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Something I ranted on re: Immigration

Posted by and1grad on April 27, 2010

I had to rant on a blog, earlier today, about the Arizona Immigration Law. I RARELY rant, let alone on other people’s blogs, but this is one of those things that bothers me to my very core. A person commented that seemingly regular American citizen comment about how undocumented residents should just go ahead and become a citizen. That shit makes my brain explode. Here’s my comment in response:

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Quotables: Four Brothers

Posted by and1grad on April 26, 2010

“Out-of-town shooters. That’s what I said. I remember hearing myself saying, “Out-of-town shooters.” You know what? You don’t pay a ho to fuck you. You pay her to leave. What you pay out-of-town shooters to do? You pay them to get the hell back out of town. That’s why I asked for out-of-town shooters. What’d I get? In-town shooters. Someone decided to hire in-town shooters. You know what else I got for my money? In-town police. In-town trouble. Who’s got to get in the ring with me on this?” — Victor Sweet

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In The Spotlight

Posted by and1grad on April 24, 2010

With the exception of the obligatory attention paid to holidays and civil rights issues and/or celebrations, minorities are largely ignored in the media. Especially with respect to social issues. Frankly, minorities have to work OT to get issues that only affect their non-white ethnicity to get any REAL publicity. This vast discrepancy encompasses all facets of society and is recognized by many but acknowledged by few. It is common knowledge.

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What Women Want — “Nice Guys”

Posted by and1grad on April 21, 2010

Recently, I’ve found myself engaged in the timeless argument of what women want in a man. Or at least…what they SAY they want. I find these to often be 2, sometimes COMPLETELY, different things.

“Nice Guys.”

Ahhh…the “nice guy.” Most women will claim the nice guy until their dying breath. “All I want is a nice guy” blah blah blah. Ladies and gentlemen, this…is…GAH…BIJE. Pure and simple. Fact of the matter is, NICE is fool’s gold. This, of course, is assuming you actually DO at some point plan to have sex with another person. If not, have at this “nice” shit. But if you do, DEFTLY avoid being described by the opposite sex as “nice.” Nice is the adjective you use to describe the bland or boring. Whenever someone can be described in a more meaningful way, they arent described as “nice.” This doesnt mean that they are not nice, it just means there’s a better, more interesting, way of describing them.

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So Long

Posted by and1grad on April 21, 2010

Not to be short

or really long
But maybe short enough
to pass along
But long enough
to be a short film
Or a song
So sing along
These random thoughts
So long but small
With handles 
So I carry on
This trip of life 
They say is short
But hold on for the week
I’m strong
Or stand up for the weak
I’m strong
Though weak enough to string along
But strong enough to cut it short
Sometimes the short is really long

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ART Club: Adriana Lima

Posted by and1grad on April 20, 2010



Have you… *Struggles to catch breath* Do you…do you know of THIS lady tho? GOODNESS!!

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Quotables: Best Comic Ever

Posted by and1grad on April 20, 2010

This is hilarious:

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ART Club: Nicole Scherzinger

Posted by and1grad on April 20, 2010


Nicole Scherzinger is the leader of the Pussycat Dolls…which started as a burlesque show. Going from that tours kinda reminds me of Sister Act but whatever. This girl…smokin. Plain and simple. Wikipedia says she’s on Dancing With The Stars. I never watch that so I have no idea.

All I know is…she’s a definite, and WELCOME, new addition to the ART Club.

Oh and you CANT hate this…whoooooo *wipes brow*

“You know thats genuine leather right there…”

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What Women Want — Strong Men

Posted by and1grad on April 20, 2010

Recently, I’ve found myself engaged in the timeless argument of what women want in a man. Or at least…what they SAY they want. I find these to often be two, sometimes COMPLETELY, different things.

“Strong Men.”

One discussion I got in was about women saying they prefer a strong man. The man that will put em in check when they’re being ridiculous. Um…sure. As someone who considers himself a decently qualified representative of the male gender, I can tell you that, to a man, we think women are being ridiculous A LOT of the time. If we attempted to check you every time, we would ALL be single. But lets attempt to break this down.

I think MOST people want someone who challenges them in some capacity, or at the very least isnt a complete pushover. But that said, a LOT of people are perfectly happy with their chosen mate being something of a pushover so that they can often get their way. I find this to be more common with women. Not to say that we men dont do it…just think its more common to women. The reality is that “strength” in a person is very hard to accurately gauge. I think a good number of people confuse “strength” with just being “stubborn”…which is not a strength. I also believe that allowing your SO to take the lead in certain situations can be considered a display of strength…while others might outwardly consider it weakness.

I think true strength is a fantastic trait to have. But, for the most part, it comes from experience. It comes from a certain level of self-assuredness that I think most of us struggle with. The hope is that the person you’re with makes you stronger & vice versa.

Being considered strong is a helluva compliment…unless you’re weak in a relationship. Then…its kind of a “so what?” right?

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Posted by and1grad on April 19, 2010

Twitter provides for so much entertaining discourse that I rarely would single anything out but, THIS girl, KILLS me constantly and is definitely a recommended follow. If you got the heart for it. 

Here’s a few bits & pieces of her roasting some cats on twitter that seriously cracked me up today:

“A lot of us women would love to be gold diggers…but most of you men don’t have anything to dig for 😦 “

“Most black men have incomes so moderate you’re forced to love them for them. 😦 “

“Men get so riled up when you complain about them being broke, but when they complain about flat chests and asses its okay. #interesting”

“I like stability, you like a big ass. To each his own is the way I see it.”

“To end this, I want men to stop being so jealous of the men w/ money. We know you want an exotic big booty girl too but that’s not reality.”

“That’s why King magazine was created…so yall can FANTASIZE about what you can’t have. Same way the NFL draft is for our fantasies…wait..”

“If Im gonna land a rich man I’d better get off twitter and go get my 2nd round of butt shots. Remember: Ass is everything! Tweet you later!”  — @WhyMeLawd

LMAO!! Dont mess with JDan…she is a KILLER!! RIP to whoever pissed her off this morning. (Not me…this time)

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