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C’mon Lakers!!!

Posted by and1grad on June 15, 2010




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ART Club: Katie Price (Jordan)

Posted by and1grad on June 14, 2010

Katie Price is a name I actually accidentally stumbled across over a decade ago when I was searching for “Jordan” pics. Pleasant surprise huh? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Pretty Girl/Hobo Conundrum (My Radio replay)

Posted by and1grad on June 11, 2010

The Pretty Girl/Hobo Conundrum Throughout the years, I have CONSTANTLY heard, from women, about how women are approached by dopes for their phone numbers, dates, etc. I’m sure most men are bombarded with these stories as well. It usually entails some unsuspecting fine lady minding her own business and being approached by some dude under the guise of conversation. Both parties know the underlying cause of why this conversation has started or at least have a decent idea. The pre … Read More

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Attractiveness Scale (My Radio replay)

Posted by and1grad on June 11, 2010

Attractiveness Scale This is a scale I recently stumbled across. Looks pretty accurate. What do you folks think? … Read More

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ART Club: Laetitia Casta

Posted by and1grad on June 9, 2010

Laetitia Casta is another of those beautiful women that absolutely stops you in your tracks. Like mouth open, stop the car and jump out with the key still in the ignition-type gorgeous. Like seriously consider a deal with the devil-type gorgeous. Just…she might not actually be human. She is THAT fine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Derek Fisher

Posted by and1grad on June 9, 2010

Should the Lakers go on to win this series, assuming he doesnt do anything MORE damaging to the Celtics in any other games (which is NOT a good assumption, btw), game 3 of these 2010 NBA Finals should be designated as “The Derek Fisher Game.” Read the rest of this entry »

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What Men Want: Mrs. Independent

Posted by and1grad on June 9, 2010

Earlier, I found myself engaged in the timeless argument of what women want in a man. Or at least…what they SAID they wanted. I found those to often be 2, sometimes COMPLETELY, different things. But, this time, lets turn it around and look at the fellas. What do WE say we want, and really don’t?

“Mrs. Independent”

“I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that mean?…”  Yall remember that song.  Every woman with any semblance of a job was singing along and proclaiming themselves to be among those that would be considered an “independent” woman.  Let’s not focus on the fugazi tho. What about the ones that DO fit this bill? The ones that do “got her own house” and “got her own car” etc. In fact, her house is bigger/better than yours and you one day hope to aspire to drive the car she is now considering upgrading from. Yes, gentleman, what about the “independent woman” that is, in fact, doing better than you, career-wise/financially? Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappers & Black Women

Posted by and1grad on June 8, 2010

Seems another rap artist said something dumb & insensitive about black women & caused a shitstorm on Twitter Island. Somebody unimportant, named Slim Thug, made some comment about his (wife?) being mixed and that it is the reason she treats him well. Interesting. The only thing odder than the fact that anyone gave a damn about what this dope said is the fact that he said it at all. Even if you DID believe that, which btw makes you a FOOL, why say so? Just to tweak Black women? I’ll admit, tweaking Black women can be entertaining, since so many of you are so easily worked up, but when I do so, its mainly in jest.

Also, I’m not one to make that kind of joke since I don’t spend that much time uplifting Black women either. Doesn’t make sense to me to come down so hard on someone if you cant even counterbalance some of it with positive reinforcement. I don’t really understand why rappers have always felt SO compelled to demean Black women. There’s PLENTY of other women to demean, if that’s your thing. Why keep putting down your own? That’s weird and dysfunctional. Leave our Black women alone…since apparently they leave YOU alone.

And if you still feel the need to be so critical, do so without being spiteful or worse. Act like a grown-up.

ps Can you imagine if a Black female MC said something ubercritical about Black men? SMH

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