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The “Early Bird” Special

Posted by and1grad on February 24, 2010

Getting to work early is a scam. Thats right. I said it. Total flimflam. Why? Because no one does any REAL work until something like 9am anyway. This means you can come in early and literally fritter the time away until around 9am, when people start expecting things to at least be started. This is reason alone to get in early. You might ask why I say 9am. Well let me answer you thusly. Normally, staff and management shuffle in somewhere between 8 and 8:30am. I think we all know that if you’re not getting to work until 9am, you’re UNIVERSALLY late for a morning shift…even if you work in the mall.

You’re probably asking yourself, dont you get tired sooner if you get to work early? The answer, not really. Even if you get in at 9am, arent you kinda ready to bounce by 3pm? Same as if you got in at 7am or 8am. Except you only have an hour left before you actually CAN leave. HELLO!! Leaving at 4pm is so foreign to me that I almost feel like I’m cheating. Like I’m getting away with something but at a minimal capacity. You know, like the cashier giving you an extra dollar back on accident. Or beating that certain light that ALWAYS seems to catch you on that one street. You know what street I’m talking about. We ALL have that one MUTHAEFFIN light…look…it aint much but hey…*kanyeshrug* 

Anyways, another reason I recommend you get to work early, is that the bosses notice that FAR more than they notice you staying late. How late do they know that you’ve stayed when they’ve left before you? But if you get in before them and leave after them, you’re making an impression. This is good for when you’re somewhat new on the job and looking to make your presence known. I did this somewhat often when I was “new booty” WAY back when. Might as well do it then bc when you become tenured and/or lead staff, or even management, its expected that you stay late sometimes. Get the credit while you can.

“The early bird gets the worm,” kids. Might as well be you.


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