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ART Club: Laura Prepon

Posted by and1grad on May 25, 2010


The other day I was bored & stumbled upon That 70s Show, which I used to watch RELIGIOUSLY. The show is hysterical. While watching, I was reminded that Ms. Pinciotti here was rockin a nice lil body that you only sometimes got a glance at, when it wasnt covered up in like flannel or baggy clothes.

Since That 70s Show finally ended, prematurely in my opinion, I havent seen Laura Prepon in very much. She was in October Road , which I thought was a good show, but it was pretty quickly canceled. I did also see her in an episode of In Plain Sight. Apparently, she’s getting odd jobs and such.

But I see you, Laura Prepon. A WELCOME addition to the ART Club!

Laura Prepon


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