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T.O. Stans

Posted by and1grad on September 27, 2009

Even though I’ve seen it for years now, TO Stans never cease to amaze me. These folks will defend ANYTHING this fool says and does for absolutely NO reason whatsoever. I watched on twitter as these folks jumped down Rodney Harrison’s throat for only telling the truth. TO IS a clown. If you dont know that, you’re delusional. I always say he’s WORSE than a clown. He’s radioactive. A cancer to any team he plays on or will play on.

This guy TORCHES whatever team he’s on for the entire time he’s on the team and everyone just accepts it as him just being TO. Allow me to tell you to get THE FUCK outta here with that ol’ bullshit. I wish I could give your brain steroids. Your thoughts might still be a lie but at least they’d be better developed. How do you show such RAMPANT loyalty to a guy that doesnt show any to ANY team? What kind of ironic, lamebrained nonsense is that?

Do people really need a history lesson about how this guy torches teams? How he lit up Jeff Garcia, calling him gay and all that? Have you seen Jeff Garcia’s super hot wife? Who is on TO’s arm? How bout when he went to Philly and rapidly took all the credit for their Super Bowl run? Told people that they lost the big game b/c Donovan lost his nerve? Really, big mouth? Donovan lost his nerve? The guy thats been CARRYING that Eagles team for years, INCLUDING the year that your ass was hurt watching the playoffs from the sidelines? THAT Donovan McNabb? Fuck outta here. And then they brought him out to Dallas, after he had FAMOUSLY shit on their star years ago. You got what you asked for with that one, didnt ya? And what happened when he left? He divided your locker room? Funny how THAT worked out. Oh and by the way, Cowboys fans, you now hate your Pro Bowl QB too, right? The only reason that team doesnt stink out loud. And they still root for TO, who had as many plays today as Rodney Harrison did from the booth.

But I guess you dont really need to go to the circus to support clowns, nowadays…do you?


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