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Oscar Grant trial: A realist’s perspective

Posted by and1grad on July 9, 2010

Involuntary Manslaughter was the correct verdict. There will be a lot of reactionary commentary that will try to feed you other stuff such as racial injustice, etc. Dont be fooled. It was the only verdict that could have actually gotten a conviction. Read the rest of this entry »


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Oakland shooting

Posted by and1grad on January 12, 2009

As most, if not all, of you know by now, there’s been civil unrest in Oakland over the police shooting of a young man at a BART station. Personally, I try not to venture an opinion on these kinds of things unless I’m able to get a lay of the land or a clear picture of what is going on beforehand. After finally being able to see the video of the incident, I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed but I understand the outrage. Personally, from the view I saw and the officers’ reaction to the shot, it looks like the gun went off on accident. I dont know how many people are familiar with and/or have shot a gun and I’m FAR from an expert but I’ve accidentally shot a gun before I was ready so I know how easy it is. Plus we’ve all heard stories about kids accidentally shooting themselves or friends or whatever. Granted, this is a person that is supposedly familiar with his firearm as well as trained but I dont consider that as making an accident impossible.

In my opinion, where the issue was is…why did he pull his gun out in the first place? THAT is where the problem is, to me. That was unnecessary. I’m not even willing to cater to the easy “oh it was b/c he’s black” argument that we ALWAYS fall back on when its convenient. And honestly, I’m kind of disappointed that it seems to be what we do regardless of knowing what happened or not. In the articles I’m reading, I see the sentiment, “Nothing has changed.” Maybe that’s right…just the finger is pointing in the wrong direction.

Here is a link to a blog with video of the incident.

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OJ: Sentencing

Posted by and1grad on December 5, 2008

So they gave OJ 15 years, 5 or 6 before eligible for parole, if I’m not mistaken. Am I surprised? Not really. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. The fact that this mockery of justice has gone on without any real dissent from ANYONE is more disappointing than anything else. We hear so much talk from people about institutional racism and nowhere is it more apparent than in our justice system. It remains virtually unchallenged. It remains fundamentally unopposed. It remains as a bane on our society and it stands as a barrier to TRUE progress towards racial relations in this nation. But no one cares. Its OJ. He DESERVES it, right? Its ok when its someone you dont give a damn about…even when this country throws it in your face and flaunts it in front of you. We just sit and watch it happen, like fools.

I wonder who has to go to jail before anyone gives a damn.

EDIT: I’m now hearing its looking more like 8 to 10 years.

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