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The Case Against Michael Vick

Posted by and1grad on November 24, 2010

Michael Vick is currently playing VERY good football in the NFL. A resurgence for him that I believe to be well deserved…and possibly even karmic justice. This is because I believe he went to jail on a flimsy case, as presented by the Feds, and was brought to court to face a judge with an obvious agenda. I’ve always found the case against Mike Vick to be extremely interesting. A large part of that interest was the public’s overwhelming willingness to believe the charges brought up against him. Here’s the thought process, which people should find embarrassing: Michael Vick, while unable to lead a football team, is clearly able to run an interstate criminal enterprise. Sure. The fact that people can reconcile THAT as a possibility is nearly amazing.

It was incredibly frustrating, during the trial, to ATTEMPT to hear, find, or read anything about Vick in the way of actual FACTS and/or EVIDENCE. If you’ll remember, next to nothing was actually up for public review…but there was a VAST array of punditry. A TON of speculation. Everyone loves a good story…but truth is normally boring and direct. Because of that, truth is normally a small part of the foundation of a story.

If you search for facts/evidence on the Vick case, the closest, most relevant, thing you’ll find is a document called “Summary of the Facts.” In this document, you’ll see the case as laid out before the court by the prosecution. You’ll see what Vick plead guilty to in the plea deal. What you will NOT see, is a statement saying Vick killed any dogs. In fact, where they do mention abuse of dogs, they either make sure to mention his co-defendents (who were caught on the property) or the facts actually state that “Vick did not kill any dogs at this time.”

The issue is when you decide to look at the obvious facts. Fact is, Vick’s co-defendants plead guilty right away. They were caught practically red-handed. Vick was not. Fact is, Vick’s co-defendants were given a deal so that they would say that Vick was involved. Fact is, Vick did own Bad Newz Kennels and the property that had the dogs/dogfighting. Fact is, no evidence was found that he went to the property or participated in dogfighting. What the prosecution DID have were some guys that they were able to scare into rolling on Vick to shorten their sentence. Fact is, Vick, stupidly, failed a drug test during these proceedings. These are facts.

The rest of the storylines that we’re able to put together on this case are almost purely speculation. Fact of the matter is, Black men plead guilty to speculation an awful lot. And if they’re famous, well…good luck. Vick was convicted by the public as soon as the word “dog” was mentioned. He had no prayer of a “just” trial and had to plead guilty before even going through an actual trial because he was SURE to lose and be given a harsher sentence. Funny part is that he was given that harsh sentence anyway. In America, white people value their dogs more than they do human beings of another skin color so this sequence of events should come as a surprise to no one.

The questions of this case, quite frankly, are MUCH bigger than Michael Vick tho. The reality is that a fair trial, for him, was made an impossibility, by the media. The media isnt inclined to offer up facts…they’re inclined to offer up conjecture. Opinions and editorials move the meter. Like I said earlier, fact is boring. The problem is that the media expresses opinions as facts, and they dont really care who’s lives they’re affecting. Its gotten to the point that Americans dont know which way is up and make decisions based more on feelings than facts. Subjective info over objective reality. People dont even come up with their own opinions anymore. They listen for their favorite pundit to tell them how to think and abide by that standard. The most famous “talking heads” also happen to be the most reckless and absurd so what does that say about US. The media was formed to inform the public. They now practice more in confusing and, in some cases, outright misleading it. A sad state of affairs.

I believe the Vick case was an example of this. I believe the most recent OJ case was an example of this. I mean…1 of the charges against OJ was kidnapping for Christ’s sake. Absurd. Problem is, people are too dumb to know their being fed nonsense and led astray…or too apathetic/lazy to give a damn either way. The generation with the most access to information has become the generation least likely to pursue it. The irony of life.

All of that said, I wasnt a Mike Vick fan when he was in Atlanta. I thought he was a guy that didnt take full advantage of his talents and had the world handed to him w/o having done THAT much to earn it. I’m about paying your dues and accountability. When Vick went to jail, and was subsequently released, I believe he did those things. He could’ve easily came out of jail talking about how he was railroaded by the system, etc. Instead, he’s faced the criticism like a man, humbled himself, and is now flourishing in the league. I am absolutely a fan now..of him…not the Eagles (to be clear). I sincerely hope he reaps the success that he MIGHT, karmically, deserve.


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