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Something I ranted on re: Immigration

Posted by and1grad on April 27, 2010

I had to rant on a blog, earlier today, about the Arizona Immigration Law. I RARELY rant, let alone on other people’s blogs, but this is one of those things that bothers me to my very core. A person commented that seemingly regular American citizen comment about how undocumented residents should just go ahead and become a citizen. That shit makes my brain explode. Here’s my comment in response:

“I think someone should experience trying to gain citizenship in this country before they be so cavalier with their rhetoric of “just become a citizen.” If it were such an easy task, it wouldnt be an issue. I had the misfortune of living in LA & struggling (WITH my parents) to get citizenship here. It took YEARS. And just getting a permanent resident status? Even that was among the more frustrating tasks I’ve been through. So much so, that its among my more memorable experiences as a child.

Fact is, police (allegedly) need “just cause” to bother you w/o the threat of both a fantastic lawsuit and the end of their career. This law absolves of them of that. Just cause is now LEGALLY the color of your skin. The interesting thing that people seem to enjoy glossing over with this subject is what the impact on this country would be if there werent undocumented residents. The essentially cheap labor a good number of them provide would disappear which would have far-reaching impacts on our economy.

They get paid less, live worse, have less access to public services we take for granted, and they pretty much just ask to…live in the US. But American citizens are getting the raw deal?”

Honestly, if you believe undocumented residents, or illegal immigrants (if you’re an insensitive asshole), are GETTING OVER in this country, you’re either SPECTACULARLY misinformed or just out of your goddamn mind. I REALLY wish some of you could go through the frustrating process of naturalization. I WISH you could see what I’ve seen. People waiting ALL DAY in lines STANDING just so they can have a CHANCE to become a permanent resident…which by the way, isnt as simple as just showing up. You have to prove you can/will work…and guess what? PEOPLE DONT WANT TO HIRE YOU IF YOU ARENT A CITIZEN. So you wind up working a menial job and doing your best to survive…and dont get sick or injured because if you do, you’re screwed.

Every once in a while someone will ask me, “What? You were born in Canada? How’d that happen?” It happened because my parents couldnt get a job here. So they had to take a bus from Los Angeles to Toronto, Canada and thats where I was born. You know what…I’m ranting again because this shit makes me heated. I’m done.

By the way, shout out to people who ATTEMPT to have perspective. And shout out to the people that realize that someone is worth more than the paperwork that their name is on.


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