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Heartfelt Message from Shanice

Posted by and1grad on June 26, 2009


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For you, Michael Jackson. R.I.P.

Posted by and1grad on June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson just passed. A prayer and tribute for one of the greatest.

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Plight of the Black Woman

Posted by and1grad on June 15, 2009

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about black women lately and their struggles with finding a “good” black man. Personally, I’ve always been skeptical and unapologetic to black women concerning this predicament because I felt, and still feel, that many of them made their own beds and are being forced to lie in them. When I say that, what I mean is, I’ve seen enough quality black men TRY, in vain, to “talk” to a black woman and quickly get the cold shoulder, in favor of some obvious dope that may have had a nicer car, watch, etc. and especially fancier wordplay. So when I hear black women complain about only finding these dopes, I become incredulous and simply tell them that they found what they were looking for. So, yes, I also was frustrated with black women. That said, I never did turn my back on them. Just didnt put all my eggs in that one basket, so to speak.

The newer conversations are starting to center around black women doing the same. There seems to be more of a willingness to abandon the premise of what they called “dating around the rainbow” rather than their self-induced allegiance to dating only black men. Honestly, I never put much, if any, stock into this rhetoric about how exclusively dating black men made them more loyal to the race or any other nonsense derived from that. That stuff might sound nice as a soundbite, or on a postcard, but this is the real world. Exclusively dating black men is doing neither black men or women any kind of favor. What it IS doing is decreasing your dating pool by a significant quantity. Just to be clear, its fine for ANYONE to have their preferences. But if you’re trying to sell it as you doing someone ELSE a favor, you’re fooling yourself. Grow up.

As I mentioned earlier, black women are now considering, and actively dating, men of other races. Personally, I say GOOD. Expand your dating pool. Find your happiness. Be better than just looking and disqualifying a potential partner because of their race. Personally, I think this will not only improve a black woman’s ability to find happiness, and/or maybe start a family, but I actually think it would improve black male/female relationships. That probably sounds ridiculous but lets examine. As it stands, a lot of black men are thoroughly convinced that whatever they do, whoever they are, they can find and get with a black woman. Lets face it, black women of quality have settled for the bullshit at an alarming rate. What if that wasnt the case? What if more black men knew that they had to get their shit right to get with a woman of quality, black or otherwise? Men do what is necessary to be appealing to a woman. That always has been the case, always will be. Women set the standard that men are supposed to meet. But if black women continue to eschew all others, listless black men will know that they dont have to do shit, or be shit, to still have a chance.

If you’ll allow me, a slight but related tangent. A good amount of the issue also being presented has to do with black women being more professionally inclined and upwardly mobile than black men as of late. This is definitely true. Black women are carrying the baton of education and success further than black men are right now. Because of this, black women are stuck looking in vain for a black man that matches them professionally and intellectually. This is another SERIOUS problem that I wish I could provide good, viable answers to. The problems, as I see it, are that the dating pool at this level is small as it is, and even smaller when looking for a black man. I also believe it to be a double-edged sword because men in general shy away from these “career women” for reasons of their own. Some of them more valid than others. These reasons include whether or not these women even have time for a man or a family. I’m sure it hasnt escaped very many that some of the men that would fit this desirable profile probably arent looking for a woman that is AS career-minded as he is. They might be more inclined to find a woman that would be home a little more often in case they decide to build a family.

There’s also the situation of whether a relationship can handle a women as the primary breadwinner. I know a lot of men & women believe they can handle this situation, but many of them are deluding themselves. Men have as much trouble handling not being the breadwinner as women seem to have trouble being it. Its NOT just a male issue. I’ve seen a woman throw being the breadwinner in a man’s face and can honestly say THAT would put my relationship in extreme jeopardy. I digress.

Black women, I say this to you as a resident EBMOP*, BRANCH OUT. End your brand loyalty and maybe try on a different pair of genes and see if it fits. THAT might wind up being one of the better things you could do for black men, in general. And if you come across some black men, or women, that want to get funky with you because of that, tell em “TOUGH.” Being happy is a civil right.

*Educated Black Man On Premises; shoutout to dallasblack

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Just for the haters

Posted by and1grad on June 14, 2009

2009 Champion Los Angeles Lakers
Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant

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Lebron & Kobe puppet parody

Posted by and1grad on June 5, 2009

This is WAY too funny to not put up on here somewhere.

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Pet Peeves: Wheeled Backpack

Posted by and1grad on June 4, 2009

While I’m in the mood. Let me mention something I hate.

I hate these backpack or other bags that have wheels and arent luggage. This is some bullshit. Pick up your goddamn bag. I swear I just want to shove you to the ground and kick your stupid bag into the street.

That is all.

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The Big Lie

Posted by and1grad on June 4, 2009

This is gonna be a rant.

I’m so sick and goddamn tired of people who werent paying attention to the Shaq/Kobe dissolution blaming Kobe for his departure and acting like Shaq was some kind of victim. Shaq, in his entire career, has NEVER been a victim. In fact, he’s been a villain. I know a lot of you love Shaq. Gregarious guy. Magnetic smile. But lets get real, people. Shaq has shit on a LOT of people and EVERY organization he’s left during his entire career and you all treat him like a fucking hero. It makes me sick. Since most are too lazy to actually do the research and find out what REALLY went on, let me do the few who stumble across this page the favor of doing it for you.

First things first, Shaq ran HIMSELF out of LA. I know how Kobe haters love their little conspiracy theories and other absurd made up reasons to hate the guy but the REALITY is that the Lakers HAD to get rid of Shaq. He forced their hand. For those that dont know, and those that conveniently forgot, Shaq NEVER came into a season in shape and ready to play. In the season before his departure, he spent the entire offseason BERATING the owner and went as far as to make derogatory comments and berate the owner DURING PRESEASON GAMES. Yelling insults at him & demanding that he pay whatever absurd amount he thought he was due while on the court. Who does that!?!? Not to mention, he was clearly on the downslope of his career while Kobe’s star was still rising. Apparently, thats Kobe’s fault as well, right? While he carries the Lakers for half the season while watching Shaq get the lion’s share of the credit. He should be begging this dope to stay, shouldnt he? Get the fuck outta here.

Second, if you look throughout Shaq’s career, he shits on every organization he leaves. After he left the Orlando Magic high and dry, he went about shitting on Penny Hardaway, who most would say is one of the nicest guys in the league. After he left LA, he shit on Kobe AND Phil. Phil had even written that book giving props to Shaq while virtually calling Kobe uncoachable and Shaq STILL turned around and said Pat Riley is the best coach he ever had, first chance he got. When he left Miami, he shit on Dwyane Wade and even some of the role players, who did nothing to deserve that. I couldnt believe he had the nerve to make comments about Wade’s toughness while its obvious to most that Wade gets hurt simply b/c he’s carrying that entire team and even carried their asses to a championship that they didnt deserve. He shit on Stan Van Gundy and the guy has only continued to prove to be an excellent coach. When he finally leaves Phoenix, how much you wanna bet he’ll shit on them somehow? He already took swipes at Steve Nash when he won the MVP, only to wind up playing with him. Lets see who’s next.

Lets get another thing straight. If you think the Lakers would have been able to SNIFF the Finals w/o Kobe on that team during their championship run, you’re out of your fucking mind. Some of you forget that the reason Duncan has so many championships, while coming out of the West, is because he’s made a career out of feeding Shaq his lunch. When Kobe came into his own, the Lakers started winning championships. The Lakers werent carried by Shaq alone, REGARDLESS of their giving Shaq the Finals MVPs.

Also, none of you should believe this JUNK about Shaq wanting Kobe to win. If that aint some Bernie Madoff-type fraudulent bullshit, I dont know what is. Just a year ago, the guy dissed Kobe in his freestyle at some party. Now Shaq the Gregarious is supposed to be on Kobe’s side? Sorry but…believing that makes you stupid. Hate to have to break that to those it applies to.

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