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Physical Thera-pissed

Posted by and1grad on May 20, 2009

I had my second session of Physical Therapy yesterday afternoon. I actually went in expecting my PT to just check my range of motion and how my leg muscles are doing since our last meeting. Well, I knew I had misjudged when she walked us past her office and into their physical therapy weight room. She did check my range of motion and said I can stop trying to bend my knee further and wait for the graft to really take hold. So that was good news. My leg strength is also pretty good so I dont NEED the huge brace they gave me. I’d jettisoned that thing since last weekend. I dont really think it does much for me beside make me walk funny b/c it forces me to keep my leg straight. That said, when I finally see the surgeon again in 2 weeks, she said I better have that thing on or he’ll flip out. Fine.

So, to my surprise, she takes me through some exercises. I had expected her to just hand me a list of what to do next and I’d be on my way. She has me doing these leg lifts from the side and from on my stomach. These things are tough, at least for now, but the thing that got me was that they’re all gluteal exercises. What? Why am I working my ass so hard? Why do I need this? So I’m figuring that even if I do wind up with a mean limp…I’ll have even meaner buns of steel. I can live with that. You ladies better watch out!!


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