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Path of the Black Quarterback

Posted by and1grad on August 29, 2011

I recently read Toure’s article asking “What if Michael Vick were white?” You can find it on ESPN. As you can imagine, the article set off a maelstrom on twitter, particularly among the people who dislike Toure & love to disagree with him on principle. Its hard to get an objective opinion on anything, even harder on twitter, so I stayed away from looking at it until now.
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The Case Against Michael Vick

Posted by and1grad on November 24, 2010

Michael Vick is currently playing VERY good football in the NFL. A resurgence for him that I believe to be well deserved…and possibly even karmic justice. This is because I believe he went to jail on a flimsy case, as presented by the Feds, and was brought to court to face a judge with an obvious agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Influence of Culture (part 3)

Posted by and1grad on October 18, 2010

In the last 2 blogs, I’ve talked about the establishment of societal norms, how I believe they came to be societal norms, and the apparent impact of the evolution of gender roles. I mentioned how this impact seems to be especially illustrated in the Black family/community. In the Black community, we’re seeing more single-parent households than the norm and we’re also seeing more of our successful Black women remain single for longer than they probably should. I believe the evolution of gender roles plays a part in this due to the fact that they are no longer clearly defined. A man isn’t clearly going to be the breadwinner anymore and its up to both genders to learn how to deal with this possibility. Its not as simple as saying, “Yeah, it wouldn’t bother me if that were the case” because most likely, it will…to varying degrees of course.

I left off with the simplest of questions, “what’s the answer?” Plenty of answers have already been visited upon by numerous “relationship experts.” Think like a Man. Act like sheep. Blame White women. Date inter-racially. The list goes on and on. I cant offer you a simple answer. If I knew it, I damn sure wouldn’t be offering it up for free on a blog. I’d take my talents to South Beach. Here’s one thing I AM comfortable telling you though. Stop listening to “experts.” No one is an expert on you but…you. Imagine that.

But if you’re REALLY hurting for a piece of advice, here’s what I tell people. Somewhere in your life, in the present or past, you’ve stumbled across a couple that looks like they have what you aspire to have. Might be a close friend, an acquaintance…might even be your parents. I call them “relationship role models.” Ask them why their relationship works. Emulate some of what they do. If that sounds crazy to you, ask yourself what it is you did to become who you are. More than likely, you had a role model that you used as something of a blueprint to success…or at least as a way to avoid failure. Why wouldn’t relationships work the same way?

But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion. I am not an “expert”…*Big Pun voice* but I know a lot.

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Quotables — Whitlock on race

Posted by and1grad on July 12, 2010

An EXCELLENT and entirely TOO real quote on how we discuss race, from Whitlock’s article on Jesse Jackson’s comments re: Gilbert/Lebron
“Jackson and other African-Americans need to follow LeBron’s lead. We look foolish. We look hypocritical. We come across like people who have little genuine interest in seeing racial prejudice disappear and more like people who just want it to swing in our favor.” — Jason Whitlock

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Oscar Grant trial: A realist’s perspective

Posted by and1grad on July 9, 2010

Involuntary Manslaughter was the correct verdict. There will be a lot of reactionary commentary that will try to feed you other stuff such as racial injustice, etc. Dont be fooled. It was the only verdict that could have actually gotten a conviction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappers & Black Women

Posted by and1grad on June 8, 2010

Seems another rap artist said something dumb & insensitive about black women & caused a shitstorm on Twitter Island. Somebody unimportant, named Slim Thug, made some comment about his (wife?) being mixed and that it is the reason she treats him well. Interesting. The only thing odder than the fact that anyone gave a damn about what this dope said is the fact that he said it at all. Even if you DID believe that, which btw makes you a FOOL, why say so? Just to tweak Black women? I’ll admit, tweaking Black women can be entertaining, since so many of you are so easily worked up, but when I do so, its mainly in jest.

Also, I’m not one to make that kind of joke since I don’t spend that much time uplifting Black women either. Doesn’t make sense to me to come down so hard on someone if you cant even counterbalance some of it with positive reinforcement. I don’t really understand why rappers have always felt SO compelled to demean Black women. There’s PLENTY of other women to demean, if that’s your thing. Why keep putting down your own? That’s weird and dysfunctional. Leave our Black women alone…since apparently they leave YOU alone.

And if you still feel the need to be so critical, do so without being spiteful or worse. Act like a grown-up.

ps Can you imagine if a Black female MC said something ubercritical about Black men? SMH

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In The Spotlight

Posted by and1grad on April 24, 2010

With the exception of the obligatory attention paid to holidays and civil rights issues and/or celebrations, minorities are largely ignored in the media. Especially with respect to social issues. Frankly, minorities have to work OT to get issues that only affect their non-white ethnicity to get any REAL publicity. This vast discrepancy encompasses all facets of society and is recognized by many but acknowledged by few. It is common knowledge.

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Posted by and1grad on December 15, 2009

I FINALLY felt like blogging again after a brief hiatus. And, of course, the Tiger Woods debacle is seemingly forever unfolding in crumbs and pieces and everybody and they mama has weighed in. Let me weigh in real quick on that (as it isnt my focus)…yeah he cheated. Big deal. Get over it. In the scheme of things, its nothing that is being made into something, mainly by women, because Tiger is a famous athlete. Soon as he starts winning tourneys, this’ll be nothing.

But the main focus of my blog is Tiger’s choosing to distinguish himself as “cablinasian.” First, good for you Tiger. Yeah I said it. I’m GLAD he decided on his own distinction. He essentially called himself mixed and black people are STILL butthurt about it. I was told that he was “weak” for not calling himself black. Please. He could’ve easily said he was black and caught NO grief at all. THAT would’ve been weak. I honestly cant think of a reason why he SHOULD’VE claimed “black.” The black community doesnt claim Tiger. Why they mad?

Tiger, let me say this…fuck em. No…I dont mean your myriad ladies of leisure but people who’s feelings are still hurt about “cablinasian.” Fact of the matter is, you were a mixed kid that grew up playing golf. I DARE someone to try to tell me this guy was welcomed by the black community on the way up. Dude spent his LIFE surrounded by white folks and people are surprised all of his ladies are/were white? Surprised that he wouldnt associate himself with, or placate to, a community that doesnt/didnt give a damn about him either way? Really? You’d have to be stupid for that to surprise you. Tiger chose to distinguish himself in a manner that he knew would cause him grief publicly and he stood up to it. That isnt weakness.

Lastly, let me hit on one quick thing thats been annoying me. All these dopes trying to talk about how sloppy Tiger is and all that. Um…until he got into an accident, and this shit came tumbling out, you didnt know a goddamn thing. Shut up. Sloppy means you cant hide anything. Dude hid this shit for YEARS and the public found out due to DUMB LUCK. If he doesnt get behind the wheel, you STILL wouldnt know a damn thing. SMH…some of you are ridiculous. That is all.

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Chappelle’s No Show

Posted by and1grad on October 6, 2009

In the last few weeks, I’ve heard some commentary about whats on TV nowadays, especially concerning African American representation. The Jaded NYer actually spoke about this a week ago during her webcast (Monday nights, 10pm EST). One of the genres where African Americans have always had the most, or maybe best, representation has been sitcoms. My own experience digs back into the late 70s/early 80s with Good Times, Sanford & Son, and Whats Happening moving into shows like Diff’rent Strokes (kinda), The Cosby Show, A Different World, etc. Then transitioning through the 90s with shows like In Living Color, Martin, Living Single, etc. In my opinion, this transition seems to pretty much end with My Wife and Kids and the Bernie Mac Show. I dont know many people who find those Tyler Perry shows all that funny, plus it isnt network anyway, so I’ll leave them out of the discussion altogether. During the run of this last piece of this timeline, Chappelle’s Show was gaining steam and could legitimately be considered the funniest show on TV. A TON of us can randomly cite phrases from this show. You’re probably doing so right now.

Only a small part of this post is to lament the lack of African American presence on TV. What I’m touching on right now is the simple fact that the lead parts of these sitcoms were mainly presented by a Black comedian. The only thing that made up for the lack of that is great writing. Lets face it, we arent seeing great writing for a Black show anymore. That means, we need a comedian to step up and carry the baton of African American comedy. That person was David Chappelle. I’ve never fully understood why he ran away from the stage when he was at his peak. Was he afraid of the moment? The responsibility of bringing comedy? Isnt that what he DOES for a living?

I kind of compare it to when Michael Jordan left to play baseball. Can you imagine if MJ never came back? What if the burden that comes with the responsibility of being exceptional had kept him away from the game? Look at all we would’ve missed. He came back and has passed the baton to those like Kobe, Lebron, and Wade. The baton of comedy needs to be passed and I feel like the lack of the greatness that Chappelle was displaying has left a void that is yet to be fulfilled. We unexpectedly lost Bernie Mac, who was carrying it. Now what do we have? I’d love to root for Michael Strahan’s show but come on.

I fully believe that Chappelle’s Show, including his cast & writers could STILL come back and be one of the funniest things on TV. Comedians dont stop being funny and having ideas. And people would fall all over themselves to watch it even if it was only meeehhh. Saturday Night Live is a good example of that. Not that I hold out hope for that show to come back but I cant help but wonder who will pick up the baton that he’s left behind.

Is there a show on the horizon that might be able to fill the void? Wanda Sykes? Should I pay more attention to these Tyler Perry shows?

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Heartfelt Message from Shanice

Posted by and1grad on June 26, 2009

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