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Path of the Black Quarterback

Posted by and1grad on August 29, 2011

I recently read Toure’s article asking “What if Michael Vick were white?” You can find it on ESPN. As you can imagine, the article set off a maelstrom on twitter, particularly among the people who dislike Toure & love to disagree with him on principle. Its hard to get an objective opinion on anything, even harder on twitter, so I stayed away from looking at it until now.
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The Case Against Michael Vick

Posted by and1grad on November 24, 2010

Michael Vick is currently playing VERY good football in the NFL. A resurgence for him that I believe to be well deserved…and possibly even karmic justice. This is because I believe he went to jail on a flimsy case, as presented by the Feds, and was brought to court to face a judge with an obvious agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Concussive Shot

Posted by and1grad on October 20, 2010

The continuing debate currently revolving around football always winds up irritating me. Its the issue of concussions and how they’re caused. There were numerous incidents this past weekend that resulted in a player being concussed. Its becoming SO common that the NFL has FINALLY been forced to make a somewhat meaningful act/gesture/etc regarding preventing them…as opposed to the meaningless weasel words they usually like to give the public, including Congress, about it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Super Bowl XLIV: World Champion New Orleans Saints

Posted by and1grad on February 8, 2010

The Saints are World Champions. No, no, no. Let me..restart. *cracks neck*


What you wanna say? WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT. TO SAY!?!? Obviously, no one is gonna be able to tell me nothing all summer. I dont wanna hear it. EVERYBODY who wasnt already a Saints fan thought the Colts would win. Even today if you type Super Bowl 44 into google, you’ll see more Colts stuff than you will Saints stuff. You’ll hear more people talk about how this affects Peyton, than how it affects Payton. But guess what, World Champions. New Orleans. Who Dat. Oh, and lest I forget…

Drew Brees!! Super Bowl MVP!!

Remember THIS guy? The guy that all the “experts” CONSISTENTLY leave OUT of the talk of best QB in the league. Yeah. What you wanna say now? Look at his numbers since he became a Saint. There isnt a more important player to a team AND TO A CITY than Drew Brees. PERIOD!!

I’m just gonna start rambling soon so I’m gonna stop here before I start saying really bad things about other “experts” and/or Tony Dungy.

CONGRATULATIONS to the New Orleans Saints!
CONGRATULATIONS to the city of New Orleans!


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Fraudulent Sports News

Posted by and1grad on October 28, 2009

Every once in a while, I hear some news in the sports arena that I consider absolute garbage. Sometimes its a stat; oftentimes its an injury report. There were a few things today that I think are pretty much lies given to the public and/or extreme optimism. First example, Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins. Dude broke his ankle during this past Monday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Usually when a player gets hurt, you very quickly hear how long he’s expected to be out. In this case, nothing. Until the other day, Zorn finally said he might get put on IR. Today, I hear something about 4 weeks. My man broke. His. Ankle. AND he needs surgery to fix it. Four weeks? Thats among the more absurd things I’ve ever heard in terms of injury length. I’ve broken my ankle and have 2 screws in it from the surgery to repair it. If this dude is back to playing football in 4 weeks, I will buy a box of Grape Nuts and PAINFULLY eat this TERRIBLE TERRIBLE cereal every day until I finish it. The thought of doing this already is bringing me down. Thats how much I hate this cereal. But THATS how sure I am that there is no way on God’s green Earth that this guy can play football in 4 weeks. 8 weeks? Maybe. 4? HAIL NAW!! Next example.

This example has to do with the NBA season having started last night. First, thank the lord for THAT. I miss basketball. BUT, I dont miss the CONSTANT jocking of LeBron James. Count me out. That said, he passed a milestone yesterday by reaching the 13,000 point mark and is apparently the youngest to do so (beating out Kobe). I HATE this stat. I think its fraudulent and lame. You have these guys coming out of high school and you’re saying they were the youngest to do something? Its meaningless. To make this stat meaningful, base it on how many GAMES it took them to reach this plateau. THAT gives you a fair and honest comparison. Otherwise, you’re just feeding the public garbage. Get your shit right, ESPN.

Another example of injury fraud…Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers. No, not his hair. This guy sprained his Medial Collateral Ligament during the 1st game of the season. When that happened, we were told he’d be out for 3 weeks. 3 weeks? How gullible or stupid do they think we are? If you sprain a ligament in your knee, it will HURT for 2 weeks, AT LEAST. Let alone you be able to rehab it and then be back to playing. And now look at him. I wanna say he was out for 4 weeks and then wound up hurting it again during his first game back. I wouldnt go as far as to say he’s a liability out there right now, since he IS healing, but he isnt Polamalu yet b/c how could he be? The NFL commonly lies about injuries and rushes players back onto the field. If you watch the Steelers play, Polamalu is a GLARING example.

Lastly, something that really bothers me and should bother you to your very core. The NFL and concussions. The NFL is going to need to SERIOUSLY address this concussion issue…instead of trying to discredit published studies showing links b/w multiple concussions and the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. First, not to be crass but the link b/w the two is a no-brainer. Seriously, we’re talking about a person’s mental processes and ability to FUNCTION in their later years. The NFL already doesnt do a whole lot to protect player’s bodies, unless they play QB. PROTECT THEIR BRAIN AT LEAST. It is CRIMINAL that this is continually going on. We watched Brian Westbrook get a concussion during the MNF game. I’d be willing to bet that there’s a player at least knocked dizzy in EVERY game, if not one that suffers a concussion. And having one concussion makes you susceptible to having another. I really cant stress enough how critical this is and I really hope it one day is adequately addressed.

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New Jersey

Posted by and1grad on October 9, 2009

I was listening, on twitter, to all the hate and shade being thrown Brett Favre’s way, including the subsequent lack of ability to talk shit when he wound up kicking Green Bay’s ass the whole night, and I was reminded that I wanted to do a post about jerseys. We never really have discussed exactly when a jersey is outdated or just looks silly on an owner. I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve probably spend close to $400 total on my last 2 jerseys. One white Brett Favre New York Jets jersey and one white Reggie Bush New Orleans Saints jersey. Personally, I dont have ANY buyer’s remorse for either jersey. But of course, I have to wonder if it would be silly for me to wear the Favre jersey since he currently plays for another team. Is that a sports fashion faux pas? Not b/c he’s played for another team but b/c he’s ACTIVE for another team. Is there an issue here? When I bought my Bush jersey, it was a no-brainer. NOW? Well, I just hope he’s still even on the team as of next year. I’ll always root for him but even I cant make a great case for why the Saints should keep him around.

There’s also the dilemma of what your jersey should look like. Granted, football and hockey jerseys ALWAYS look right no matter what…but basketball jerseys? No. If you look like you’ve swallowed a basketball, you prob shouldnt wear a basketball jersey. In some cases, it looks like 2 of the actual player can fit in your jersey. Not a good look. Super fat guy Kobe Bryant fan…maybe consider a t-shirt. Also, PLEASE retire your jersey after its washed out and depleted. There’s little worse than a old, beat up jersey that you only use to lounge around the house. Not that I know anyone who does that. *wink*

What jerseys do you own? Do you know of any jersey fashion faux pas?

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T.O. Stans

Posted by and1grad on September 27, 2009

Even though I’ve seen it for years now, TO Stans never cease to amaze me. These folks will defend ANYTHING this fool says and does for absolutely NO reason whatsoever. I watched on twitter as these folks jumped down Rodney Harrison’s throat for only telling the truth. TO IS a clown. If you dont know that, you’re delusional. I always say he’s WORSE than a clown. He’s radioactive. A cancer to any team he plays on or will play on.

This guy TORCHES whatever team he’s on for the entire time he’s on the team and everyone just accepts it as him just being TO. Allow me to tell you to get THE FUCK outta here with that ol’ bullshit. I wish I could give your brain steroids. Your thoughts might still be a lie but at least they’d be better developed. How do you show such RAMPANT loyalty to a guy that doesnt show any to ANY team? What kind of ironic, lamebrained nonsense is that?

Do people really need a history lesson about how this guy torches teams? How he lit up Jeff Garcia, calling him gay and all that? Have you seen Jeff Garcia’s super hot wife? Who is on TO’s arm? How bout when he went to Philly and rapidly took all the credit for their Super Bowl run? Told people that they lost the big game b/c Donovan lost his nerve? Really, big mouth? Donovan lost his nerve? The guy thats been CARRYING that Eagles team for years, INCLUDING the year that your ass was hurt watching the playoffs from the sidelines? THAT Donovan McNabb? Fuck outta here. And then they brought him out to Dallas, after he had FAMOUSLY shit on their star years ago. You got what you asked for with that one, didnt ya? And what happened when he left? He divided your locker room? Funny how THAT worked out. Oh and by the way, Cowboys fans, you now hate your Pro Bowl QB too, right? The only reason that team doesnt stink out loud. And they still root for TO, who had as many plays today as Rodney Harrison did from the booth.

But I guess you dont really need to go to the circus to support clowns, nowadays…do you?

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Tough Guys

Posted by and1grad on September 24, 2009

I always find it interesting when I hear about some miscellaneous football player running his mouth about who is or isnt a tough guy. I think a lot of people are very much miscategorized as being tough when they’re really just another dope bumping their gums about nothing. I also think that beheading a guy who doesnt see you at all DOES NOT make you a tough guy. It makes you a cheap shot artist. There are of course guys who manage to blur the line. My #1 example of which being Hines Ward. I dont know of a bigger cheap shot artist than that guy. But he’s also tough. I think of you as a tough guy if you’re willing to, and are able to, run over a guy who actually DOES see you coming and is also coming at you. THATS being a tough guy.

Also, it seems like linebackers talk the most shit in football. Which is kinda funny to me b/c there’s not really many people hitting linebackers really. They get to run around blowing everybody up but are rarely in a position of themselves being completely blown up. I dont put a whole lot of stock in a Bart Scott telling Randy Moss to “man up” and come across the middle b/c Moss is gonna be the one who doesnt see Scott coming. Sorry but in my opinion, #toughguyfail. Also, I dont put a lot of stock in people who have never been to prison telling Plaxico Burress he needs to be tougher. Shut the fuck up. The guy’s going to jail…JAIL…for 2 YEARS…for something other people get a slap on the wrist for. Gimme a break.

There are a few positions in football that I DO think are played only by tough guys. And ODDLY ENOUGH, you rarely, if ever, hear them tooting their own horn or talking a lot of garbage. I’m talking about lineman. The offensive and defensive line, in my opinion, are inhabited by the toughest people in football. ESPECIALLY the nose tackle. Here’s a guy that spends the ENTIRE game beating up and getting beat up by 1 or 2 guys that are about his size or bigger. For 60 minutes, lineman whack the hell out of each other on a football field for leverage. And nose tackles normally dont get to do a nifty spin move, swim move, or shake and bake to get around a guy. No sir. They need to MOVE somebody, and often 2 guys, if they want a piece of glory.

As far as I’m concerned, the line houses the true tough guys.

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Hater Players

Posted by and1grad on August 19, 2009

“…I’m sick of these Hater Players
Bring on the regulators with the flavors
Like a farm team fucking with the majors…”

This Brett Favre thing has made me have to re-evaluate the concern of being labeled a “hater.” Even moreso than with Michael Vick because, at least with Vick, people have a valid reason to be upset. See, lately, people have been speaking about being misrepresented as a hater when all they were doing was providing constructive criticism or just their basic disapproval of an action. I can get with that. I’m all for providing either. However, when your criticism, or disapproval, of a PERSON is based on NOTHING tangible, arent you being a “hater?” Isnt that the very essence of being a “hater?” The curmudgeon type who bandies about with an ill opinion on things just for the sake of ill opinion.

“…Like a river how I run through it, I do it so cold
Its freezing up your bodily fluids, your style is old
You running your mouth, dont really know what you be talking about
You should retire get that complimentary watch, be out…”

One of the more interesting parts of this Brett Favre debacle is how many people have a negative opinion about it that really dont watch, know anything, or even like football at all. So easily fed an opinion, they run with whatever the media tells them to. I treat people who allow others to think for them with utter disgust. If you’re going to venture an opinion, have something behind it, or at least the GUMPTION to back it up. So the guy changed his mind about retiring. Big fucking deal. That bothers you? “Oh how could he say he was gonna retire and change his mind!?!?!? Oh my life is ruined!! In shambles!!” Here’s some Lincoln logs. How bout you go build a bridge and get over it? It somehow STILL amazes me…and maybe thats my own fault…that people are SO comfortable telling someone when they should retire. So…someone shouldnt play anymore, although coaches and players of a team want him to play, because YOU say so? Really? o_O

“…Yo with the quickness, so swift you miss this lyrical fitness
Now get this, these emcees wanna test me like litmus, bear witness
I’m like shot clocks, interstate cops, and blood clots
My point is your flow can stop!…” — Talib Kweli

Unless you’re a die-hard Packers fan with an egregious amount of loyalty to that organization, please shut off. You have NO reason to judge the guy harshly for not being sure he wants to end his career. How many athletes have ever been sure of that? The decision of the end of an athlete’s career is normally made for him. In this case, it hasnt been and a team wants him to play for them. What the fuck is that doing to YOUR life? But you’re not a “hater,” correct? Its one thing to complain about being called a hater when it doesnt apply. But when it does, own it.

You’re a hater if your reasons of disapproval are impossibly asinine, just plain ridiculous, or simply artificial. The case of Brett Favre makes it extremely easy to tell the difference.

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Posted by and1grad on May 20, 2009

Michael Vick is finally out of jail, where he spent the better part of 2 years after being convicted for dogfighting. Whatever your beliefs on the criminality of dogfighting may be, Vick got a raw deal. The prosecutors didnt even ask for him to be put in jail for as long as he served. In fact, they recommended half the time. U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson decided to make an example of Vick…for whatever reason. Personally, I believe those reasons happen to be the fact that he was young, black, rich, & famous…but you’re all welcome to believe what you want.

The hypocrisy of this country when it comes to these type of charges and famous athletes is simply ridiculous. There are athletes that have done FAR worse that are still in the league and play to MUCH fanfare. But all you hear in the news and from sports pundits, is how DIFFICULT it’ll be for ANY organization to even consider hiring Vick’s services for their football team. Why? The guy OVERPAID for his crimes, didnt he? Isnt America supposed to be all about paying your debt to society, reinventing yourself, and second chances? You’d think the guy was a pedophile. The degree of America’s apparent love affair with dogs is almost borderline lunacy. I mean, some Americans hunt animals. They have areas where they have animals live simply so they can be gunned down by wannabe hunter-types but thats no crime. Didnt they have to euthanize a racehorse ON the track after a race around a year ago? Not to mention, arent dogs euthanized on a daily basis in shelters? Where do our loyalties toward animal cruelty really lie? They seem to be nonsensical.

Let me be clear. I dont endorse dogfighting and if you want to call it a crime, fine. But 2 years? Plus, it literally cost the guy $100 mill at least. I think the guy’s paid for the crime. In fact, he probably should be allowed at least 1 more felony with a get out of jail free card.

All of that said, I’ve always wondered about the charges themselves. The way the authorities would have you believe it, Vick masterminded an entire criminal dogfighting enterprise, complete with locations, schedules, funding and other conspirators and so on and so on. Really? He had the time to do ALL that? When I look for what the ACTUAL evidence against Vick was, I’m left wondering how much of the case was just a bunch of bullshit. There is NO doubt that there’s evidence against the property as well as against the folks who lived there. There’s evidence that Vick’s money financed the property and business. But the reality of the situation is, the only evidence against Vick himself being intimate with the entire situation is that the guys they DID catch rolled on him in order to shorten their sentence. Given Vick’s notoriety, I think people were FAR too willing to convict him without a second thought.

So Michael Vick was essentially convicted of running a criminal enterprise. Most of yall were convinced he couldnt run the offense of his football team…but a criminal enterprise, you have NO problem believing. That…is interesting. We hear stories all the time about how athletes/celebs put their money in things and have literally NOTHING to do with em. That was never even a consideration when it came to Vick. He was guilty until proven…less guilty. (Sidenote: The authorities never actually placed Vick at the house. The already convicted said he was there and/or at other dogfighting events. I did hear a rumor about video evidence but cant find anything to support its actual existence.)

Just for shits and giggles, lets have the AUDACITY to entertain a scenario where he was in fact telling the truth and had nothing to do with the dogfighting. I know this hurts the brain of a few so feel free to stop reading at this point. (I mean, how can the police/media be wrong?*cough* Duke LaCrosse team *cough*) So, we forced the guy to plead guilty, because he was dead in the water otherwise, in order to get a shorter sentence, which he didnt get anyways. While doing undeserved time, his family’s life economically falls apart, and when he gets out, its assumed that not only will he struggle to reacclimate to professional football but that he’ll struggle to even get the chance to do so. Thats a tough scenario to consider, right? Its a good thing we’re all so sure we’re right.

EDIT: Something I feel the need to add. I was talking with a friend and we talked about how some people get passes while others get absolutely hammered. We talked about how Andy Reid, in certain other positions, would have been asked to step down. In fact, other coaches might’ve been asked to step down in his situation. Lets examine it real quick. Andy’s sons were found with possession of drugs in the Reid home and were sent to jail. Now, as far as I’ve been able to find out, his sons were not employed. Assuming thats true, I think its fair to say that Andy Reid was their source of income. So essentially, Andy Reid was the source of funds and owner of the house where they did their drug use and dealing. Do you notice the duality of that and what Vick is convicted of? But here’s the huge difference…Reid’s kids didnt roll on him. But what if they did? What if they were told that if they wanted a shorter sentence, or whatever, they need to say Andy was involved? And they did. Reid would probably be in jail. Even if he had nothing to do with it. Think about it.

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