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Something you need to see re: Sarah Palin

Posted by and1grad on September 18, 2008

Its a little on the long side but worth checking out.


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Lady of the Manor

Posted by and1grad on September 4, 2008

So the Lady finally speaks. (This makes McCain the Tramp, I believe)

I have to say…from the clips I’ve heard and seen and the reviews, it sounds like she was an absolute smash. Good for her. She’s just catapulted her political career into the stratosphere. I also hear that women voters may flock to her rather than staying in the Democratic party. Very possible. I already hear some of the women (Democrats) in the office buzzing about her.

But here’s the other thing that was very noticeable about her speech. It was all attack and no real substance. How do you mock someone who’s experience is actually better than yours? And then mock the event, which historically speaking, is actually MORE significant than your own? Make no mistake, her nomination and acceptance is also significant but not as much so. Then there’s the lies she told about Obama’s energy stance and his not authoring anything of significance. Maybe she’s just misinformed. Wouldnt be the first time considering the party she represents.
But here’s what I’m excited about. The VP debate CANT HELP but be interesting. I dont expect Biden to pull punches and I sure as hell hope he takes it TO Palin and the conservatives. She was throwing haymakers last night. Lets see how she does in the faceoff. I think Biden will feed her her lunch and a brother like ME…will be tuned in. Believe that!

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