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ART Club: Drew Barrymore

Posted by and1grad on July 28, 2009

I was watching 50 First Dates this afternoon when I was reminded about Drew’s rockin set of knockers. It helps make watching chick flicks more bearable. Well…I actually like the movie so there’s that also. To the possessor of Charlie’s favorite “Angels”…

Drew Barrymore, Welcome to the ART Club.


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Do you know what today is?

Posted by and1grad on July 23, 2009

*Tony Toni Tone voice* Its my anniversary…

The crazy part is that I JUST checked how long I’ve had this blog literally this morning and found out that today marks exactly 1 year. So I feel like I should reflect on what I’ve been through since that time.

The trials & tribulations of purchasing a home
I had the LUCK of having to go through this twice. For the first house I bought, which was just being built, the property management company wound up going out of business and filing bankruptcy. They released their entire staff and pushed everyone out of escrow, regardless of how far in they were. Thankfully I was only a week or 2 in at the time. It still sucked very hard. Luckily, I wound up finding this gem of a house that was a foreclosure. As some of you may know, foreclosure homes are normally ransacked and trashed. This one was immaculate, had a similar design to what I wanted, and a very reasonable price. Sold. Homeownership becomes me.

I was blessed to be able to watch our 1st Black President be inaugurated in the frozen tundras of DC in January. Even tho it was cold and incredibly costly, I’m so so glad I went. What a glorious event.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Finally had surgery to repair my ACL on my left knee. I tore it like in 2005 and it was finally giving me enough trouble to have it done. More screws for my left leg (already have 2 in my ankle). Feel like I’m on the way to becoming Inspector Gadget or something.

30 Rock
Lastly, I turned 30 which I’m loving. It does come with a lot of “baggage” tho. More & more friends are married and/or with children. More and more of the younger kids I watched over are now college grads or are about to be. That mess makes you feel O.L.D. Parents are also pressing me harder about kids and stuff. Yikes. I just wanna live!!

There are of course many other things, including some that I would change, but I try to keep looking forward. Thanks for reading!

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ART Club: Jennifer Connelly

Posted by and1grad on July 22, 2009

Someone on twitter, for some reason, brought up Jennifer Connelly and all I remembered about her is *Mos Def voice* that body, I cant get it out my mind.

Turns out, she’s hotter than I remembered. Hulk mad, Hulk smash!!

JCon, welcome to the ART Club.

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Posted by and1grad on July 20, 2009

“Like cats that have lost their whiskers, the GOP seems off balance now that they’ve lost their talent for hypocrisy.” — Maureen Dowd

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Posted by and1grad on July 19, 2009

Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers. —– Voltaire

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Are you racially conscious…

Posted by and1grad on July 17, 2009

…or are you just frontin’ like you are but really can only speak with objectivity (if that) on your own race? I’m so tired of people claiming to be “racially conscious.” More often than not, they’re lying to themselves and to their audience. Here’s a question that can and should serve as a barometer:  Can you really consider yourself racially conscious if you think every other race has it easier than yours?

If all you can do is speak on how society has affected YOUR race and why other races have it so much easier than yours, you are not racially conscious. You are racially biased. There’s a difference and those that actually DO put in the effort of being objective will know it almost immediately. Intellectual dishonesty really tapdances on my last nerve. ESPECIALLY when its performed by the educated or at least seemingly intelligent.

Let me AXE you something. Do you think a white person cant possibly grasp the nuances of prejudice? Do you really think that white people cant understand racism? Do you recognize that white people, more than any other race, has to walk on eggshells regarding almost anything they say? Does that escape you? If you cant, or refuse to, speak to the issue of race as it pertains to more than YOUR OWN race, you arent racially conscious. Sorry if it bursts some of your bubbles. Thats just reality.

Also, if you think you’re speaking up for racism b/c of some dumb shit Kirstie Alley says or some STUPID Facebook quiz…you arent. If you want to call out someone’s ignorance, fine. Turning it into some kind of race movement makes you simple. If you think a Facebook quiz is stupid, dont participate. Believe it or not, EVERYONE thinks its stupid. Its just some dumb funny absurdity people did to laugh at it. There are PLENTY of race issues to take seriously. Some people need to do a better job of confronting those if they want to be activists. I cant imagine lecturing someone b/c of a damn Facebook gamey quiz. That is so beyond absurd, it only leaves question as to your own judgment, and maybe even your sanity.

Let me quit ranting for a second. Race is a dangerous thing to speak about already. People are coming from all over the map on it. But it is LETHAL if you cant, or refuse, to have an open mind and an open ear when you speak about it. If your discussions are all one person talking and the other listening, you arent having a discussion. You’re holding a lecture. MOST grown people dont want to be lectured on race…but many of them WILL discuss it with you. Discussions are how you learn. Lectures will help you alienate.

And as always, this is open for discussion.

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Show Me Whatcha Workin Wit!

Posted by and1grad on July 16, 2009

Damn, ‘Nessa. I MEAN!!

But on a serious note, do you want your lady dressing like this out in public? I like to consider myself a confident man…secure in all I am and whatnot. But this is the kinda attention I really dont want or need. Are most guys into having their ladies THIS MUCH on display when they’re out? Maybe b/c I’m not a attention-hound to any degree but this gets the thumbs down from me in public. Now…in private…HELLOOOO NURSE!!

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The Effect of Sotomayor

Posted by and1grad on July 13, 2009

I just finished watching a part of the Congressional Hearings for the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. FINALLY, I got a chance to hear her speak for herself in terms of her experience and qualifications. Between now and when her nomination was first announced, I’ve been reticent to have any distinct opinion on her nomination. I recognize it as a great moment for Hispanics and women, in general, but otherwise, I didnt know what to think of her specifically. So much has been said that would give you both positive and negative views on her. I couldnt tell what to believe and I wonder how much of the public was also left not knowing what to think.

Judge Sotomayor’s address was brief and understated. I think she is waiting to do more speaking when she’s answering direct questions from the Senators. What I learned, mainly from other Senators’ introductory remarks, is that her resume is impeccable. Her education is immaculate and her experience is impressive. There’s something to be said for someone to work both in the public sector and in the business sector. You could go on and on about her resume, what her detractors say, whats fact, whats fiction, etc. etc. etc. I’m not going into all of that. My main interest right now, is her upbringing, and specifically, her mother.

Celina Sotomayor, herself, is a story of the triumph of strength and determination over adversity the likes of which few will ever see. I would only be plagiarizing in any attempt to recount her story but its easily found and has many times been stated by her daughter. The part that I learned about today was how she not only provided the material for her children to learn but studied WITH THEM herself. That seems so obvious now, given the fact that she went from being a telephone operator to becoming a nurse, after her children were born, but think about the motivation provided by a mother not only preaching the investment of education to her children but also being engaged in it herself. Is there a better way to cement that idea than that? I dont know of one.

The stories of remarkable women, such as the Sotomayors, remain part of the very fabric of what makes this country so great. For me, they are a reminder of the saying “Tough times dont last, tough people do.” The reward of presenting such an example for your own children to follow is sometimes not just watching them achieve, but watching them pay tribute to you as they go about setting an example for a nation to follow. A legacy.

To Sonia Sotomayor, I salute your accomplishments and I’m sure you’ll make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

To Celina Sotomayor, I pay tribute.

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You’re so Money and you dont even KNOW it!!

Posted by and1grad on July 13, 2009

Been a while since I blogged anything. Twitter is a helluva drug, huh huh.

But on a serious note. I’ve been wondering lately about the value of money. Specifically, the value of the American Dollar. I’m not an authority on the issues of the economy or market value or anything similar, but I believe the common opinion is that the Dollar is not worth much. Of course, as someone not commonly engaged in money matters, I dont see this much and never believed it had that much impact on our everyday lives. Until recently. I’ve long complained that we throw WAY too much money at our athletes and entertainers. Recently I heard that Simon Cowell was to earn, or is being offered, something around $100M to continue his role in American Idol. I found this to be somewhat OUTRAGEOUS but lets face it, he matters more than anyone else on that show and it does BOX OFFICE money. (Make no mistake, the talent of Idol is signed to Cowell’s label so really he’s just fisting the nation but whatever…)Today even, Seacrest got offered something like 15M a year and I’m not entirely sure his role is important at all. Why are we throwing so many dollars at all these people? Does it have to do with the value of the dollar?

If you have too much of anything around, it eventually becomes worthless. I cant help but wonder if our current economic situation will somehow put more of a premium on the value of the dollar, since most of us wont have very much of it.

EDIT: I should add…in terms of CA, there is a LOT of commentary on why our state is in so much financial turmoil. You’ll hear a lot of people blaming certain things, mostly the Governor. I’ve tried to stay somewhat plugged in on what goes on in terms of the state budget, as it affects me as well, and I have to say that it doesnt look like the Governor’s fault. It looks a LOT like our Congresspeople deciding to add services w/o offering a way of pay for them. The fact of the matter is, services that serve the public interest cost money and although people dont like to be taxed, THATS where more than half of CA’s general fund comes from. Nothing is free. Californians have forgotten that. The budget was a problem BEFORE the housing crash. Now its a nightmare that I’m almost positive will cost a lot more jobs and services. People are still a little in denial about the amount of trouble this state is in. That fallacy is currently being, and will continue to be, HARSHLY “terminated” into the foreseeable future.

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