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Say It Aint So!!

Posted by and1grad on October 20, 2008

As a big Reggie Bush fan, news of his knee injury is devastating. I mean, the Saints season already has been an ABSOLUTE DEBACLE, but this is the coup de grace. I mean, we were already boned. Colston’s hand is jacked up and now he cant catch. Shockey is whoknowswhat. Lost our best pass rusher a day before Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago. This season has been a certified grease fire. But damn…now they got Reggie too!?!?

Sidenote: I just experienced the end to my undefeated season in 1 of my fantasy football leagues. Damn. Romo was hurt so I had to stick JaMarcus Russell in. That was a two-fold loser. Three-fold really. First, I lose Romo. Second, I have to go with a Raider. *spit* And Third, his name is “JaMarcus.” I hate regular names with a de, ja, le..or whatever in front of it. That shit drives me crazy. Then, I couldnt get ANYTHING from the Dolphins’ run game this weekend. Followed by the Colts wetting the bed. At least I won in the other 2 leagues.


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