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Super Bowl XLIV: World Champion New Orleans Saints

Posted by and1grad on February 8, 2010

The Saints are World Champions. No, no, no. Let me..restart. *cracks neck*


What you wanna say? WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT. TO SAY!?!? Obviously, no one is gonna be able to tell me nothing all summer. I dont wanna hear it. EVERYBODY who wasnt already a Saints fan thought the Colts would win. Even today if you type Super Bowl 44 into google, you’ll see more Colts stuff than you will Saints stuff. You’ll hear more people talk about how this affects Peyton, than how it affects Payton. But guess what, World Champions. New Orleans. Who Dat. Oh, and lest I forget…

Drew Brees!! Super Bowl MVP!!

Remember THIS guy? The guy that all the “experts” CONSISTENTLY leave OUT of the talk of best QB in the league. Yeah. What you wanna say now? Look at his numbers since he became a Saint. There isnt a more important player to a team AND TO A CITY than Drew Brees. PERIOD!!

I’m just gonna start rambling soon so I’m gonna stop here before I start saying really bad things about other “experts” and/or Tony Dungy.

CONGRATULATIONS to the New Orleans Saints!
CONGRATULATIONS to the city of New Orleans!


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