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Tough Guys

Posted by and1grad on September 24, 2009

I always find it interesting when I hear about some miscellaneous football player running his mouth about who is or isnt a tough guy. I think a lot of people are very much miscategorized as being tough when they’re really just another dope bumping their gums about nothing. I also think that beheading a guy who doesnt see you at all DOES NOT make you a tough guy. It makes you a cheap shot artist. There are of course guys who manage to blur the line. My #1 example of which being Hines Ward. I dont know of a bigger cheap shot artist than that guy. But he’s also tough. I think of you as a tough guy if you’re willing to, and are able to, run over a guy who actually DOES see you coming and is also coming at you. THATS being a tough guy.

Also, it seems like linebackers talk the most shit in football. Which is kinda funny to me b/c there’s not really many people hitting linebackers really. They get to run around blowing everybody up but are rarely in a position of themselves being completely blown up. I dont put a whole lot of stock in a Bart Scott telling Randy Moss to “man up” and come across the middle b/c Moss is gonna be the one who doesnt see Scott coming. Sorry but in my opinion, #toughguyfail. Also, I dont put a lot of stock in people who have never been to prison telling Plaxico Burress he needs to be tougher. Shut the fuck up. The guy’s going to jail…JAIL…for 2 YEARS…for something other people get a slap on the wrist for. Gimme a break.

There are a few positions in football that I DO think are played only by tough guys. And ODDLY ENOUGH, you rarely, if ever, hear them tooting their own horn or talking a lot of garbage. I’m talking about lineman. The offensive and defensive line, in my opinion, are inhabited by the toughest people in football. ESPECIALLY the nose tackle. Here’s a guy that spends the ENTIRE game beating up and getting beat up by 1 or 2 guys that are about his size or bigger. For 60 minutes, lineman whack the hell out of each other on a football field for leverage. And nose tackles normally dont get to do a nifty spin move, swim move, or shake and bake to get around a guy. No sir. They need to MOVE somebody, and often 2 guys, if they want a piece of glory.

As far as I’m concerned, the line houses the true tough guys.


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