep it moving but SHE cops an attitude.

Lady: *sneer* What?
*I look back but then continue on*
Lady: Thas right. Keep moving.
*At this point, I’m at the top of the stairs but FORCED to stop
Me: Lady, whats your name?
Lady: Matilde.
Me: Ok Matilde, next time you try to trip me like that. You’re gonna have a problem.
*Now Matilde makes like she cant hear me and starts up the stairs towards me…so I sit down and wait for her.
Lady: I’m sorry, what?
Me: I said next time you try to tr…
*Matilde takes a swing at me and I catch her arm*

I give her just enough of a shove that she’s off-balance and I’m the only thing keeping her from tumbling downstairs. She says something smart (I’ve already forgotten) and tugs away from me so I let her go and watch her tumble all the way downstairs lookin like one of those turtle shells after getting kicked by Super Mario.

Oh, I forgot to mention that by this time people at the station are paying attention but have no sympathy for this lady who apparently is a troublemaker anyway. In fact, after watching Matilde’s backslide into a faceplant, I turn to one of the brothers next to me and say, “Damn, I didnt think she’d make it ALL THE WAY down to the bottom of the steps. She didnt try to break her fall or NOTHIN’.” At which point, he and the rest of the people around crack up.

I wake up laughing. Talk about a crazy dream. Another thing is, this whole thing plays out in an atmosphere that was kinda like Grand Theft Auto 4. The whole dream looked straight off the video game. Weird right? I wonder what this crazy dream means. I dont like surly old bats? No country for that ol’ bish? Step in the name of shove?

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Flashback Friday: At Last — Sung by Beyonce for Obamas on Inauguration Day

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2009

I switched up the Flashback Friday for the week. You understand.

From the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball…

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No One — Alicia Keys (sung at Neighborhood Inaugural Ball)

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2009

I cant get enough of watching Alicia Keys sing/perform. And if you ask me, she is as beautiful as Beyonce.

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Posted by and1grad on January 20, 2009

A defining moment in the history of this country. I’m proud, lucky, AND honored to have been able to be a part of such a momentous event. I guess thats one of the wondrous things about this campaign is that you feel like a part of what is happening, even if just as a witness, like myself.

I’ve been thinking for the last couple minutes and ya know what…I’m not gonna try to say anything especially profound or give some new kind of perspective. I’m just gonna write what I saw while its still fresh in my mind. If you’re reading, “I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray.” I was just happy to have my face in the place.

First things first, we got up at 3 am to get ready for this momentous event. Since I’m not really on eastern time yet (I refuse), it was really just like getting rest before a late party to me. So we got up, had some friends meet us at the hotel and got on our way to the Metro station. Early Bird Special. We got to our stop, L’Enfant Plaza, at about 5am and joined the huddled masses that were there. They were selling papers (Washington Post) there so altogether we bought at least a dozen. We wound up using the majority of em as padding to sit on during the ARCTIC morning.

Yes, I say arctic. We damn near froze our GD asses off out there. Not like I wouldnt do it again tho. Thankfully, they let us in the Mall early (maybe around 5:30am) and we took up a spot pretty much right on the corner of 4th and Madison on the Mall, right in front of a JumboTron. It was so cold, a group of folk right next to us just started breaking out into songs they knew. We were all dancing anyway just to be moving to keep warm. Theme songs like Good Times, some other new songs, the mental jukebox was in full effect.

But this is where it really got hilarious. They started getting people around them involved and it all of a sudden ballooned to like 15 people singing and dancing. Then they broke out into “The party ova here, aint nothin over there!” and point to a direction. And then some people in that direction would shout it back…but could never get enough people involved to be as loud as that group so that group would boo them. We were all cracking up. This went on for close to an hour. Anyway, during the entire morning, people would be shuffling about trying to get to the bathroom or whatever. So this group made a path but turned it into a huge Soul Train line. If you came through, you had to dance your way through or get booed. Hilarious! Some people didnt want to come through, so instead of the “Who’s Next, Who’s Next” chant that they were already doing, they turned it into “You Scared, You Scared.”

They wound up doing that to the wrong dude tho…Imagine kind of a taller version of Carl Winslow. They did that to this dude, who didnt really look like he had any intention of coming through anyway, and he got this look on his face like “No you didnt!” and then starts doing like a Harlem shake BEFORE he even gets to the aisle and when he got there cut up a nice little rug up and down the aisle. My man did his thing. I. Was. Dying.

Needless to say, a lot of people got boo’d but more danced their way through. It was a real good time. I’ll tell you one thing. Not only are Black folk resilient, but we can turn anything into a party if we want to. I’m REALLY glad those people were there. They made SEVERAL hours of bitter cold into such a good time, we barely even thought about the fact that we couldnt feel our toes anymore.

Fast forward another hour or 2, and we start seeing the primary audience, senators, congresspersons, etc showing up. Some of the past Presidents and First Ladies showed up as well. People cheered for the Carters, the Gores, and of course loudest for the Clintons. They booed President Bush and cheered for the Vice President’s wife. But the Obamas? The place went bananas. Anyway, that and the rest are well recorded and will forever be shown and referenced in the annals of the history of this country.

And I was a witness. How ill is THAT?

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Flashback Friday: Scenario — A Tribe Called Quest

Posted by and1grad on January 16, 2009

I wonder how the scenario in DC will play out this weekend.

“Watch…as I combine all the juice from the mind…”

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