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Super Bowl XLIV: World Champion New Orleans Saints

Posted by and1grad on February 8, 2010

The Saints are World Champions. No, no, no. Let me..restart. *cracks neck*


What you wanna say? WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT. TO SAY!?!? Obviously, no one is gonna be able to tell me nothing all summer. I dont wanna hear it. EVERYBODY who wasnt already a Saints fan thought the Colts would win. Even today if you type Super Bowl 44 into google, you’ll see more Colts stuff than you will Saints stuff. You’ll hear more people talk about how this affects Peyton, than how it affects Payton. But guess what, World Champions. New Orleans. Who Dat. Oh, and lest I forget…

Drew Brees!! Super Bowl MVP!!

Remember THIS guy? The guy that all the “experts” CONSISTENTLY leave OUT of the talk of best QB in the league. Yeah. What you wanna say now? Look at his numbers since he became a Saint. There isnt a more important player to a team AND TO A CITY than Drew Brees. PERIOD!!

I’m just gonna start rambling soon so I’m gonna stop here before I start saying really bad things about other “experts” and/or Tony Dungy.

CONGRATULATIONS to the New Orleans Saints!
CONGRATULATIONS to the city of New Orleans!


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Say It Aint So!!

Posted by and1grad on October 20, 2008

As a big Reggie Bush fan, news of his knee injury is devastating. I mean, the Saints season already has been an ABSOLUTE DEBACLE, but this is the coup de grace. I mean, we were already boned. Colston’s hand is jacked up and now he cant catch. Shockey is whoknowswhat. Lost our best pass rusher a day before Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago. This season has been a certified grease fire. But damn…now they got Reggie too!?!?

Sidenote: I just experienced the end to my undefeated season in 1 of my fantasy football leagues. Damn. Romo was hurt so I had to stick JaMarcus Russell in. That was a two-fold loser. Three-fold really. First, I lose Romo. Second, I have to go with a Raider. *spit* And Third, his name is “JaMarcus.” I hate regular names with a de, ja, le..or whatever in front of it. That shit drives me crazy. Then, I couldnt get ANYTHING from the Dolphins’ run game this weekend. Followed by the Colts wetting the bed. At least I won in the other 2 leagues.

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Gramatical Errors

Posted by and1grad on October 6, 2008

The Saints just lost another one. Why? A lot of it was pure bullshit. Started with a nonsensical hold call that was a figment of Hochuli’s imagination. A blocked FG that went for a TD. A popcorn machine interception. A fumble caused by a facemask that wasnt called. A fumble given back to the other team. Then, ANOTHER potentially game-winning field goal missed by Gramatica. What the fuck does this guy do all god damn week? Thats 2 game-winning field goals missed in the span of 5 weeks. Really? There really arent better kickers around anywhere? This guy fucking sucks.

Oh and for the Vikings fan I know that tried to sell me this CRAP about Minnesota’s defense. Your defense is bullshit. They made 1 good play. ONE! That was the hit on Brees that led to a turnover. The rest was the Saints beating themselves over and over again. Defense…give me a break. Speaking of defense, the Saints pass defense has stunk for the 3 years I’ve been watching them. Who’s in charge of that? Someone needs to be fired. Along with Gramatica. Miss a game winner on the road…then you miss one at home. You are garbage. Period. I hope they burn your jersey. Bring back Morten Anderson. I bet his old ass can still kick circles around Gramatica’s sorry self.

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