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You can find me in the club…

Posted by and1grad on January 27, 2010

Something one of my twitterbuddies (@ScorpioDiva81) said today got me thinking. She asked, “At what point does going to clubs get old???? Have u reached that point yet?” Excellent questions. Personally, I’ve never been a club guy. Always considered it a hot box with a buncha ninjas sweating all over the place while the others were either playing Mr. Bigshot at the bar or mean mugging from the sideline. I’ll pass.

Besides, I grew up with a STEADY diet of Nigerian parties on the docket. My parents rarely missed one and believe me when I tell you this: Nigerian parties are like the club. If you know any, have partied with any, or are the neighbors of any, you know what I’m talking about. Some of ours were so ridiculous that we’d end up asking neighbors to use their driveways so people didnt just park in the middle of the street. Bad business. So because of this, I was pretty much done with club scene type madness after high school. Nawsuh. I wants no part of this.

When people talk about outgrowing the club, they usually include the rationale of being “the old man in the club.” He’s always the dude doing yesteryear’s dance moves and trying to “show you young whippersnappers whats up.” He looks decidedly out of place among 18 to 20-whatever year olds since he’s pushing 40 or so. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually noticed too-old-for-the-club guy, but I rarely go and only when forced. I think he might be getting a bad rap.

I mean, come on fellas. Imagine if you were this dude. Dressed like you were going to the Playa Hater’s Ball. Hangin around all those young, nubile, underdressed tenderonis. Seeing their being somewhat impressed by your ability to buy the expensive brand of whatever from the bar. Showing them how we used to Step In The Name of Love and calling Diddy “Puff Daddy.” (I’m assuming he’ll still be “Take That’ing”) Using that old line “Why dont you and yo’ friends, come hang out with me & MY friends…and maybe we can be friends?”…since those young cats wont know nothing ’bout that yet. I’m not sayin I’ma DO it…but I’m just saying I can see how this can be something of a win.

But if you see a guy dancin like Shabba Ranks and tellin some fly youngsta “Girl, you gon mess around and getcho next semester paid fuh…holla!!”…


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