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Posted by and1grad on March 23, 2009

I woke up in my bed today. For the first time. In my first house. Wow. Usually, I just get up, do my Ray Lewis pre-game dance, and go about getting ready for the day. Not today. I just kinda sat there and reflected on my life at the present, things of the past, and tried to look forward to the future.

For those that dont know, I just purchased my first home. A 4 bdr, 2.5 bath place with damn near every upgrade in the book. Upgraded tile floors in every bathroom, as well as the kitchen and entry way? Check. Granite countertops in the kitchen? Check. Stainless steel appliances? You better know it. Gas stovetops, upgraded carpet and banisters, and more. I live in a place that under normal circumstances, I cant afford. The fact that this place wound up on the market is a blessing. The fact that my real estate guy is cool with the real estate guy who’s area it was in…dumb luck. But how bout this? He called my real estate guy and told him about this place as we were going out to look for potential homes. Said this place wont be on the market for long. He was right. We LUCKILY got the first bid in…six more followed w/i a week.

Also, it rained a little during the move. Not sure how common it is but I was taught that this can be considered a blessing as well. Kinda similarly to as its explained here, although I’m not Jewish.

I digress. The house is a blessing, in and of itself, but thats not the blessing I’m writing about today. I’m blessed, and or lucky, for a lot of reasons but the one that hits me the most often is simply, the people I know. I’ve been really blessed to be able to surround myself with people that are of an extremely high caliber. I had so much help moving this weekend that I was quite frankly taken a little aback by it. We all know that moving is a CHORE. My friends jumped at the chance to help me. I’m blessed to know them. They are ALL high quality people. Every single person that I consider a friend is someone I feel lucky to know. My old college roommate and his family drove 400 miles to come help me move this weekend. Kids and all (4 and 2). Helped me re-key my place and install blinds as well. What do you say to that? How do I repay something like that? Thats love. I can only hope that I can be as good a friend to them as they are to me. In fact, they are beyond friends. They are family. They are a blessing.

And I CANT leave out the horsemen. College friends that became fam that I know will stand on my side forever. It is an honor to know them. Its a privelege to know that we’ll always be friends, regardless of time zone, dialect, and whatever else that normally makes a friendship falter. That will never happen with us. There’s a lot of things in this world and economy that you CANT be sure of. Its a relief to know that there’s some things that you can be. Shout out to two of my horsemen: EsQPrez & Dallas Black.

I grew up an only child. But some days…it feels like I have the most family of all. And for that, I am TRULY blessed.


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