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Quotables — Whitlock on race

Posted by and1grad on July 12, 2010

An EXCELLENT and entirely TOO real quote on how we discuss race, from Whitlock’s article on Jesse Jackson’s comments re: Gilbert/Lebron
“Jackson and other African-Americans need to follow LeBron’s lead. We look foolish. We look hypocritical. We come across like people who have little genuine interest in seeing racial prejudice disappear and more like people who just want it to swing in our favor.” — Jason Whitlock


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Something I ranted on re: Immigration

Posted by and1grad on April 27, 2010

I had to rant on a blog, earlier today, about the Arizona Immigration Law. I RARELY rant, let alone on other people’s blogs, but this is one of those things that bothers me to my very core. A person commented that seemingly regular American citizen comment about how undocumented residents should just go ahead and become a citizen. That shit makes my brain explode. Here’s my comment in response:

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A LITTLE discrimination

Posted by and1grad on October 21, 2009

I guess I’m going to keep on in the vein of discrimination, real or imagined. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to who is being discriminated against. Black men vs. Black women; Morehouse vs transgenders…but no one has the GUTS to address THIS!!! Well, ladies and gentlemen, I. DO.

Women, PARTICULARLY minorities, BLATANTLY discriminate against short men. Its outrageous! A short man, almost universally, can NOT catch a break with women. The craziest part is that these women are normally not tall themselves. How are you 5’3 and need your man to be 6’2? That makes zero sense. What, do you want to be headbutting his belly button every time you go for a hug? The WORST are the women who have to take their (FRAUDULENT) height addition of their heels into consideration. “He needs to be 3 inches taller than I am when I decide to wear these tall ass heels that I will invariably complain about to him later b/c they make my feet hurt.” Why do you want your men to be so overwhelmingly bigger than you? Why dont more people think thats odd and/or ridiculous? Tall men, why do you want to dwarf your women? I feel like a babysitter when I’m hanging around women who are shorter than 5’3 and I’m not absurdly tall.

I’ll tell you one thing. Should I have boys, I’m gonna have them playing basketball, not just because I love the sport but because I know that if they arent tall, they will STRUGGLE to get a woman’s attention. To women, if you arent AT LEAST 5’10”, you’re short. These same women can barely SNIFF 5’6″. Really? The guy thats actually TALLER than YOU is too short? What about the amazons? [I consider a woman an amazon once she hits 5’9″ and up.] They have to find men too. And the pixies are taking them all!! LMAO! (Sorry, it always cracks me up when I hear tall women complain about that #kanyeshrug)

Back to short men. Short guys are discriminated against all through LIFE itself. They’re rarely ever picked first in sports, unless they’re crazy fast. You’re actually EXPECTED to be fast if you’re short. That itself is unfair. Especially since they have such little legs…I kid. They have to look around tall people who might be standing or sitting in front. Thats no fun. What about all the short jokes dopes like me might tell? Short minorities might have the best argument of discrimination there is. All these other guys are depicted as athletes and soldiers and such.

Short guys are depicted as this guy:

I’m just saying. Its a tough world, if you’re short. Cant women, who are LARGELY of that height or shorter, give these guys a break!?!? Damn!!

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Gender Wage Gap? Please.

Posted by and1grad on October 21, 2009

Every once in a while, I hear an argument spread, and co-signed, that irritates my very last nerve. This CRAP about women still earning 70 cents to the male dollar. I’m SO sick and tired of this FRAUDULENT stat and the people who mindlessly co-sign it without putting ANY kind of thought into the validity of the stat. So many men seem too afraid, or too dumb, to refute it for fear that they might be called a chauvinist. Thats lame. Dont just agree with something simply b/c someone tells it to you or simply b/c its the party line. We’re better than that. Lets put a little common sense to this stat.

“A study of the gender wage gap conducted by economist June O’ Neill, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, found that women earn 98 percent of what men do when controlled for experience, education, and number of years on the job.”  — Gender Wage Gap Is Feminist Fiction

Simply put, women are more likely to take lower paying jobs than men. An example is that men are more likely to take higher risk jobs (i.e. fire fighter) and women are more likely to take lower risk (i.e. secretarial). These factors have such an effect on this 70 cent stat that its disingenuous to not mention it in lieu of presenting the stat itself. There’s maternity leave, there’s the fact that women are more likely to be stay-at-home parents, and many seem to be of the opinion that women are less likely to ask for/demand a raise. Knowing this, how can people WILLINGLY continue to cosign this junk stat? Personally, I’d be willing to bet that, if it were possible to normalize these factors into the equation, women would be doing QUITE WELL in this comparison.

“The “wage gap” is not so much about employers discriminating against women as about women making discriminating choices in the labor market.” — The Wage Gap Myth


What do YOU believe?

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RE: Tyrese wife takes him to Cleaners… article

Posted by and1grad on February 26, 2009

On Necole Bitchie’s site is the article, Tyrese wife takes him to cleaners… This is the type of news that gives me heartburn. If you look at the article, you’ll see that this “lady” is requesting that she be given $12k a month to meet the expense of having his kid. My first response is, “she’s got to be out her got damn mind.” Followed by, “and Rihanna is the one that got beat up?” But this just goes to show you just how ABSURD our legal system is when it comes to these situations. The simple fact that you could submit a legal document to the justice department claiming that you need these type of funds as child support is OUTRAGEOUS. Her and her lawyers should be FINED for wasting gov’t time and resources. The fact that there are other examples of some exorbitant amount of money being paid to these “women” for alimony/child support is just as criminal.

I’m just gonna stop b/c these situations are such a clusterfuck of nonsensical bullshit that I really dont have the words to do it justice and just thinking about it turns my brain to pudding.


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Oakland shooting

Posted by and1grad on January 12, 2009

As most, if not all, of you know by now, there’s been civil unrest in Oakland over the police shooting of a young man at a BART station. Personally, I try not to venture an opinion on these kinds of things unless I’m able to get a lay of the land or a clear picture of what is going on beforehand. After finally being able to see the video of the incident, I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed but I understand the outrage. Personally, from the view I saw and the officers’ reaction to the shot, it looks like the gun went off on accident. I dont know how many people are familiar with and/or have shot a gun and I’m FAR from an expert but I’ve accidentally shot a gun before I was ready so I know how easy it is. Plus we’ve all heard stories about kids accidentally shooting themselves or friends or whatever. Granted, this is a person that is supposedly familiar with his firearm as well as trained but I dont consider that as making an accident impossible.

In my opinion, where the issue was is…why did he pull his gun out in the first place? THAT is where the problem is, to me. That was unnecessary. I’m not even willing to cater to the easy “oh it was b/c he’s black” argument that we ALWAYS fall back on when its convenient. And honestly, I’m kind of disappointed that it seems to be what we do regardless of knowing what happened or not. In the articles I’m reading, I see the sentiment, “Nothing has changed.” Maybe that’s right…just the finger is pointing in the wrong direction.

Here is a link to a blog with video of the incident.

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OJ: Sentencing

Posted by and1grad on December 5, 2008

So they gave OJ 15 years, 5 or 6 before eligible for parole, if I’m not mistaken. Am I surprised? Not really. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. The fact that this mockery of justice has gone on without any real dissent from ANYONE is more disappointing than anything else. We hear so much talk from people about institutional racism and nowhere is it more apparent than in our justice system. It remains virtually unchallenged. It remains fundamentally unopposed. It remains as a bane on our society and it stands as a barrier to TRUE progress towards racial relations in this nation. But no one cares. Its OJ. He DESERVES it, right? Its ok when its someone you dont give a damn about…even when this country throws it in your face and flaunts it in front of you. We just sit and watch it happen, like fools.

I wonder who has to go to jail before anyone gives a damn.

EDIT: I’m now hearing its looking more like 8 to 10 years.

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The New Lynching

Posted by and1grad on October 11, 2008

What is the black star?
Is it the cat with the black shades, the black car

Is it shinin from very far, to where you are?
It is commonplace and different
Intimate and distant
Fresher than an infant

It seems like we’re watching a lot of our black stars get given SIGNIFICANT amounts of time for whatever the crime they commit is and nobody gives a damn. OJ being the most recent example of a big star, but take a minute and look at the time the other stars are getting for their crimes. Ones that just pop into my head…

Black, my family thick, like they’re striped molasses

Tim Montgomery
Sold dope to an informant. 5 years…that will be added onto another 4 from a different crime. Wouldnt most get those sentences to run concurrently? Guess his lawyer sucks.

Star, on the rise, in the eyes of the masses…

Marion Jones
6 months + 2 years probation. This is my example of someone who actually had a quality lawyer. But they sure didnt waste time throwing her ass in jail, did they? Where the fuck is Roger Clemens?

Black is the color of my true love’s hair

Michael Vick
23 months for dogfighting…almost twice the recommended sentencing. Proving a point, right America? Dogfighting…how this was deemed fair punishment is beyond me. Its amazing how nonsensical people get when it comes to dogs.

Star’s are bright, shining, hot balls of air

OJ Simpson
Convicted of all 12 charges, including kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, in the hotel room confrontation more than a year ago. He faces five years to life in prison on each of the two kidnapping convictions, and a mandatory sentence of at least two years or up to 30 years on each of the two armed robbery convictions. Amazing.

Black like my baby girl’s stare
Black like the veil that the muslimina wear
Black like the planet that they fear, why they scared?
Black like the slave ship that later brought us here…

I’m sure there’s other athletes and various types of stars that I’m leaving out but I really have to wonder, who do they need to throw in jail, and for what amount of time, before people actually wake up and notice whats going on? Or have we become SO accustomed to our black folks being treated unfairly in the justice system that we’ve started not only accepting it, but even endorsing it?

Black like the cheeks that are roadways for tears

That leave black faces well-traveled with years

Black like assassin crosshairs

Blacker than my granddaddy armchair
He never really got no time to chill there
Cause this life is warfare, warfare…
[Astronomy — Black Star]

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Something you need to see re: Sarah Palin

Posted by and1grad on September 18, 2008

Its a little on the long side but worth checking out.

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The Olympics

Posted by and1grad on August 21, 2008

China flag

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to cover in the last few days. The Beijing Olympics. The spectacle of all spectacles. Well, I’m here to tell you that this whole thing is a sham. The Olympic spirit has been lost, or maybe just converted, to a essentially meaningless series of events and challenges that people will forget as soon as they end…with the exception of Phelps’ achievements.

I try to think back on what the Olympics was/is supposed to mean. A celebration of good will among nations and games in the spirit of competition. Can anyone say that is what is going on here? Personally, I cant watch the Olympics without thinking about the atrocities that China inflicts or contributes to around the world. Maybe I’m out of line for saying so but this is a country that seems to have NO regard for people, their own or others. They participate in so many crimes against humanity that you would almost think they actively pursue it. And what does the IOC do? Reward them? How sad is that?
Great Wall of China
What kind of issues is this Olympics ignoring in order to have the games in China? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesnt China play a role in the atrocities going on Darfur? Burma? Minority issues (Tibet, etc)? Where are all those conservatives who trumpet religious freedoms? Doesnt China have a TERRIBLE pollution problem? Forced evictions (This even happened again RIGHT BEFORE the games!)? And thats just the stuff that pops into my head. Anyway, I just think they ruined a chance to make a statement about human rights and its a shame. I guess the Great Wall is still doing its job.

Concerning the games themselves, am I the only one who finds it a little suspicious that all of a sudden China is handing everyone their ass in these events? Not that they havent done well before but the amount of difference MUST invoke suspicion of some sort. Home cooking, maybe?
Panda Express

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