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God & Basketball

Posted by and1grad on May 25, 2010

After FINALLY defeating the Celtics in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Dwight Howard said he thanked God for helping them win this game.  This is pretty much standard operating procedure for most religious players, and probably non-religious ones as well.

But what struck me as odd was the reaction on twitter to his thanking of God. People were put off by the fact that he thanked God for that specific game, or SOMETHING to that effect. What? Are there really specific instances where you’re NOT allowed to thank God? For real? Who died and made you….oh.

People thank God for the most mundane things, and often ask his aid for selfish reasons. If you’re ok with people thanking, asking, or celebrating God for ANYTHING…you’re ok with them doing it for basketball. Period. Stop adding stupid qualifiers to stuff.  I mean…can He live?

Hell, I just thank God the Magic finally SHOWED UP for a game.  The prevailing consensus was that they were gonna lay down again.  That’s the impression I got at the end of game 3 but I’m glad to have been wrong.  They came out swinging and fought for the entire game and good for them for doing so.  I honestly think they CAN beat Boston 4 times in a row but they’re going to need to fight like they’ve never fought before. They’re gonna need some luck also…or maybe…an act of God.


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