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Posted by and1grad on December 15, 2009

I FINALLY felt like blogging again after a brief hiatus. And, of course, the Tiger Woods debacle is seemingly forever unfolding in crumbs and pieces and everybody and they mama has weighed in. Let me weigh in real quick on that (as it isnt my focus)…yeah he cheated. Big deal. Get over it. In the scheme of things, its nothing that is being made into something, mainly by women, because Tiger is a famous athlete. Soon as he starts winning tourneys, this’ll be nothing.

But the main focus of my blog is Tiger’s choosing to distinguish himself as “cablinasian.” First, good for you Tiger. Yeah I said it. I’m GLAD he decided on his own distinction. He essentially called himself mixed and black people are STILL butthurt about it. I was told that he was “weak” for not calling himself black. Please. He could’ve easily said he was black and caught NO grief at all. THAT would’ve been weak. I honestly cant think of a reason why he SHOULD’VE claimed “black.” The black community doesnt claim Tiger. Why they mad?

Tiger, let me say this…fuck em. No…I dont mean your myriad ladies of leisure but people who’s feelings are still hurt about “cablinasian.” Fact of the matter is, you were a mixed kid that grew up playing golf. I DARE someone to try to tell me this guy was welcomed by the black community on the way up. Dude spent his LIFE surrounded by white folks and people are surprised all of his ladies are/were white? Surprised that he wouldnt associate himself with, or placate to, a community that doesnt/didnt give a damn about him either way? Really? You’d have to be stupid for that to surprise you. Tiger chose to distinguish himself in a manner that he knew would cause him grief publicly and he stood up to it. That isnt weakness.

Lastly, let me hit on one quick thing thats been annoying me. All these dopes trying to talk about how sloppy Tiger is and all that. Um…until he got into an accident, and this shit came tumbling out, you didnt know a goddamn thing. Shut up. Sloppy means you cant hide anything. Dude hid this shit for YEARS and the public found out due to DUMB LUCK. If he doesnt get behind the wheel, you STILL wouldnt know a damn thing. SMH…some of you are ridiculous. That is all.


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