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Lebron: The New Kanye

Posted by and1grad on November 30, 2010

On September 13, 2009, during the MTV VMAs, Kanye West jumped on stage, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. He proceeded to tell the crowd, and essentially the world, that Beyonce should have won. He ended this drunken ramble (brown liquor STAYS causing bad decisions) with the now famous Kanye Shrug, grabbed his lady, and drunkenly left the event. This comedy of errors, while hilarious, brought Kanye a tsunami of negative media attention…dwarfing that of entertainers that were being accused of actual crimes or other more harmful acts. I mean…you woulda thought the guy was OJ Simpson. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Case Against Michael Vick

Posted by and1grad on November 24, 2010

Michael Vick is currently playing VERY good football in the NFL. A resurgence for him that I believe to be well deserved…and possibly even karmic justice. This is because I believe he went to jail on a flimsy case, as presented by the Feds, and was brought to court to face a judge with an obvious agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by and1grad on July 15, 2010

I was listening to some Reflection Eternal this morning, which if you dont have RPMs yet, you sleepin, and this particular song called “In The Red.” Kweli spends most of the song talking about the sometimes inevitable fall from grace that our “stars” suffer. These lyrics really struck me:

“Shame how our heroes is broke, we call em stars;
Thats because when they falling to earth, they falling hard…” — Talib Kweli Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by and1grad on December 15, 2009

I FINALLY felt like blogging again after a brief hiatus. And, of course, the Tiger Woods debacle is seemingly forever unfolding in crumbs and pieces and everybody and they mama has weighed in. Let me weigh in real quick on that (as it isnt my focus)…yeah he cheated. Big deal. Get over it. In the scheme of things, its nothing that is being made into something, mainly by women, because Tiger is a famous athlete. Soon as he starts winning tourneys, this’ll be nothing.

But the main focus of my blog is Tiger’s choosing to distinguish himself as “cablinasian.” First, good for you Tiger. Yeah I said it. I’m GLAD he decided on his own distinction. He essentially called himself mixed and black people are STILL butthurt about it. I was told that he was “weak” for not calling himself black. Please. He could’ve easily said he was black and caught NO grief at all. THAT would’ve been weak. I honestly cant think of a reason why he SHOULD’VE claimed “black.” The black community doesnt claim Tiger. Why they mad?

Tiger, let me say this…fuck em. No…I dont mean your myriad ladies of leisure but people who’s feelings are still hurt about “cablinasian.” Fact of the matter is, you were a mixed kid that grew up playing golf. I DARE someone to try to tell me this guy was welcomed by the black community on the way up. Dude spent his LIFE surrounded by white folks and people are surprised all of his ladies are/were white? Surprised that he wouldnt associate himself with, or placate to, a community that doesnt/didnt give a damn about him either way? Really? You’d have to be stupid for that to surprise you. Tiger chose to distinguish himself in a manner that he knew would cause him grief publicly and he stood up to it. That isnt weakness.

Lastly, let me hit on one quick thing thats been annoying me. All these dopes trying to talk about how sloppy Tiger is and all that. Um…until he got into an accident, and this shit came tumbling out, you didnt know a goddamn thing. Shut up. Sloppy means you cant hide anything. Dude hid this shit for YEARS and the public found out due to DUMB LUCK. If he doesnt get behind the wheel, you STILL wouldnt know a damn thing. SMH…some of you are ridiculous. That is all.

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When The Music Stops

Posted by and1grad on November 7, 2009

People would rather sit around taking sides than discuss the realities of actual and potential domestic violence.

Last night, on 20/20, many people watched Rihanna discuss the altercation between her and Chris Brown.  If you are SOMEHOW unfamiliar with the story, Chris Brown damn near beat Rihanna’s face in for reasons that I’m still unsure of.  I honestly dont think that matters.  Fact is, a man SHOULD NEVER hit a woman.  I was on twitter, as I normally am (@and1grad), and I saw a LOT of dialogue, mainly from women, during the episode.  The topic of domestic violence always elicits an emotional response BUT what I saw was so OD, I almost felt forced to make the above quoted comment.  To most of the women I am following, if you had ANYTHING negative, or somehow critical, to say about Rihanna, you were essentially in favor of domestic violence.  Or you thought it was ok that he hit her for whatever reason.  Some women seemed to be acting like Rihanna was practically a superhero for what she said last night and were recklessly KILLING Chris Brown for having talked about it earlier.  I even heard some insane nonsense about how she must be telling the truth because she sounded so much more composed or whatever.  I’m sorry but you have to be brand new to the world to believe that.  Not that I think Rihanna was lying (she might’ve been about some stuff), but if you think the truth always sounds better than a smooth ass lie, you’re probably either lying to yourself or extremely gullible.

If Rihanna continues to be an advocate for domestic violence when she isn’t promoting an album, then I will have respect for her. — @eb-the-celeb

I purposely did not watch the Rihanna interview and only saw clips of Chris Brown’s interview with Larry King, where everyone OD’d on his bowtie.  Ok, Rihanna finally spoke up.  Good for her.  But if you’re expecting me to fall all over myself acting like she’s some kinda advocate for women’s rights…#fail.  The fact that she’s doing all of this now that she has an album coming out is so egregiously self-serving that it kills her credibility.  Some of yall can eat that shit up if you want but she could’ve said ANYTHING MONTHS ago.  The fact that she went right back to him after he beat her also killed some sympathy in me.  I also hear that this wasnt the first incident of them beating on each other.  Just the worst.  And then I’m supposed to believe all this awareness junk NOW?  Now that she’s got an album to push?  Sorry but that would make me a fool and if YOU are choosing to be one, have at it.  I’ll pass.

But this brings me to the crux of this post.  This has all become just useless fingerpointing as opposed to discussing the realities of domestic violence.  Fingerpointing is a lot more fun but lets be real here.  Domestic violence is a terrible phenomenon that goes on WAY more than reported and is, in fact, a two-sided affair.  Although, its only taken seriously when a man is the culprit.  Like I said earlier, a man should never hit a woman.  I emphasized should and never earlier for a reason.  That is IDEAL.  The REALITY is it COULD happen to the best of us.  I dont believe there’s very many men that intend on hitting a woman but I DO know that there are a LOT more people who react without thinking than the converse. 

So in the interest of having a PRODUCTIVE conversation, lets toss out the outliers of a man that commonly hits a woman and a woman that commonly beats on a man.  Lets assume we have two normal, average people who get into a verbal argument that is escalating out of control.  Most of us know to what level we’re ready to push an altercation before we back up, leave, digest the situation, reflect, and then reapproach.  The reality is that isnt always going to happen.  Lets say in this scenario, that the argument got physical.  Literally, unless the woman attacks a guy with a weapon, the man is AUTOMATICALLY at fault in this situation.  Double standards aside, men know this as an understood aspect of society.  HOWEVER, some women seem to take this as either a way to excuse a woman’s accountability in an abusive relationship, OR as a way to blame the women entirely for everything.  Why is it so difficult to stay in between? 

Sometimes women hit men. I have no idea whether or not it is as common as a man hitting a woman and I’m not about to theorize on that.  However, it is NOT taken anywhere NEAR as seriously.  In fact, if people see a woman hitting a man, they assume he’s deserved it.  Also, its pretty widely accepted, by men, in society that if you let your woman beat on you or report her to the police over it, you are a punk.  The balance of the way domestic violence is viewed is tremendously skewed.  But it should be.  Men have a far greater capacity of inflicting damage on a woman than the reverse.  The responsibility behind that fact branches out to both parties though.  It seems like some women believe that if they hit you, you should just leave or restrain them.  I dont advocate for that in a real life situation because that isnt always going to happen.  I would hope that most men would do that but some MIGHT be inclined to clear out a woman’s dental situation if she is swinging on him.  THAT can happen to the best-intentioned of us.

Let me use myself as an example.  I have never had the desire, as an adult, to get into a fight with another person, male or female, over an argument.  That whole phenomena is almost foreign to me.  I look at it, mainly, in 2 ways.  First, I’m a grown up.  Fisticuffs seems childish to me.  Second, I dont think you should hit someone and not be completely expectant of them hitting you back.  That said, you aint gonna just beat on me.  Not without SEVERE repercussions.  That doesnt make me a monster.  It makes me a human being. 

This is becoming entirely too long so let me address one last thing.  There are some women who are of the “I wish a nig would” mentality.  Let me disavow you of that absurd mentality.  No you dont wish that.  More than likely, any man you deal with is going to be at least twice as strong as you.  Do not attempt to fight him.  If a man has/is hitting you, get the hell out of there.  Fellas, if you need to hit something, find an inanimate object or take up boxing or something.  Nobody wins in a physical altercation.  Take whatever steps necessary to avoid it at all costs.

Is there anything I missed on this topic? Did you watch the Chris Brown and/or Rihanna interviews? What do YOU think?

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Show Me Whatcha Workin Wit!

Posted by and1grad on July 16, 2009

Damn, ‘Nessa. I MEAN!!

But on a serious note, do you want your lady dressing like this out in public? I like to consider myself a confident man…secure in all I am and whatnot. But this is the kinda attention I really dont want or need. Are most guys into having their ladies THIS MUCH on display when they’re out? Maybe b/c I’m not a attention-hound to any degree but this gets the thumbs down from me in public. Now…in private…HELLOOOO NURSE!!

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Heartfelt Message from Shanice

Posted by and1grad on June 26, 2009

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For you, Michael Jackson. R.I.P.

Posted by and1grad on June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson just passed. A prayer and tribute for one of the greatest.

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More Chrihanna news

Posted by and1grad on March 5, 2009

Search Warrant & Affidavit

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RE: Tyrese wife takes him to Cleaners… article

Posted by and1grad on February 26, 2009

On Necole Bitchie’s site is the article, Tyrese wife takes him to cleaners… This is the type of news that gives me heartburn. If you look at the article, you’ll see that this “lady” is requesting that she be given $12k a month to meet the expense of having his kid. My first response is, “she’s got to be out her got damn mind.” Followed by, “and Rihanna is the one that got beat up?” But this just goes to show you just how ABSURD our legal system is when it comes to these situations. The simple fact that you could submit a legal document to the justice department claiming that you need these type of funds as child support is OUTRAGEOUS. Her and her lawyers should be FINED for wasting gov’t time and resources. The fact that there are other examples of some exorbitant amount of money being paid to these “women” for alimony/child support is just as criminal.

I’m just gonna stop b/c these situations are such a clusterfuck of nonsensical bullshit that I really dont have the words to do it justice and just thinking about it turns my brain to pudding.


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