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My Radio Resurrection

Posted by and1grad on January 23, 2010

Haven’t blogged in quite some time. Wasn’t sure I would again. I’d kinda grown disenchanted with the whole thing really. SO MANY blogs do and say the same things…in the same way as each other. So many blogs are done by folks who portend to be writers but dont seem to take the craft seriously. It began to work my nerves because it made me understand why so many bloggers AREN’T taken seriously by writers and journalists whereas before I just thought they were “crying over spilled milk” or resisting change. I resist change too when that change is indicative of a dissolution of quality and a substantial lowering of a certain level of standard. I started to feel torn about participating in what could be considered an erosion of REAL writers and REAL journalists trying to pump out REAL stories based on ACTUAL facts. The proliferation of so many POORLY written blogs was beginning to make me hesitate in possibly being considered among them.

But then I had a moment of clarity. I said to myself, “Grad…you’re thinking too much.” I do that sometimes. As I’ve maintained to people who HAVE actually asked me, I am NOT a writer. I am not a blogger. I’m just some dope who loves words and enjoys to write…but takes it seriously enough that you wont see a lot of stupid mistakes in my writing. I’m better than that. Simply put, I blog to get things/topics off my mind. I would be lying if I said I wouldnt LOVE feedback on things that I wrote. Personally, that influences me to write more. I’m not intending on growing some kind of brand through a blog or making money through this somehow. Thats for others. If I ever DO develop a consistent audience, it will be because we enjoy the discussion, not because I recruited followers in an effort to reach some amount of “blog hits.” The discussion is my favorite thing about some of the blogs you see in my blog reel. Comments extend and shape a discussion. The blog itself just provides a framework. A springboard. Simply put, blogs are a lot more fun when there’s commenters. I think those of you that lurk on blogs should really consider commenting. Doesnt need to be on MY blog, but in general. Take that as you will. BTW, comment on my blog too though.

Anyway…we now return to your regularly scheduled program…


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