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Quotables — Kobe Bryant

Posted by and1grad on October 19, 2010

“I’ve always been comfortable as a kid growing up to think that when my career is over, I want them to think of me as an overachiever despite the talent that I have. To think of me as a person that’s overachieved, that would mean a lot to me. That means I put a lot of work in and squeezed every ounce of juice out of this orange that I could. Hopefully, they perceive me as a person who did whatever he had to do to win above all else. Above anything. Above stats. … If they say that about me, I’ll be happy.” –Kobe Bryant


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C’mon Lakers!!!

Posted by and1grad on June 15, 2010



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Just for the haters

Posted by and1grad on June 14, 2009

2009 Champion Los Angeles Lakers
Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant

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Lebron & Kobe puppet parody

Posted by and1grad on June 5, 2009

This is WAY too funny to not put up on here somewhere.

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Public Enemy #1

Posted by and1grad on May 18, 2009

Subject: Kobe Bryant
Alias: KB24, Black Mamba
Age: 30
Ht: 6’6″ Wt: 205
Occupation: Captain of LA Lakers; Best Player in Basketball
Distinctive Marks: 3 NBA championships; 1 MVP award

There’s a movie coming out in about 2 months called Public Enemies. Its supposed to be the story of John Dillinger and his crew and how the Public Enemy Era initiated the construction of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. In the Public Enemy era, the criminals were larger than life…oftentimes considered by the public to be daring and brave and so they actually became beloved, all around the country, by the public.

Those days are long behind us and such is NOT the case for one Kobe Bryant, the player most seem to love to hate. Granted, Kobe has a very devoted legion of fans, yours truly included, but FAR more detractors. Very odd for someone considered by many to be the best player in the game. In my opinion, the discussion of who is the best player ended last summer. ALL of the players that were considered to be the best in the world were on display for you to see in the Olympics. Simply put, when the USA team needed a bucket to preserve the gold medal, where did they go? Kobe Bryant. Case closed, lets move on.

So why do so many choose to hate on Kobe? Many have their reasons, some substantial, some absurd. Lets start with the ones that may have some substance to it. The Colorado case. People seem to hold more against Kobe the fact that he brought up Shaq more than the reason he was even in trouble. I guess groupie love is a common theme in sports and I really dont know anyone who actually believed Kobe raped that girl but whatever. People…get over it. Fine, he shouldnt have mentioned Shaq. But he did and he was shamed for it. Its over.

Some of you hate Kobe b/c you believe Shaq’s leaving was his fault. Let me educate you. During preseason games of Shaq’s last season, he was BERATING the owner, Jerry Buss. He would be yelling at Jerry to pay him, whatever the exorbitant amount was, DURING the game in order to embarass him in public. Shaq was begging to be traded. Kobe didnt push Shaq out the door, he dove out. Granted, Kobe did nothing to stop him but why should he? Shaq ALWAYS came to the season out of shape, usually had some injury, and coasted for much of the season until the playoffs began. Kobe ran that offense while watching Shaq receive damn near all of the praise. If you try to tell me you would be begging someone to stay in that situation, let me simply state this: You’re a liar.

Here’s my FAVORITE reason people throw shade on Kobe. He’s arrogant about his skills. I find this laughable. An arrogant basketball player? WOW!! That is ENTIRELY a new phenomena to the league. Newsflash: Every NBA player is arrogant about his skillset. If this is your reason for hating on Kobe, you’re fishing like the TNT crew when a series ends.

So let me move on to the point of this article. Its not to garner any sympathy for Kobe or win over any haters. No Kobe fan truly cares whether or not you like the guy. My point is simply this: I really hope you’re not missing out on one of the true NBA greats b/c you choose to view him through your distorted lenses. Much like the NBA All Star Game will miss Shaq when he’s gone, the NBA will miss Kobe when he’s gone. Just like we still miss MJ, and Magic, and Larry Legend. Great players leave a void when they’re gone. When his career ends, Kobe will sit among the pantheon of those considered the greatest to ever play. And some of you are missing it. Thats the real shame.

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