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Water Weight

Posted by and1grad on February 10, 2009

As most of you know by now, Michael Phelps recently got in trouble for this picture of him with his mouth on a water bong. He, of course, lost some ad sponsors and was suspended for a couple of months, I believe. He wound up publicly apologizing and I think a good number of us thought it was over & done wit then.

Apparently not. It turns out that the owner of the bong, who was apparently NOT even at the party, attempted to sell it on ebay at the asking price of $100k. Real sharp. On top of that, 7 other people get arrested for either possession or distribution. What?

So a couple of questions that pop into my head: Why are the police even bothering with this? What kind of case do they really have here? Are they attempting to round up these people so that they can get them to roll over on Phelps, i.e. Michael Vick? This whole situation has went from stupid, to bizarre, to ri-gotdam-diculous. The only thing left is to charge Phelps. And if they’re going that far, are they really operating in order to achieve justice or are they just looking for publicity?

I’m tending towards the latter and if thats the case, its NOT a good look for Sheriff Lott.


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