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Posted by and1grad on March 17, 2009

So now that we’ve had some time to digest the news of T.O. leaving the Cowboys to go to Buffalo. I think its time for examination. First things first, watching T.O. and other football players, etc act like T.O. going to Buffalo isnt a MAJOR step down is not only funny but reinforces why so many ex-jocks are good behind a camera or microphone. Going from playing in Dallas to playing in Buffalo is like leaving the Westin to stay at the DoubleTree. I commend T.O. for forcing that smile and donning the red & blue cap for what will probably be a miserable year for him.

But what about the state of the Cowboys? Cowboys fans, I think its time to be concerned. Jerry Jones is talking like Roy Williams will be your number 1 guy. Um…he wasnt the #1 guy on the lowly Detroit Lions. They gave him up for scraps. Not only that but he played like half the season in Dallas and had like a dozen catches. Kinda makes Patrick Crayton seem like helluva player. I found myself watching games and thinking they’re gonna need to put Crayton in to move the ball…which kinda feels ridiculous. So it looks like a run-heavy offense in your future, which is good, given your RBs never have durability problems WHATSOEVER. Back to Roy Williams, they traded a couple draft picks for him. Draft picks that could’ve been used to help with your sorry O-line situation. It irritates me when I read so many people ripping Romo while almost never commenting that he spends half the game running for his life or throwing a ball with a lineman in his face…or that clutz lineman that always gets false start penalties, which are known drive-killers. Really? I mean, nobody notices that? Or you just dont care…*shrug*

Its also interesting that Jones decided to rid himself of T.O. right before they open up in that huge stadium that he was supposed to help fill. Let me state for the record, I’m not and have never been a T.O. fan…but this wasnt the time to trade him away. It might’ve made more sense to get rid of your lame duck coach and possibly draft some available o-line talent. But get rid of your star player? Probably not.


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