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I CAN Quit You

Posted by and1grad on February 18, 2009

Dear Men’s Health,
Today marks the last day of our pseudo-relationship. I’ve been a loyal customer for a few years now and still believe you transmit a quality product, BUT…the shit has gone too far. Maybe a year and a half ago, while listening to The Herd with Colin Cowherd, I was introduced to the opinion that your magazines have become tailored to gay men. Of course, I scoffed at this. I mean, how ridiculous…its a fitness magazine that has several highlights about relationships with women and whatnot. I remember this so vividly b/c I had just received my new issue in the mail the day before hearing this episode of The Herd and had it with me. I open it up, still in disbelief of that opinion, and BAM, I’m practically struck in the face by ads that are SO gay that I’m uncomfortable. And I’m not even uncomfortable around gay people. But these ads…what the damn? Practically shoving some dude’s crotch in your face in order to push some kinda cologne? It got to the point where even the poses they were putting the cover models in seemed a lil gay.

Through all of this, I tried to remain a loyal customer but I cant do it anymore. I’m AFRAID to turn the page lest I be ACCOSTED by some impossibly gay ad. I feel like I’m in that Friday the 13th movie and I’m hearing a friend scream in the distance and I know that Jason is around here somewheres. NOT cool. Digress for a second, the only thing that seems harder to kill than that mf’er is the Friday the 13th series itself. Seriously tho, how many more does there need to be? Can we REALLY not come up with ANY other scary movie? (*spoiler alert* What does it take to keep Jason down this time? I’m not gonna go see the movie so feel free to be specific.)

Anyways, Men’s Health, its time we went our separate ways. The divorce papers will read “irreconcilable differences”…b/c I cant reconcile just how hard you cater to your gay clientele and that makes a difference.


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Something that bothers me

Posted by and1grad on September 12, 2008

This is something dumb that kinda bothers me. I love watching football. Because of this, I cant help but noticing who’s on the sidelines and you know what I see? Coaches that are, at times, incredibly fat. There, I said it. Look, I can understand not being in shape…but how can you look like you’re one milkshake away from a heart attack and be the coach of a professional, or college, sports team? You pretty much spend your entire life in a sports facility with gyms and trainers galore…and you’re CRAZY fat? It just seems ridiculous. I’m looking at you, Bill Parcells. Do some sit ups or something, Charlie Weiss. Sitting there telling guys to do laps and wind sprints and you cant go up a flight of stairs without a TV timeout?

Get it together!!

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Brick layer

Posted by and1grad on July 31, 2008

You see this picture? Its an ugly brick. I just finished putting a ton of these on the basketball court. It was RI-diculous. Couldnt buy one tonight. I was playing with a group from work, the city, and some folks from the police department. They should’ve arrested me for assault & battery on the court. My team won 1 game…out of 6. And the 5 we lost…werent close. Oh and to top it off, I completely forgot there was like a 5 year old girl in the gym with us and I had been cussing like a sailor. Real class act. Thats what I am. I’m more ashamed of that than my poor showing at the gym.

But enough about me…how are my ghost readers doing? Ok back to me. I just caught the end of Deep Impact 2. WOW! What an ending! Cant speak to the rest of movie but the ending is on point. I even liked the corny “No one beats me in the kitchen” line. Actually, looking at Steven Seagal, dont you kinda expect anything he says to be on the corny side? Yes…yes, you do.

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A case of the Mondays

Posted by and1grad on July 28, 2008

I woke up this morning anxious to hit the gym. I even woke up an hour early and forced myself to pretend to sleep for another hour until my alarm clock went off. Got up put all the stuff I need together for gym and work and went outside. Just about froze to death on the freeway but whatever. Got to the gym and my energy level hit zero. I dont even know what happened. Felt like Austin Powers when his mojo got stolen.
Purple Rain
So I force myself through my workout. TRYING not to half-ass it but I’m on fumes. I even put on my theme song (Prince’s “Baby I’m a Star”) and even that didnt get me going. So I knew I was in trouble. It was “In case of emergency, break glass” time. Enter Linkin Park.
Linkin Park
Immediate juice. Think Popeye when that can of spinach comes rolling around or when Hulk Hogan starts “hulking up”…brother. It was on. Long story short, finished up my workout strong and I’m still a lil juiced right now. I might even do some push ups after I post this. Probably not tho. I digress. Linkin Park saved the day. Thank God…cuz it was looking like I was gonna have “a case of the Mondays.”

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