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ART Club: Audra McDonald

Posted by and1grad on October 29, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Audra McDonald.

This bombshell plays Dr. Naomi Bennett on Private Practice, which is a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy. She is DISTURBINGLY hot. I cant watch this show w/o thinking that Taye Diggs’ character is a plum fool for divorcing this one. Not only that but she’s CLEARLY needing to be a card-carrying member of the ART Club. Do you KNOW how much sick leave I would burn if…shhhhh maaaaaaaannnnnn.

The doctor is IN.


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Big Men

Posted by and1grad on October 28, 2009

While listening to The Herd on ESPN Radio this morning (btw, this is the best sports radio show), Colin Cowherd said something that I’ve been screaming for years now. And whenever I say it, nobody wants to hear me. Its simply this: NBA centers show you who they are when they ENTER the league. They dont normally somehow turn into a great player after starting as a mediocre one. If they stink at something when they come out, they more than likely will stink at it for their entire career. The exception MIGHT be made for some players that came straight out of high school. Colin brought up the examples of Kareem, Bill Walton, Patrick Ewing, & David Robinson as some examples of big men who came out and were great players, particularly offensively, their FIRST season. Conversely, look at Shaq, a great player in his own right. The things he stinks at now, are the things he stunk at when he came out of LSU. Centers dont change to a measurable degree. Another example is Dwight Howard. He is not gonna develop a jumper like Robinson & Ewing had. People keep saying they hope his game expands beyond what it is currently. Stop hoping. It isnt gonna happen. Greg Oden isnt going to become a great scorer. Good rebounder maybe. Shot blocker, sure. But putting the ball in the hoop? I bid thee nay.

Andrew Bynum, you saw promise early on. He COULD be a great player if he ever stops getting injured. Personally, not holding my breath. Injury-prone guys seem to stay injury-prone. But he has a much better chance of being a great player than Oden. I’m not trying to disparage these big guys. I’m just saying “they are who you thought they were.” #kanyeshrug

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Fraudulent Sports News

Posted by and1grad on October 28, 2009

Every once in a while, I hear some news in the sports arena that I consider absolute garbage. Sometimes its a stat; oftentimes its an injury report. There were a few things today that I think are pretty much lies given to the public and/or extreme optimism. First example, Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins. Dude broke his ankle during this past Monday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Usually when a player gets hurt, you very quickly hear how long he’s expected to be out. In this case, nothing. Until the other day, Zorn finally said he might get put on IR. Today, I hear something about 4 weeks. My man broke. His. Ankle. AND he needs surgery to fix it. Four weeks? Thats among the more absurd things I’ve ever heard in terms of injury length. I’ve broken my ankle and have 2 screws in it from the surgery to repair it. If this dude is back to playing football in 4 weeks, I will buy a box of Grape Nuts and PAINFULLY eat this TERRIBLE TERRIBLE cereal every day until I finish it. The thought of doing this already is bringing me down. Thats how much I hate this cereal. But THATS how sure I am that there is no way on God’s green Earth that this guy can play football in 4 weeks. 8 weeks? Maybe. 4? HAIL NAW!! Next example.

This example has to do with the NBA season having started last night. First, thank the lord for THAT. I miss basketball. BUT, I dont miss the CONSTANT jocking of LeBron James. Count me out. That said, he passed a milestone yesterday by reaching the 13,000 point mark and is apparently the youngest to do so (beating out Kobe). I HATE this stat. I think its fraudulent and lame. You have these guys coming out of high school and you’re saying they were the youngest to do something? Its meaningless. To make this stat meaningful, base it on how many GAMES it took them to reach this plateau. THAT gives you a fair and honest comparison. Otherwise, you’re just feeding the public garbage. Get your shit right, ESPN.

Another example of injury fraud…Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers. No, not his hair. This guy sprained his Medial Collateral Ligament during the 1st game of the season. When that happened, we were told he’d be out for 3 weeks. 3 weeks? How gullible or stupid do they think we are? If you sprain a ligament in your knee, it will HURT for 2 weeks, AT LEAST. Let alone you be able to rehab it and then be back to playing. And now look at him. I wanna say he was out for 4 weeks and then wound up hurting it again during his first game back. I wouldnt go as far as to say he’s a liability out there right now, since he IS healing, but he isnt Polamalu yet b/c how could he be? The NFL commonly lies about injuries and rushes players back onto the field. If you watch the Steelers play, Polamalu is a GLARING example.

Lastly, something that really bothers me and should bother you to your very core. The NFL and concussions. The NFL is going to need to SERIOUSLY address this concussion issue…instead of trying to discredit published studies showing links b/w multiple concussions and the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. First, not to be crass but the link b/w the two is a no-brainer. Seriously, we’re talking about a person’s mental processes and ability to FUNCTION in their later years. The NFL already doesnt do a whole lot to protect player’s bodies, unless they play QB. PROTECT THEIR BRAIN AT LEAST. It is CRIMINAL that this is continually going on. We watched Brian Westbrook get a concussion during the MNF game. I’d be willing to bet that there’s a player at least knocked dizzy in EVERY game, if not one that suffers a concussion. And having one concussion makes you susceptible to having another. I really cant stress enough how critical this is and I really hope it one day is adequately addressed.

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A LITTLE discrimination

Posted by and1grad on October 21, 2009

I guess I’m going to keep on in the vein of discrimination, real or imagined. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to who is being discriminated against. Black men vs. Black women; Morehouse vs transgenders…but no one has the GUTS to address THIS!!! Well, ladies and gentlemen, I. DO.

Women, PARTICULARLY minorities, BLATANTLY discriminate against short men. Its outrageous! A short man, almost universally, can NOT catch a break with women. The craziest part is that these women are normally not tall themselves. How are you 5’3 and need your man to be 6’2? That makes zero sense. What, do you want to be headbutting his belly button every time you go for a hug? The WORST are the women who have to take their (FRAUDULENT) height addition of their heels into consideration. “He needs to be 3 inches taller than I am when I decide to wear these tall ass heels that I will invariably complain about to him later b/c they make my feet hurt.” Why do you want your men to be so overwhelmingly bigger than you? Why dont more people think thats odd and/or ridiculous? Tall men, why do you want to dwarf your women? I feel like a babysitter when I’m hanging around women who are shorter than 5’3 and I’m not absurdly tall.

I’ll tell you one thing. Should I have boys, I’m gonna have them playing basketball, not just because I love the sport but because I know that if they arent tall, they will STRUGGLE to get a woman’s attention. To women, if you arent AT LEAST 5’10”, you’re short. These same women can barely SNIFF 5’6″. Really? The guy thats actually TALLER than YOU is too short? What about the amazons? [I consider a woman an amazon once she hits 5’9″ and up.] They have to find men too. And the pixies are taking them all!! LMAO! (Sorry, it always cracks me up when I hear tall women complain about that #kanyeshrug)

Back to short men. Short guys are discriminated against all through LIFE itself. They’re rarely ever picked first in sports, unless they’re crazy fast. You’re actually EXPECTED to be fast if you’re short. That itself is unfair. Especially since they have such little legs…I kid. They have to look around tall people who might be standing or sitting in front. Thats no fun. What about all the short jokes dopes like me might tell? Short minorities might have the best argument of discrimination there is. All these other guys are depicted as athletes and soldiers and such.

Short guys are depicted as this guy:

I’m just saying. Its a tough world, if you’re short. Cant women, who are LARGELY of that height or shorter, give these guys a break!?!? Damn!!

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Gender Wage Gap? Please.

Posted by and1grad on October 21, 2009

Every once in a while, I hear an argument spread, and co-signed, that irritates my very last nerve. This CRAP about women still earning 70 cents to the male dollar. I’m SO sick and tired of this FRAUDULENT stat and the people who mindlessly co-sign it without putting ANY kind of thought into the validity of the stat. So many men seem too afraid, or too dumb, to refute it for fear that they might be called a chauvinist. Thats lame. Dont just agree with something simply b/c someone tells it to you or simply b/c its the party line. We’re better than that. Lets put a little common sense to this stat.

“A study of the gender wage gap conducted by economist June O’ Neill, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, found that women earn 98 percent of what men do when controlled for experience, education, and number of years on the job.”  — Gender Wage Gap Is Feminist Fiction

Simply put, women are more likely to take lower paying jobs than men. An example is that men are more likely to take higher risk jobs (i.e. fire fighter) and women are more likely to take lower risk (i.e. secretarial). These factors have such an effect on this 70 cent stat that its disingenuous to not mention it in lieu of presenting the stat itself. There’s maternity leave, there’s the fact that women are more likely to be stay-at-home parents, and many seem to be of the opinion that women are less likely to ask for/demand a raise. Knowing this, how can people WILLINGLY continue to cosign this junk stat? Personally, I’d be willing to bet that, if it were possible to normalize these factors into the equation, women would be doing QUITE WELL in this comparison.

“The “wage gap” is not so much about employers discriminating against women as about women making discriminating choices in the labor market.” — The Wage Gap Myth


What do YOU believe?

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Posted by and1grad on October 15, 2009

 This KILLED me today. Love it!!

“Can I wipe my smile on your cleavage?” — some dope on Twitter

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Papa Smurf

Posted by and1grad on October 13, 2009

How many of us spent years of our childhood watching Papa Smurf, not fully realizing just how much of a pimp he was. I’m not saying this to ruin your childhood…but lets just face facts shall we? Papa Smurf barely ever lifted a finger to do ANYTHING. Just ran around in his fancy red pimpin’ pajamas doing magic and shit. He had his whole tribe matching like an army of Don Magic Juans…I mean they KEPT IT “smurfy”…AND was able to keep a 100 dudes in line with just ONE ho. Word? Just one? Dont get it twisted, Smurfette had that entire village on lock. How many smurfs does Smurfette have WIDE OPEN just for a CHANCE? She plays dumb & innocent real well too…like Jessica Simpson (No Romo). Papa Smurf didnt even originally HAVE Smurfette…he stole’d her from some other jigga and dyed her hair blonde. Boom…instant profit. Papa Smurf is a straight hustler.

How come Papa Smurf knew princes and other royalty and had all those expensive books and shit? And STILL had all those smurfs living in mushroom village. Thats some pimp shit. That was acorn b4 there was ACORN. Didnt he have some kinda potions and magic dust too? Was Papa Smurf a pusher? Maybe. Brainy Smurf DID kinda act like a runner. Didnt you ever ask why Papa Smurf kept a joke like Brainy Smurf so close even tho he STAYED effing up? Because he knew Brainy could never be a REAL threat to the kingpin. Best threat would be Handy and he STAYED giving that dude projects. Smurfette knew it tho. She was always sniffing around Handy, wasnt she? But Handy knew that you cant turn a ho into a housewife, right?

So lets recap: Papa Smurf kept the fly threads, stole and made profitable a very serviceable ho, had money for trips (that he went on alone), new movers & shakers, had name recognition, possibly had & moved drugs,  DEFINITELY had a runner who wasnt gonna see him for his spot, AND kept his crew fitted and working on other stuff. Papa Smurf MIGHT be one of the illest kingpin gangstas on record and we didnt even know it.

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Posted by and1grad on October 9, 2009

There’s been talk of Rush Limbaugh being part of a group that owns a football team. For your viewing pleasure, here are some quotes* that should serve notice to people about Rush Limbaugh.

“They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

“Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.”

“Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

“You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray. We miss you, James. Godspeed.”

“I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing; Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back, I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

*Quotes courtesy of @RaiderGeez

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New Jersey

Posted by and1grad on October 9, 2009

I was listening, on twitter, to all the hate and shade being thrown Brett Favre’s way, including the subsequent lack of ability to talk shit when he wound up kicking Green Bay’s ass the whole night, and I was reminded that I wanted to do a post about jerseys. We never really have discussed exactly when a jersey is outdated or just looks silly on an owner. I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve probably spend close to $400 total on my last 2 jerseys. One white Brett Favre New York Jets jersey and one white Reggie Bush New Orleans Saints jersey. Personally, I dont have ANY buyer’s remorse for either jersey. But of course, I have to wonder if it would be silly for me to wear the Favre jersey since he currently plays for another team. Is that a sports fashion faux pas? Not b/c he’s played for another team but b/c he’s ACTIVE for another team. Is there an issue here? When I bought my Bush jersey, it was a no-brainer. NOW? Well, I just hope he’s still even on the team as of next year. I’ll always root for him but even I cant make a great case for why the Saints should keep him around.

There’s also the dilemma of what your jersey should look like. Granted, football and hockey jerseys ALWAYS look right no matter what…but basketball jerseys? No. If you look like you’ve swallowed a basketball, you prob shouldnt wear a basketball jersey. In some cases, it looks like 2 of the actual player can fit in your jersey. Not a good look. Super fat guy Kobe Bryant fan…maybe consider a t-shirt. Also, PLEASE retire your jersey after its washed out and depleted. There’s little worse than a old, beat up jersey that you only use to lounge around the house. Not that I know anyone who does that. *wink*

What jerseys do you own? Do you know of any jersey fashion faux pas?

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Chappelle’s No Show

Posted by and1grad on October 6, 2009

In the last few weeks, I’ve heard some commentary about whats on TV nowadays, especially concerning African American representation. The Jaded NYer actually spoke about this a week ago during her webcast (Monday nights, 10pm EST). One of the genres where African Americans have always had the most, or maybe best, representation has been sitcoms. My own experience digs back into the late 70s/early 80s with Good Times, Sanford & Son, and Whats Happening moving into shows like Diff’rent Strokes (kinda), The Cosby Show, A Different World, etc. Then transitioning through the 90s with shows like In Living Color, Martin, Living Single, etc. In my opinion, this transition seems to pretty much end with My Wife and Kids and the Bernie Mac Show. I dont know many people who find those Tyler Perry shows all that funny, plus it isnt network anyway, so I’ll leave them out of the discussion altogether. During the run of this last piece of this timeline, Chappelle’s Show was gaining steam and could legitimately be considered the funniest show on TV. A TON of us can randomly cite phrases from this show. You’re probably doing so right now.

Only a small part of this post is to lament the lack of African American presence on TV. What I’m touching on right now is the simple fact that the lead parts of these sitcoms were mainly presented by a Black comedian. The only thing that made up for the lack of that is great writing. Lets face it, we arent seeing great writing for a Black show anymore. That means, we need a comedian to step up and carry the baton of African American comedy. That person was David Chappelle. I’ve never fully understood why he ran away from the stage when he was at his peak. Was he afraid of the moment? The responsibility of bringing comedy? Isnt that what he DOES for a living?

I kind of compare it to when Michael Jordan left to play baseball. Can you imagine if MJ never came back? What if the burden that comes with the responsibility of being exceptional had kept him away from the game? Look at all we would’ve missed. He came back and has passed the baton to those like Kobe, Lebron, and Wade. The baton of comedy needs to be passed and I feel like the lack of the greatness that Chappelle was displaying has left a void that is yet to be fulfilled. We unexpectedly lost Bernie Mac, who was carrying it. Now what do we have? I’d love to root for Michael Strahan’s show but come on.

I fully believe that Chappelle’s Show, including his cast & writers could STILL come back and be one of the funniest things on TV. Comedians dont stop being funny and having ideas. And people would fall all over themselves to watch it even if it was only meeehhh. Saturday Night Live is a good example of that. Not that I hold out hope for that show to come back but I cant help but wonder who will pick up the baton that he’s left behind.

Is there a show on the horizon that might be able to fill the void? Wanda Sykes? Should I pay more attention to these Tyler Perry shows?

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