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Lost Generation

Posted by and1grad on April 20, 2009

Something I found on twitter…


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Def Comedy Jam: TuRae

Posted by and1grad on April 20, 2009

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The NBA: Where Illiteracy Happens

Posted by and1grad on April 15, 2009

So I just read this article that touched on how some young basketball player named John Wall could have a legitimate case to challenge NBA’s Age Rule. I find this unbelievably annoying for several reasons.

1.) Why does almost EVERY sports pundit not give even half a damn about some of these young black kids POSSIBLY pursuing something of an education? Where does stressing of THAT scenario? All they do is sit around talking about their potential relevance as a pro and then they chide themselves later about how they shouldnt be talking about high school kids. What a bunch of bullshit. They NEVER promote anything resembling an education and they browbeat ANY kid that even attempts to stay in school and earn a degree. They’ve made it almost impossible. Who would stay to earn a degree when ALL THEY HEAR about is that the few that do wind up not being drafted as high or something. Its maddening.

2.) Why cant the NBA have its own standard? EVERY job in the country has its own requirements…the NBA cant? And PLEASE miss me with that whole absurd argument about impinging on someone’s right to earn a living or some such nonsense b/c that is so beyond false that repeating it is an attack on your credibility. No place of employment in the world has to hire you simply b/c you MIGHT be good at the job.

What bothers me even more than the pundits’ comments are the stories you hear about the kids who actually DO go to college, not attending any classes or doing any work…and the fact that its common knowledge in some cases. Why are those schools allowed to compete in the tourney at all? Where’s the consequence for that? Rather than that, they’re worried about boosters?

Neither the NBA, nor the pundits, nor the NCAA seem to give much of a damn about these kids at all. I actually hold in high regard some of the college coaches who actually have good graduation rates, like Calipari. Hopefully schools that actually graduate their kids will get more shine than those that dont give a damn. This site takes a look at that as well.

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Posted by and1grad on April 14, 2009

I dont know that I’ve ever mentioned what I do professionally on this blog but if not, I work in the environmental field. I’ve seen and heard a lot of things on this job…but nothing annoys me more than people who work for this or similar agencies who seem to have little to NO interest in ACTUALLY improving the environment. It really gets to me since I actually take this shit seriously and enjoy the fact that I can say I’m making some sort of a difference, even if in a small way. Thats why I took a job in the public sector.

So it really chaps my ass when I’m forced to listen, and at times respond, to some dope spitting a bunch of jackassery at our staff about how/if we do our jobs. Make no mistake, from some factions of the public, I expect that…but from some others, its absolutely mind-boggling. At times, it makes me wonder what that person is even doing in the position they’re in. Its clearly not to sincerely benefit the public…its often to pad their own resume and/or exercise their ability to be some know-nothing, loudmouth lobbyist that aspires to be paid by the word, irrespective of whether or not (usually not) those words represent a logical coherent thought.

As you can probably tell, I got a letter from someone challenging my work today. Unfortunately, the person is able to reach well above my pay grade or I’d serve up a response letter that would be SURE to focus on why the commenter is a silly fool who ought to leave this job to those of us that are actually competent. Lobbyist asshole masquerading as a public service employee. I hope you say something at a public meeting that really puts you out in ya draws.

There’s nothing worse than a phony. And I especially hate it when your PAID position is supposed to affect a positive change on behalf of the public. I do take solace in the fact that there seems to be more of us with true intent than there are of those out for self-promotion. I’m just glad that, after you’ve worked in the field a while, the ability to tell the difference rises dramatically. However, its still sometimes a surprise when you find out that what you thought was a warrior is a really just a carpenter playing dress up.

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People Who Need to be Punched in the Face: Somali pirates

Posted by and1grad on April 14, 2009

Dear Somali pirates,
You really want to paint yourselves as the new global terrorists, maritime version? Sounds like a good idea, does it? All the countries in Africa STRUGGLING to get their shit together and you mu’fuckas wanna pull this shit. This country…that spent decades with its hand out b/c they were they run, scratch that…float, around shooting automatic rifles and RPGs at boats minding their own? The one in which they kidnapped (shanghai’d?) Capt. Phillips was on its way to deliver U.N. food aid to East Africa.

Pirates, I sincerely hope the amount of justice leveled at you for these crimes is so overwhelming that the rest of the world actually sympathizes and believes you were treated harshly.

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Twitter (written to Comcast jingle)

Posted by and1grad on April 10, 2009

Typing, texting, twitterati
140 characters in the body
Dont get started, its contagious
It consumes your mind in stages

Tweetdeck, Twhirl, & Twitterrific
Similar apps but still specific
Wait til I tweet this whole damn poem
Mindless, huh? This’ll show ’em

Following people with precision
Stalkerish by definition
How many followers will this cost me?
What does it matter? It wont stop me

Direct messaging, @ replies
Any thought you have applies
What, you need to send a picture?
Twitpic makes it so much quicker

So why should you join in this nonsense
No stage but gigantic audience
Just to hear this mindless ramble
This poem’s a prime example


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