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Catching Up

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2010

So many topics to discuss that I think it would be impossible to recap and catch up in a single post. So I think I’ll try!

First thing that comes to mind: I told a friend that I was thinking of commenting on the recent Mass. Senate race in which Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley for the MA seat. This is considered a STUNNING upset because MA is such a liberal state…having been represented by the late, great Ted Kennedy for so many years. I cant honestly say I followed this election closely until I realized that Brown was clearly going to win. How does a Rep win a state that would be almost inclined to vote Dem just in an effort of preserving Kennedy’s dream? Easy…when the Dem runs a garbage campaign. It was pretty commonly discussed that Coakley didnt campaign anywhere near as hard as Brown. Brown was going around meeting people on the streets, developing a quality gimmick riding around in that truck, and effectively making Coakley seem out of touch. She apparently is if she felt so entitled that she thought running a lackluster campaign would be enough to usher her into the Senate simply because she’s a Democrat. That isnt someone I would want representing my state in the Senate. For that reason alone, I’m not upset that Brown won. He SHOULD’VE won. I’m not familiar enough with his political stances to thoroughly argue for or against him…but I think its silly to start panicking about healthcare because of him. From what I’ve heard him say, the healthcare reform plan might have a negative effect on his state. Isnt a Senator SUPPOSED to act on behalf of his state? To be frank, I’m not sure forcing the healthcare debate to continue is a bad thing. I think people have become so caught up in pushing a bill through that we’ve almost decided that we dont care whether or not if its what we REALLY want.

Haiti. The Haiti earthquakes and resultant catastrophic effects have been amazing to watch. Not sure that I’ve ever seen this caliber of death and destruction caused by a single natural disaster. CNN released an official death toll today of something like over 100k dead.  They say that knowing its more simply because of the amount of people that couldnt be accounted for, due to issues like people being buried by family before it being recorded and so on. Just a TERRIBLE situation. I’m not sure there’s been this massive an amount of deaths since World War II. Pray for the people of Haiti. And hope that not only is there an effective way to aid them in this time of need but that the funds/items being sent their way is actually being used in an effective way.

Gilbert Arenas. SMH. Why in the BLUE HELL do you bring guns to work? EVERYONE knows better than that. Originally, I was EXTREMELY annoyed that he was essentially suspended because of a stupid gesture he made in a pre-game dance…being that a ton of players do stupid things in general. But that said, I think Stern was/is intending to send the message that just because you’re a good/great basketball player, you are NOT entitled to be in the league. The NBA does not NEED any particular player. The only one to become BIGGER than the league is Jordan himself. The rest, nope. Without the league, every other player would disappear into oblivion. I do agree with Barkley that Arenas didnt make a $90M dollar mistake…but maybe people who gain a lot by doing little, can LOSE a lot the same way. I think given what has happened to athletes like Arenas, Burress, Vick, etc, society may be finally issuing a referendum on what we allow these EXTREMELY fortunate people to get away with. Even if the penalty is extraordinarily harsh, these famous folks need to take their lives a little more seriously. Not only because they are so fortunate to be in their position but because they become role models while in it. Act accordingly.

Conan O’Brien. I’ve thought from the beginning that NBC was screwing with Conan when he started The Tonight Show gig. What kind of sense does it make to have the old host of The Tonight Show doing his own show before the actual Tonight Show? That was beyond bogus and among the more retarded things I’d seen on TV. Imagine if there was a Johnny Carson show that came on right before The Tonight Show with Jay Leno came on. His ratings would’ve been ZERO. Thats why I refuse to entertain the point of view that Conan brought this on himself with low ratings. The guy was essentially trying to develop a new audience…with a new show, in a different city. His ratings would’ve slipped a little WITHOUT Leno still around. Also, can you say for certain that Leno WAS NOT getting better guests than Conan also? No. How do you, as NBC, give better guests to Leno rather than The Tonight Show? (Example: Remember the Kanye/Taylor Swift incident? The very next day, what show is Kanye on? Leno.) So retarded. Then you want to move THE TONIGHT SHOW to 12:05 am? None of what NBC has done in these last 7 months regarding Conan has made any sense whatsoever. I’m GLAD he decided to leave. Conan is way too good at what he does to have been treated that way. Also, in regards to the ~$45M or so severance package Conan & his staff got to part ways with NBC, I think NBC got off light. I’m not sure that if taken to court, the Judge wouldnt have seen the issue in Conan’s favor and awarded double that. And I say that as someone who IS familiar with the contract dispute that came up. Conan, onward to bigger & DEFINITELY better, my friend.

El Nino again? My people in So Cal have been getting BOMBARDED by monsoon type rain for the past week or so. In fact, most of CA has been affected by a ton of stormy weather. So Cal has been the hardest tho. Flooding. Evacuations. Potential mudslides. They are getting BLASTED out there. Stay safe folks.

Roman Polanski. Looks like you have to return to the U.S. to “face the music,” my friend. An LA judge ruled yesterday that he must return to the U.S. to find out if he’ll be sent to prison. What happens next should be interesting. I’m tired. Did I hit everything? What am I missing?


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