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Crazy Dream: The Snoop edition

Posted by and1grad on November 18, 2009

I had another dream that was so crazy that it needed to be committed to paper for your review. Check THIS out:

The dream starts out with me & Snoop riding around in his car. For some reason, he’s supposed to be giving me a ride to work, somewhere in LA. Knowing me, I’m cool…nothing wrong with the D-O-double G giving the A-O-N-E-G a ride to work sometimes, I guess. Except, this is no just average ride to work. And why should it be? But as it turns out, Snoop Dizzle is still gang related and he wants me to take part in these drivebys he’s got scheduled around LA BEFORE he drops me off. Word? Apparently, he’s got to let some motherfuckers know whats up. Damn. I didnt sign up for all that. So while he’s attempting to do all ‘at, I’m sitting there slumped in the seat and ducking so I dont get eyeballed and caught up in this madness. Of course, Snoop is hella annoyed at me for that but…*kanyeshrug*  I’m not trying to catch a case! Worse comes to worse, I’m saying that jigga kidnapped me against my will. Shit.

So we get to the last target, and wouldnt you know it, a rival gang starts chasing us in their ride. An EPIC gun battle takes place while on what looks like the 110. I’m talking real Dukes of Hazzard type ish mixed with a little Spy Hunter/Knight Rider. Since he’s driving, Snoop hands me a revolver with 5 shots, that I shoot off real quick, then yell “THATS ALL YOU GOT!?!?” at him. I mean, whats he expecting me to do with 5 shots in a moving vehicle? Who am I, Bruce Willis? Out of bullets, I now have to improvise. I find a wrench in backseat and hurl it at our pursuers. Oddly enough, wrenches start getting thrown back n forth b/w cars during the chase. Then…things get weird.

All of a sudden, the car they’re driving splits off into 3 motorcycles and they speed up and start coming up on the side of Snoop’s car. One of em pulls up to the passenger side, and is ready shell me. Somehow, I’m able to reach out and grab him, before he can do anything, and take his gun. I then point it at his sister, who is another biker not far behind him, and force them both to back off. The 3rd biker, who was the original driver, and apparently the leader, turns out to be the dude from that movie Hoodlum who plays bad guy roles in like everything. After I’m able to end the shootout, we wind up having some kinda peace treaty negotiations like as though we’ve just ended a war. Snoop and I keep dude’s gun, which is a small 5 shooter revolver. The dream ends with all of us arguing over the treaty or something.   [/Scene]

So I’m sure yall are wondering, what in the hell was I doing to have had such a CRAZY dream? Dunno. I DID watch Transformers 2 that day tho. That said, I dont think this is one of those dreams thats supposedly my subconscious trying to send my conscious mind a message. Unless the message is, dont get a ride to work from rap stars.

Come to think of it…that might be a great message for all of us.


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