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Something I ranted on re: Immigration

Posted by and1grad on April 27, 2010

I had to rant on a blog, earlier today, about the Arizona Immigration Law. I RARELY rant, let alone on other people’s blogs, but this is one of those things that bothers me to my very core. A person commented that seemingly regular American citizen comment about how undocumented residents should just go ahead and become a citizen. That shit makes my brain explode. Here’s my comment in response:

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Gender Wage Gap? Please.

Posted by and1grad on October 21, 2009

Every once in a while, I hear an argument spread, and co-signed, that irritates my very last nerve. This CRAP about women still earning 70 cents to the male dollar. I’m SO sick and tired of this FRAUDULENT stat and the people who mindlessly co-sign it without putting ANY kind of thought into the validity of the stat. So many men seem too afraid, or too dumb, to refute it for fear that they might be called a chauvinist. Thats lame. Dont just agree with something simply b/c someone tells it to you or simply b/c its the party line. We’re better than that. Lets put a little common sense to this stat.

“A study of the gender wage gap conducted by economist June O’ Neill, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, found that women earn 98 percent of what men do when controlled for experience, education, and number of years on the job.”  — Gender Wage Gap Is Feminist Fiction

Simply put, women are more likely to take lower paying jobs than men. An example is that men are more likely to take higher risk jobs (i.e. fire fighter) and women are more likely to take lower risk (i.e. secretarial). These factors have such an effect on this 70 cent stat that its disingenuous to not mention it in lieu of presenting the stat itself. There’s maternity leave, there’s the fact that women are more likely to be stay-at-home parents, and many seem to be of the opinion that women are less likely to ask for/demand a raise. Knowing this, how can people WILLINGLY continue to cosign this junk stat? Personally, I’d be willing to bet that, if it were possible to normalize these factors into the equation, women would be doing QUITE WELL in this comparison.

“The “wage gap” is not so much about employers discriminating against women as about women making discriminating choices in the labor market.” — The Wage Gap Myth


What do YOU believe?

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You’re so Money and you dont even KNOW it!!

Posted by and1grad on July 13, 2009

Been a while since I blogged anything. Twitter is a helluva drug, huh huh.

But on a serious note. I’ve been wondering lately about the value of money. Specifically, the value of the American Dollar. I’m not an authority on the issues of the economy or market value or anything similar, but I believe the common opinion is that the Dollar is not worth much. Of course, as someone not commonly engaged in money matters, I dont see this much and never believed it had that much impact on our everyday lives. Until recently. I’ve long complained that we throw WAY too much money at our athletes and entertainers. Recently I heard that Simon Cowell was to earn, or is being offered, something around $100M to continue his role in American Idol. I found this to be somewhat OUTRAGEOUS but lets face it, he matters more than anyone else on that show and it does BOX OFFICE money. (Make no mistake, the talent of Idol is signed to Cowell’s label so really he’s just fisting the nation but whatever…)Today even, Seacrest got offered something like 15M a year and I’m not entirely sure his role is important at all. Why are we throwing so many dollars at all these people? Does it have to do with the value of the dollar?

If you have too much of anything around, it eventually becomes worthless. I cant help but wonder if our current economic situation will somehow put more of a premium on the value of the dollar, since most of us wont have very much of it.

EDIT: I should add…in terms of CA, there is a LOT of commentary on why our state is in so much financial turmoil. You’ll hear a lot of people blaming certain things, mostly the Governor. I’ve tried to stay somewhat plugged in on what goes on in terms of the state budget, as it affects me as well, and I have to say that it doesnt look like the Governor’s fault. It looks a LOT like our Congresspeople deciding to add services w/o offering a way of pay for them. The fact of the matter is, services that serve the public interest cost money and although people dont like to be taxed, THATS where more than half of CA’s general fund comes from. Nothing is free. Californians have forgotten that. The budget was a problem BEFORE the housing crash. Now its a nightmare that I’m almost positive will cost a lot more jobs and services. People are still a little in denial about the amount of trouble this state is in. That fallacy is currently being, and will continue to be, HARSHLY “terminated” into the foreseeable future.

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Do you remember…?

Posted by and1grad on December 10, 2008

I’m not saying I know how to save the economy or rebuild infrastructure…but I know some fellas that might…

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KJ & Colbert

Posted by and1grad on November 11, 2008

Mayor elect Kevin Johnson was on The Colbert Report tonight repping for Sacramento. ALREADY the city is improving with him at the helm. Having Sacramento even mentioned on a national stage is a good thing, in my opinion, and having a mayor who can get on shows or somehow promote media attention is a luxury. I really think there is A LOT of room for improvement in this city and I really think KJ can make some things happen. This seems like a good start.

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Ok, economy…I’ll help out

Posted by and1grad on September 29, 2008

So the economy is in DIRE need of a “hookup.” Seems everything is falling on its face and no one can get credit. Fine, America. I’ll make a call. I know a guy. In fact, I know THE guy. He’ll bail us all out…but at a price.

Yes folks. The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase. In need of funds, he always rolled legit. Didnt even carry it himself, had his negro friend/hired help do that. Here’s the thing though…if you dont pay him back…you’re likely to catch a bodyslam, a suplex or two, and have it all end in a “Million Dollar Dream.”

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

Posted by and1grad on July 31, 2008

Yes, folks. And1 gets a raise. I will now be making enough to fund at least 3 illegitimate children. Go me! Very exciting…yet, I’m a little conflicted. I guess I just dont feel as good about it as I should…with so many people essentially suffering in terms of losing jobs and foreclosing on their houses. Granted, dumb mistakes (i.e. buying a house I knew I couldnt afford) could have granted me the same fate but it still doesnt feel completely right. Altho, I do deserve it…as many of my co-workers piggyback on my work anyway. *shrug* C’est la vie.

That said, its good to feel really finanacially stable as I close in on the new adventures that await me in version 3.0. Thats what I’m calling the 30s. Just another reboot. And speaking of rebooting, there seems to be a rival to version 3.0 and its getting rave reviews. Apparently, I’m gonna need to step my game up b/c the sapien’s trying to get a piece of mine. I’m not having it. So there may be some things I do or get before I upgrade versions.

#1) I’m thinking of getting a lil bling. So I can be ‘shining’ like my man Riley. Y’all better get some shades.

#2) Since I’m getting a raise, and several police are getting laid off where I live, maybe I’ll get a piece.
D. Eagle
Oh shit…that thing should turn into a Transformer or something!

Wait a minute…lets pause and reflect. Is version 3.0 really gonna turn into some thug rapper? Hmm…maybe.

Yoyo…yoyoyoyo…yo…Moving on…

#3) Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray booty
Look at that booty! MY GOODNESS!! And cute AND she can cook!?!? I might need to watch whatever show it is that she does so I can witness this in person…sort of.

Well, pics of Rachael Ray have numbed my brain plus this is getting kinda long so…Sapien, you’re on notice!
Colbert, On notice

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The NBA…Where ridiculous contracts happens

Posted by and1grad on July 29, 2008

In recent NBA news…
Kwame Brown will be playing with the Pistons next year. Really Detroit? Kwame Brown? Thats how you’re getting back to the Finals? That guy’s a grease fire.

Emeka Okafor just signed a contract for…get this…72 mill for 6 years. MJ, what are you doing? NOBODY would’ve paid him more than half that. What is it with the NBA and paying mediocre players with huge contracts? Its almost as bad as the NFL paying rookies ridiculous amounts for what they did in college and MIGHT do in the pros.

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