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The Effect of Sotomayor

Posted by and1grad on July 13, 2009

I just finished watching a part of the Congressional Hearings for the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. FINALLY, I got a chance to hear her speak for herself in terms of her experience and qualifications. Between now and when her nomination was first announced, I’ve been reticent to have any distinct opinion on her nomination. I recognize it as a great moment for Hispanics and women, in general, but otherwise, I didnt know what to think of her specifically. So much has been said that would give you both positive and negative views on her. I couldnt tell what to believe and I wonder how much of the public was also left not knowing what to think.

Judge Sotomayor’s address was brief and understated. I think she is waiting to do more speaking when she’s answering direct questions from the Senators. What I learned, mainly from other Senators’ introductory remarks, is that her resume is impeccable. Her education is immaculate and her experience is impressive. There’s something to be said for someone to work both in the public sector and in the business sector. You could go on and on about her resume, what her detractors say, whats fact, whats fiction, etc. etc. etc. I’m not going into all of that. My main interest right now, is her upbringing, and specifically, her mother.

Celina Sotomayor, herself, is a story of the triumph of strength and determination over adversity the likes of which few will ever see. I would only be plagiarizing in any attempt to recount her story but its easily found and has many times been stated by her daughter. The part that I learned about today was how she not only provided the material for her children to learn but studied WITH THEM herself. That seems so obvious now, given the fact that she went from being a telephone operator to becoming a nurse, after her children were born, but think about the motivation provided by a mother not only preaching the investment of education to her children but also being engaged in it herself. Is there a better way to cement that idea than that? I dont know of one.

The stories of remarkable women, such as the Sotomayors, remain part of the very fabric of what makes this country so great. For me, they are a reminder of the saying “Tough times dont last, tough people do.” The reward of presenting such an example for your own children to follow is sometimes not just watching them achieve, but watching them pay tribute to you as they go about setting an example for a nation to follow. A legacy.

To Sonia Sotomayor, I salute your accomplishments and I’m sure you’ll make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

To Celina Sotomayor, I pay tribute.


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