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The Debate On Education Reform

Posted by and1grad on August 31, 2011


I recently came across a couple of articles that are really worth reading regarding education & education reform.

Check these out:
The School Reform Deniers
The Reform Movement Is Already Failing
The Parents: The Force That Cant Be Beat
If Only Unions Were The Problem

Each of these articles, IMO, provide a good amount of information and insight on the issues surrounding education and schools.


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Path of the Black Quarterback

Posted by and1grad on August 29, 2011

I recently read Toure’s article asking “What if Michael Vick were white?” You can find it on ESPN. As you can imagine, the article set off a maelstrom on twitter, particularly among the people who dislike Toure & love to disagree with him on principle. Its hard to get an objective opinion on anything, even harder on twitter, so I stayed away from looking at it until now.
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Quotables — Whitlock on race

Posted by and1grad on July 12, 2010

An EXCELLENT and entirely TOO real quote on how we discuss race, from Whitlock’s article on Jesse Jackson’s comments re: Gilbert/Lebron
“Jackson and other African-Americans need to follow LeBron’s lead. We look foolish. We look hypocritical. We come across like people who have little genuine interest in seeing racial prejudice disappear and more like people who just want it to swing in our favor.” — Jason Whitlock

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Something I ranted on re: Immigration

Posted by and1grad on April 27, 2010

I had to rant on a blog, earlier today, about the Arizona Immigration Law. I RARELY rant, let alone on other people’s blogs, but this is one of those things that bothers me to my very core. A person commented that seemingly regular American citizen comment about how undocumented residents should just go ahead and become a citizen. That shit makes my brain explode. Here’s my comment in response:

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The Oscar Race

Posted by and1grad on March 11, 2010

I read an article, on Facebook, today that pissed me off so much that I HAD to do another blog this soon. It centers around the Academy Awards, using the recent wins/nominations of Mo’Nique and Gabby Sidibe as a backdrop to speak on the history of entertainment and how it impacts the African American community. Articles like this put me on edge from the beginning because I normally know exactly how they’re going to read. This one is no exception. Even on twitter, as I watched the awards, I could see these arguments brewing and people preparing to launch in about what a movie like Precious is saying about our culture. A lot of it I’m able to shrug off due to the person being either ill-informed or just plain ignorant but after a while it really just tapdances on my very last nerve.

The article in question, in no short terms, criticized essentially EVERY Oscar an African American has won, post-Brown v. The Board of Education, by claiming that they won for roles that are either simplistic or just plain demeaning. In sequential order, the list read as follows:  Portier, Gossett, Washington, Whoopi, Cuba, Halle, Washington, Foxx, Freeman, Whitaker, Hudson, and lastly Mo’Nique. No attempt to celebrate the scope of what these actors and actresses had achieved, which is simply, to be considered among the BEST in their profession that year. Rather than any sort of recognition, vilify them for even taking the role?

The article goes on to compare the fact that any of us might be glad for their success to other successes seen by wayward musicians and other elements of society that serve to poison our community. There is no DOUBT that the latter is an issue but comparing the aforementioned Academy Award winners to THAT is so fraudulent that the fact that anyone agreed, and some did, really infuriated me. Its shameful. Its intellectually dishonest and its viewpoints such as these that only serve to weaken our ability to gain a notable foothold in the industry. It cant possibly be lost on the movie industry that casting a Black person in a role of anything short of someone who is a saint, will lead to criticism from the Black community. Even when we WIN AWARDS, we criticize the role!! We take a day of achievement and turn it into a stain on our very society.

In comes Precious. Honestly, I’m not the biggest Mo’Nique fan. I find her incredibly annoying and unfunny. So obviously, I have my doubts about her acting but whatever. She won. Its a hell of an accomplishment and one that the overwhelming majority of people believe she earned. Add to that, an unknown newcomer, by the name of Gabby Sidibe, was nominated for the best actress. In her first major role. Hello. I mean…do you understand HOW RARE it is to be nominated for BEST ACTRESS in your FIRST major role? No? She is the 16th…out of 82 awards shows. It literally happens no more than 3 times a decade. She’s only the 5th since Whoopi Goldberg was nominated for this other film, that I’m apparently supposed to be ashamed of, called The Color Purple back in 1985. Its an UNBELIEVABLE achievement on its own. Only 4 have actually won. Oh, and by the way, the roles they won for werent all the very model of positivity.

Shirley Booth……………Come back Little Sheba
Julie Andrews…………..Mary Poppins
Barbara Streisand……..Funny Girl
Marlee Matlin…………..Children of a Lesser God

Substitute a Black actress into ANY of those roles and tell me that she wouldnt be criticized. The article went on to ask who really won on Oscar that night. In my opinion, Gabby did. Did you see what Oprah said for her when they were introducing the nominees? That itself was a major win. (scroll to 4:00 mins) Being in that kind of company as a newcomer…the sheer amount of publicity she’s gotten over the past few weeks. That is major.

I just hope the people who decide what movies get made weigh THAT over the opinions of those who cant seem to bring themselves to congratulate anyone for anything.

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Gender Wage Gap? Please.

Posted by and1grad on October 21, 2009

Every once in a while, I hear an argument spread, and co-signed, that irritates my very last nerve. This CRAP about women still earning 70 cents to the male dollar. I’m SO sick and tired of this FRAUDULENT stat and the people who mindlessly co-sign it without putting ANY kind of thought into the validity of the stat. So many men seem too afraid, or too dumb, to refute it for fear that they might be called a chauvinist. Thats lame. Dont just agree with something simply b/c someone tells it to you or simply b/c its the party line. We’re better than that. Lets put a little common sense to this stat.

“A study of the gender wage gap conducted by economist June O’ Neill, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, found that women earn 98 percent of what men do when controlled for experience, education, and number of years on the job.”  — Gender Wage Gap Is Feminist Fiction

Simply put, women are more likely to take lower paying jobs than men. An example is that men are more likely to take higher risk jobs (i.e. fire fighter) and women are more likely to take lower risk (i.e. secretarial). These factors have such an effect on this 70 cent stat that its disingenuous to not mention it in lieu of presenting the stat itself. There’s maternity leave, there’s the fact that women are more likely to be stay-at-home parents, and many seem to be of the opinion that women are less likely to ask for/demand a raise. Knowing this, how can people WILLINGLY continue to cosign this junk stat? Personally, I’d be willing to bet that, if it were possible to normalize these factors into the equation, women would be doing QUITE WELL in this comparison.

“The “wage gap” is not so much about employers discriminating against women as about women making discriminating choices in the labor market.” — The Wage Gap Myth


What do YOU believe?

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Are you racially conscious…

Posted by and1grad on July 17, 2009

…or are you just frontin’ like you are but really can only speak with objectivity (if that) on your own race? I’m so tired of people claiming to be “racially conscious.” More often than not, they’re lying to themselves and to their audience. Here’s a question that can and should serve as a barometer:  Can you really consider yourself racially conscious if you think every other race has it easier than yours?

If all you can do is speak on how society has affected YOUR race and why other races have it so much easier than yours, you are not racially conscious. You are racially biased. There’s a difference and those that actually DO put in the effort of being objective will know it almost immediately. Intellectual dishonesty really tapdances on my last nerve. ESPECIALLY when its performed by the educated or at least seemingly intelligent.

Let me AXE you something. Do you think a white person cant possibly grasp the nuances of prejudice? Do you really think that white people cant understand racism? Do you recognize that white people, more than any other race, has to walk on eggshells regarding almost anything they say? Does that escape you? If you cant, or refuse to, speak to the issue of race as it pertains to more than YOUR OWN race, you arent racially conscious. Sorry if it bursts some of your bubbles. Thats just reality.

Also, if you think you’re speaking up for racism b/c of some dumb shit Kirstie Alley says or some STUPID Facebook quiz…you arent. If you want to call out someone’s ignorance, fine. Turning it into some kind of race movement makes you simple. If you think a Facebook quiz is stupid, dont participate. Believe it or not, EVERYONE thinks its stupid. Its just some dumb funny absurdity people did to laugh at it. There are PLENTY of race issues to take seriously. Some people need to do a better job of confronting those if they want to be activists. I cant imagine lecturing someone b/c of a damn Facebook gamey quiz. That is so beyond absurd, it only leaves question as to your own judgment, and maybe even your sanity.

Let me quit ranting for a second. Race is a dangerous thing to speak about already. People are coming from all over the map on it. But it is LETHAL if you cant, or refuse, to have an open mind and an open ear when you speak about it. If your discussions are all one person talking and the other listening, you arent having a discussion. You’re holding a lecture. MOST grown people dont want to be lectured on race…but many of them WILL discuss it with you. Discussions are how you learn. Lectures will help you alienate.

And as always, this is open for discussion.

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Sister Souljah speech

Posted by and1grad on January 2, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I listened to Sister Souljah speak on Blogtalk Radio. She was on a show hosted by “3 Chicks on Lit.” It was a really good show, linked here. I searched for her on youtube and found this really good speech she did 10 years ago. I also thought it spoke to my resolution in a way. I think its worth a listen. Its divided into 5 parts. Here is the first.

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