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So Long

Posted by and1grad on April 21, 2010

Not to be short

or really long
But maybe short enough
to pass along
But long enough
to be a short film
Or a song
So sing along
These random thoughts
So long but small
With handles 
So I carry on
This trip of life 
They say is short
But hold on for the week
I’m strong
Or stand up for the weak
I’m strong
Though weak enough to string along
But strong enough to cut it short
Sometimes the short is really long

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Random Thoughts

Posted by and1grad on April 19, 2010

Why do people ask “where they do that at?”  Obviously, wherever you are, is apparently where they do that at.

Foresight is a helluva thing. Get with that. #TeamForesight

I dropped the phrase “I cant call it” today. Old slang >> New slang

   Ex:  New slang: “Those jeans are tight.” ——> Skinny jeans. Coincidence? I bid thee nay.

Why is it almost impossible to find discounted tickets on coast to coast travel? Guess who doesnt need a discounted ticket? The guy going from Chicago to Pittsburgh. You know who does? The dope going from CA to NY. Bastids.

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Happy Memorial Day

Posted by and1grad on May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day to all and a special thanks to all of our soldiers, past, present, and future.

“We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” — George Orwell

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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by and1grad on May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.

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Katt Williams lighting up Steve Harvey

Posted by and1grad on January 6, 2009

In case you were like me and didnt even know there was beef b/w these two…well there is. If any of you have any of the background on what started this beef, etc…please comment b/c I am in the dark. However, this clip is HIGH-larious.

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Lazy Blogger

Posted by and1grad on December 22, 2008

One of my man in arms is going to be blogging more and has taken to calling himself the Mad Blogger. I think that would probably make me the lazy blogger b/c I just havent had the energy for it. Especially with twitter around and requiring SO LITTLE energy. However, I think I’ll try a little bit harder get SOMETHING down on this page that isnt a video. So lets get started.

The weekend before last, I went to my first “white elephant” Xmas party. If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, basically everyone brings a gift and it gets put in a pot. Then you draw numbers to see at what point you’ll get to choose a gift. If you like the gift someone else got, you’re able to steal their gift (rather than choose from the unopened ones) when its your turn. A gift can be stolen a total of 3 times. The twist on this particular white elephant party was that the gifts were supposed to be “naughty.” I think we all know what that means. To make a long story short, the best gifts were a pop-up sex book and a picture this guy had of a bodybuilder posing with his face transposed to it, which also came with a squeeze bottle of generic Target lube. Absolutely hysterical.

Since then…
This past week I’ve been working on mostly unimportant bullshit that my boss is making me do for Godknowswhy. Such a complete waste of time, simply b/c we apparently have time to be wasted.

Even tho the economy is in the shitter, we’re ok since we’re not on general fund. However, the Governator seems to believe that since the rest of the economy is sucking, gov’t workers should get their ass kicked too. I guess putting EVERYBODY out of work will help save Culleefornya.

I’ve officially lost in all of my fantasy leagues b/c of the GODdamn Colts. Now I’m onto fantasy basketball which for some reason isnt anywhere NEAR as fun.

My parents and I are ready to make an offer on a house I like. Its a cool 3 bdr/2.5 bath place that I can really see myself living in for quite some time. I’m tired of apartment living. Wish me luck.

That said, my mom can haggle with the best of em. She’s offering 30k less on the house already. I love it! You ever notice that people who haggle, LOVE to haggle. They live for it. She’s gonna have fun frustrating them and I’ll end up with a better deal than I ever would’ve gotten myself. Love it. I think if mom were to ever make The Price is Right and someone bid a dollar against her…she’d look Bob Barker dead in the eye and say “75 cents.”

Xmas…I’m over it. Bloated holiday…I’ll take Festivus. “A festivus…for the rest of us.” Thats what I’M talking about. All I want for Xmas is for the Lakers to beat the Celtics. Sick of them. I like KG…you can HAVE the rest of em. I hope they can get up for this game b/c losing to the teams they’ve lost to recently (Heat, Magic), has been borderline ri-damn-diculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, how about the Panthers giving away that game against the Giants. Letting Derrick Ward run on them like that…especially in OT when you KNEW they were gonna run. Merry Xmas, Jaded. ;-p

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If the gloves dont fit…

Posted by and1grad on December 10, 2008

No, this isnt another OJ rant. I recognize that it falls on deaf ears…that doesnt mean I wont do another one though!! But this is about my motorcycle gloves. These things are killing me.

I have a pair of Alpine Stars leather motorcycle gloves that I normally wear when I ride. Supposedly they’re for safety should I make an unscheduled dismount but here’s the problem. They dont do ANYTHING for the cold. In fact, when I’m outside and putting them on, they make my hands colder. I cant even tell you what a pain in the ass that is. I dont like gloves to begin with, never have. I even hated them when I was doing lab for school and/or research. But these things…ugh! They keep my hands just warm enough to not get numb from the cold…which actually sucks.
So what kinda gloves can I get? None of them look especially built to keep hands warm. Shall I go hand commando and just take the pain of the cold until my hands are pretty much numb? Doesnt that just make me look like the guy who forgot his motorcycle gloves? Are mittens an option? If I have kittens in my mittens, will I become smittens? Thats just dumb.
We all know the saying, “No glove, no love” so someone help me out if ya can. Gracias.

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GH World Tour Commercial

Posted by and1grad on October 28, 2008

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Layout: Bear with me

Posted by and1grad on September 16, 2008

People, bear with me. I’m working on the page layout right now so there’s gonna be some links that either dont make sense or just dont work until I have it all figured out. I’m having to do it all in html code and havent done any html writing since my 3rd year…and that was like 10 years ago. Needless to say, I’m struggling. If you have any tips that may help, I’d appreciate them.

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted by and1grad on August 18, 2008

I would be remiss if I didnt send out a special birthday shout out to the matriarch.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Your son

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