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Posted by and1grad on October 21, 2010

RT @Gambo620: Deanna Favre issued a statement: “Those pics Brett sent to that woman were meant for me, but u know Brett,they were intercepted.”


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Posted by and1grad on May 21, 2010

“Studies show that 9 out of 10 men prefer large boobs. My studies conclude that the 1 guy prefers the other 9.”

“Sex with me is like connecting to the internet on dial-up: Full of weird noises, painfully slow to load, you should probably upgrade”

— @fatjew

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Posted by and1grad on April 19, 2010

Twitter provides for so much entertaining discourse that I rarely would single anything out but, THIS girl, KILLS me constantly and is definitely a recommended follow. If you got the heart for it. 

Here’s a few bits & pieces of her roasting some cats on twitter that seriously cracked me up today:

“A lot of us women would love to be gold diggers…but most of you men don’t have anything to dig for 😦 “

“Most black men have incomes so moderate you’re forced to love them for them. 😦 “

“Men get so riled up when you complain about them being broke, but when they complain about flat chests and asses its okay. #interesting”

“I like stability, you like a big ass. To each his own is the way I see it.”

“To end this, I want men to stop being so jealous of the men w/ money. We know you want an exotic big booty girl too but that’s not reality.”

“That’s why King magazine was created…so yall can FANTASIZE about what you can’t have. Same way the NFL draft is for our fantasies…wait..”

“If Im gonna land a rich man I’d better get off twitter and go get my 2nd round of butt shots. Remember: Ass is everything! Tweet you later!”  — @WhyMeLawd

LMAO!! Dont mess with JDan…she is a KILLER!! RIP to whoever pissed her off this morning. (Not me…this time)

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Twitter Fiend

Posted by and1grad on April 19, 2010

I’m actually becoming concerned about the amount of time I spend on twitter. At what point is twitter use considered unhealthy? Feel like I need a little container with a recommended dosage or something. Arent all of those third party apps supposed to be regulating this addiction? Seems like even when I set it to only check for tweets every once in a while, I’m sitting there staring at the screen…waiting for it to turn like I’m at a traffic light. I’ll even go back and read older tweets that I missed while I was otherwise preoccupied (note: living).

*taps vein* 

*scratches neck*


This is YALL fault!! Why are so many people so interesting, entertaining, dumb, or all of the above? EVERYBODY has a twitter too, so good luck getting away from it if you’re already involved. If you arent, RUN!! SAVE YOURSELF!!

If its too late for you, might as well enjoy it. Twitter reminds me of when the internet first started becoming prominent in households. It also reminds me of how so many of us thirst to communicate, to some degree, with mainly like-minded individuals. The more surprising thing, to me, is just how small, or maybe better yet interconnected, the blogging community seems to be. Everyone seems to know, or know of, each other to some degree. I wonder how many have actually MET in person…and if it’d be odd if they did.

Well, with all of what twitter is, and the refinements/extras that have been made to it, doesnt it kinda seem like this is still just the beginning? I keep wondering, whats next?

Whatever it is, I just hope I dont OD.

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Lost Generation

Posted by and1grad on April 20, 2009

Something I found on twitter…

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Twitter (written to Comcast jingle)

Posted by and1grad on April 10, 2009

Typing, texting, twitterati
140 characters in the body
Dont get started, its contagious
It consumes your mind in stages

Tweetdeck, Twhirl, & Twitterrific
Similar apps but still specific
Wait til I tweet this whole damn poem
Mindless, huh? This’ll show ’em

Following people with precision
Stalkerish by definition
How many followers will this cost me?
What does it matter? It wont stop me

Direct messaging, @ replies
Any thought you have applies
What, you need to send a picture?
Twitpic makes it so much quicker

So why should you join in this nonsense
No stage but gigantic audience
Just to hear this mindless ramble
This poem’s a prime example


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