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Hater Players

Posted by and1grad on August 19, 2009

“…I’m sick of these Hater Players
Bring on the regulators with the flavors
Like a farm team fucking with the majors…”

This Brett Favre thing has made me have to re-evaluate the concern of being labeled a “hater.” Even moreso than with Michael Vick because, at least with Vick, people have a valid reason to be upset. See, lately, people have been speaking about being misrepresented as a hater when all they were doing was providing constructive criticism or just their basic disapproval of an action. I can get with that. I’m all for providing either. However, when your criticism, or disapproval, of a PERSON is based on NOTHING tangible, arent you being a “hater?” Isnt that the very essence of being a “hater?” The curmudgeon type who bandies about with an ill opinion on things just for the sake of ill opinion.

“…Like a river how I run through it, I do it so cold
Its freezing up your bodily fluids, your style is old
You running your mouth, dont really know what you be talking about
You should retire get that complimentary watch, be out…”

One of the more interesting parts of this Brett Favre debacle is how many people have a negative opinion about it that really dont watch, know anything, or even like football at all. So easily fed an opinion, they run with whatever the media tells them to. I treat people who allow others to think for them with utter disgust. If you’re going to venture an opinion, have something behind it, or at least the GUMPTION to back it up. So the guy changed his mind about retiring. Big fucking deal. That bothers you? “Oh how could he say he was gonna retire and change his mind!?!?!? Oh my life is ruined!! In shambles!!” Here’s some Lincoln logs. How bout you go build a bridge and get over it? It somehow STILL amazes me…and maybe thats my own fault…that people are SO comfortable telling someone when they should retire. So…someone shouldnt play anymore, although coaches and players of a team want him to play, because YOU say so? Really? o_O

“…Yo with the quickness, so swift you miss this lyrical fitness
Now get this, these emcees wanna test me like litmus, bear witness
I’m like shot clocks, interstate cops, and blood clots
My point is your flow can stop!…” — Talib Kweli

Unless you’re a die-hard Packers fan with an egregious amount of loyalty to that organization, please shut off. You have NO reason to judge the guy harshly for not being sure he wants to end his career. How many athletes have ever been sure of that? The decision of the end of an athlete’s career is normally made for him. In this case, it hasnt been and a team wants him to play for them. What the fuck is that doing to YOUR life? But you’re not a “hater,” correct? Its one thing to complain about being called a hater when it doesnt apply. But when it does, own it.

You’re a hater if your reasons of disapproval are impossibly asinine, just plain ridiculous, or simply artificial. The case of Brett Favre makes it extremely easy to tell the difference.


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The UHC dilemma

Posted by and1grad on August 8, 2009

The backing of Universal Health Care (UHC) by Big Pharma makes me nervous. I would be MORE comfortable with it being backed by Cobra Commando and/or the Decepticons. Ironically, the organizations that care least about your health are Big Pharma and the FDA. PHrMA’s interest in backing Dems right now is either a signal that something is rotten in Denmark or that they are coalescing with the apparent inevitability of UHC. They must have SOMETHING, politicians included, up their sleeve. I dont like it. If they’re able to keep this program from exploring cheaper avenues of obtaining medication, UHC could be an unmitigated disaster. People better get plugged into this.

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