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Bluetooth Issue

Posted by and1grad on February 18, 2009

I’m in complete agreement with this one. People drive me crazy walking around with that bluetooth in when they’re NOT ON THE PHONE. Take that bullshit out your ear. You aint fly. You look some kinda Star Trek drone with that damn thing blinking on the side of your head. I dont even use my bluetooth out in public anymore if I can help it. Only at home. For one, I dont want to look like the asshole I mentioned earlier…but also, that thing is small and expensive. I really dont need to be losing it. Besides, if I’m going to be doing something where I need 2 hands, guess what? I’ll get off the phone. More than likely, either the convo or whatever I’m doing, can wait. I’m not Jack Bauer receiving instructions to stop the next terrorist attack or defuse a bomb or something. Why is Jack Bauer so hellbent on saving America anyway? Isnt he Canadian? I digress.

Thumbs down on using bluetooth in public.


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