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Lip Service

Posted by and1grad on February 18, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, on the twitter, I asked a question: Carmex or Blistex, who ya got? I only received a few responses, mostly in the Carmex camp. I’m gonna tell yall something. Carmex is BULLshit. In fact, that gotdamn Carmex is officially on my list! Bastids. That mess dont do shit. Carmex does for lips what chinese food does for appetite. Its like dope, for dopeheads. A temporary fix to keep you coming back for more. The only point of using Carmex is so that you can use more Carmex later.

However, there is a product that IS the real deal. Blistex. Blistex is at All Star status and Carmex cant even SEE the game. Put Blistex on, boom…immediate impact. And when it finally DOES wear off, you dont feel the distinct urge to put more on again. Why? B/c Blistex DOES the job.

So friends, family…this is a pubLip Service Announcement from me to you. If you are still using Carmex, you have been hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Conned. Dont let this INFERIOR product flim flam you any longer!


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