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Men are from Cali, Women are from NY

Posted by and1grad on July 13, 2010

Yes, I did decide to keep that title in the realm of the Continental US. I am not an Astronomer. With that, Lets get started.

First things first, the obvious. Men and Women are entirely different from each other in AT LEAST as many ways as they are similar. In fact, the better argument is that we’re more different than similar. From our genetic makeup, to our anatomy, to the way we think/behave/respond to “stimuli”…I mean…it almost amazes me that we even relate to each other at all. But we do. The funny thing is, we sure do seem to get it wrong a lot. Women spend so much time trying to figure men out…Men spend so little time because we think we got women figured out. I’m in the latter camp. Watch how I showcase that!

I believe that men and women would do a lot towards relieving their stress levels, when considering the opposite sex, if they worked under the umbrella of a simple idea:

Men are stupid, Women are crazy

Now, I know this idea is going to be met with a lot of resistance and a lot of people claiming to be the exception to this hard and fast rule. Allow me to disavow you of that thought. You are NOT the exception. I realize that news isnt the easiest to consume but trust me when I tell you that you will unburden yourself GREATLY if you work with this idea. Also, lets be clear, I say this as in relation to EACH OTHER…not in general. In the interest of not COMPLETELY turning off the female audience, let me start with the men. Ladies, you’ll agree with this.

I am a regular, average joe guy. I like sports. I like women. I like sex…a lot. And I like good food. Not in that order. But sometimes. As men, we can be QUITE basic. But that isnt what makes us stupid. We’re stupid in that we are unwilling, if not unable, to recognize the nuance of women. We dont UNDERSTAND why yall do some of what you do, even if its completely obvious. It seems like a lot of men dont even understand, or just dont plain acknowledge, how much HARDER life is for a woman. I mean, every once in a while I thank God for being a man and I’m not even religious. We do the DUMBEST things in an effort to impress women…including degrade women. Some of you may even think I’m degrading women NOW. Anyway, when it comes to women, we are pretty oblivious and normally prefer it that way.

Women, yall are a crazy breed. I love yall, I really do, but this is just FACT. Lets examine. Women will seek relationship advice from those in failing or failed relationships, and flagrantly ignore that of those in successful ones. Women will wear uncomfortable shoes to make themselves look taller…then demand that suitable males be several inches taller than them in said shoes. Women will perform painful rituals involving removing hair from sensitive areas, whether or not, those areas will be seen or visited upon otherwise. Many women will attempt to psychologically damage another due to minimal physical differences between them…FAR moreso than men will. These are just a few of the myriad examples that could be laid out as to why women are crazy.

All of this said, yes…there are differing levels of crazy and stupid…but that only belabors the point. And yes, I’m sure there’s many of you that feel like your chosen mate IS the exception. He/she ISNT.

Men…women…I implore you to EMBRACE this philosophy while considering the opposite sex. It’ll help you understand, as best you can, why some things are the way they are.


22 Responses to “Men are from Cali, Women are from NY”

  1. Bahama said

    *taps foot*

    Well. I agree with the first part of your theory. Just because you do not understand what we do that does not makes us crazy.


  2. I think that your assessment of men & women with respect to relationships with each other is pretty self-explanatory & suffice. Some of the most intelligent men on earth are pretty idiotic when it comes to their romantic relationships with women & the same can be said for certain mentally endowed women. I believe that there are exceptions to this rule, but these are people who rise up to become the most respected leaders of the free world (i.e. Mohandes Gandhi, Malcolm X, Haile Selassie, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc.). I think the other 99.99% of the world’s population consist of men who are stupid & women who are crazy. They fit like a hand in a glove.

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  4. I enjoyed your blog post; I have to say, you did make some valid points even though you did call us women crazy. That’s OK – I can admit that we can be a little crazy SOMETIMES. LOL. I’m laughing because I can relate. Anyway, I would love a male perspective on my blog discussions. Please share ( Thanks. Looking forward to more of your thoughts on the men vs. women.

  5. Bella said

    HILARIOUS! I loveeee it! After seening the convo you and others were having on twitter this even more funny. And I’d like to disagree with but your points were correct. People take advice from me ALL the time and I won’t say the last time I was in a relationship lmaooooo

  6. JR said

    I’m not sure it’s possible for me to agree with this post MORE than I already do. If I had a dollar for every time I said some shit to a female…reflected on it a day or two later…and then thought:

    “Well…that was some stupid shit to say…”

    What’s even better is that I couldn’t pinpoint the logic which lead me to say it. I’m pretty good with women and I STILL do this…so God help you fools that are bad with women. HA!

    And as for you ladies, you range from crazy to bat-shit-insane…so there’s that. I think it’s all God’s little joke…and ya know what…it’s kinda funny.

    Q: Who’s most ill-equipped to deal with a crazy person?

    A: A stupid one…

    See? That shit is funny…

  7. Reina said

    Mentally endowed? Ugh!

    Yes, we’re crazy. Some of us are even batshit insane on occasion. What you didn’t state is the majority of our insanity can be attributed to the stupid behavior of men.

    That’s all I have to say.

  8. Surprisingly, I agree with this. I’ve been saying that men are stupiT forever – some, more stupiT than others.
    Some women are crazy, but do accept that it is your stupiTness that makes us that way. All women have the potential to be crazy and I have a theory that the crazier the chick, the more likely she is to keep a man. I haven’t been wrong about that before.
    I’m currently working to embrace my crazy.

    • and1grad said

      I think it goes back to the earlier hand/glove comment. A certain level of crazy is tolerated by a certain level of stupid and vice versa. It just fits, doesnt it? #NoOJ

  9. F_Uitlist said

    Let’s be real with the few examples you gave (excluding seeking relationship advice) all those crazy things can be seen as to attract men.You know I’m right because I’m sure you don’t want your girlfriend walking around in birkinstocks looking like a woolly mammoth. Don’t lie And1 you know it’s true.

    ‘m a woman and I’m from NY, I think this post is all about me. RUDE LOL!

  10. I refuse to acknowledge this post on the basis that you are implying that NY is synonymous with insanity.

    Please be present in the schoolyard at 3PM tomorrow so that I may kick your ass.


  11. This is the simplest, yet most ingenius blog Ive ever read in – wait for it – MY ENTIRE LIFE! Ive actually tried with little tracking to get men and women alike to buy into the “Men are stupid, Women are crazy.” For example, I realized the other day that I have been telling my friend to leave this no good ass dude she messes with alone for I would say the better part of a year. That is STUPID of me. CLEARLY, she asks me for advice with no real expectation of taking heed to what Im saying. She’s going to do what she wants to do and IDK why I wasted all this time trying to convince her otherwise. Thank you and1 for helping guide me into the light.

    A thousand praises upon your name and may you suckle from the teet of life with great pleasure and bounty.

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