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My Top 5 Greatest Basketball Shoes of All Time!!

Posted by and1grad on December 6, 2010

Whenever I see, or take part in, basketball discussions, I cant help but think of shoes. Particularly, the ones that I hold in high esteem..especially when I see some of what people wear now and how they’re either similar or different. As most people who hoop know, basketball shoes are not only like an investment, they’re damn near a relationship. You take care of them, they’ll take care of you. You can expect certain things from certain shoes…and sometimes “the grass is greener…” For some folks, what you wear on your feet can be indicative of what you might be on the court. Better make sure the statement you’re making, is the one you’re attempting to make…or all might be lost as soon as you step into the gym and/or pull your shoes out of your bag.

So, for your viewing pleasure, these are, IMO, the best basketball shoes EVER:

#5) Adidas Pro Model 2G

Great shoes. Comfortable and really light. Damn near everybody had a pair of these at some point

#4) Reebok Question Lows

These shoes had that gummy bottom that were SERIOUS for traction. Stop on a dime, every time. And had one of the softest soles I’ve had in any shoe. Might wanna have an ankle brace with em tho since they’re lows.

#3) Nike Zoom Lebron 2

I had these gray joints. I wore these shoes to DEATH. I cant fully explain why they’re so good. They were stupid comfortable and the tread lasted forever. I’d probably pick a pair of these up today if I knew where to get em.

#2) Nike Huarache

The Huarache should always be mentioned among greatest basketball shoes. It might not be common knowledge but the Huarache gave birth to a LOT of different shoes that came up under em. Same design, different name & color scheme. You might even own a pair.

#1) Nike Flightposite (all black) AKA The Air Batman

No shoe is fading this shoe. None. Everything you want in a shoe, this has it. Comfortable, but not loose. Durability. Good traction. AND it looks dope. The shoe that all other shoes aspire to be.

What shoes did I leave out? Any personal faves?


3 Responses to “My Top 5 Greatest Basketball Shoes of All Time!!”

  1. Stank_0 said

    I have to go Jordan 13s. Comfortable as all get out and the patent leather was that little extra.

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  3. Where is the Chuck Taylor? No? Damn…

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